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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Richard's Shoulder

Richard had his follow up (from the MRI) appointment with the orthopedist yesterday morning. There is a "globular mass" that he is very concerned about, but there is NOT a tear in the rotator cuff. They have scheduled him for an EMG test, where they stick needles all over the muscle and test it with electrodes to monitor reaction to try to narrow down where the root of the problem is. That test is scheduled for July 28th. Yes, this is Navy medicine at is quickest, people. But we are probably still looking at surgery, they just have to do this test first to narrow down exact location. Then it will be followed up with months of physical therapy.

So, that's the story, until it changes again at least.

Re-Enlistment Ceremony

Richard's Re-enlistment ceremony was last Friday and one of his co-workers took some photos for us. (I was sure we had a family photo at the end, but apparently not.)

Lillian was perfectly happy using Richard's desk, but refused to be held and be part of the ceremony. They (the US Navy) also had a certificate for me. Promptly after these photos, Lillian puked all over me and her, both. It was spectacular.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Strawberry Fields

I want THIS quilt.

Etsy is so dangerous.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's looking like we will probably be paying $1700 to $2000 out of pocket to take care of the bike. And it sounds like we're going to have to pay it all when the insurance check comes through. The bank says that since we no longer have the bike, we can no longer have a bike loan and therefore must pay the balance off in full.


If I ever get married again (to the same man, of course) and I'm a millionaire, I'm going to do it up like these people did. (The last part of that sentence is a link to the fabulous wedding I speak of. Click on the words "these people" to go there.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Richard's motorcycle was stolen sometime between 7pm last night and 11am this morning. The police came out to do a report and say it is probably already chopped up in pieces across the water.

Insurance has a mandatory waiting period (they won't tell us how long) to wait and see if it is recovered or they see us driving it before they will offer a settlement. They will not disclose the amount of the settlement until that time.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Late June Update

Lillian is having surgery to have tubes put in her ears on July 20th. She does not have to have her adenoids out though, at this time. She may later, but tubes may do it on their own so we're trying that first.

Richard has a MRI scheduled for midnight tomorrow night and an appointment with an orthopedist the following Monday. We're sure he's looking at surgery. His shoulder is so bad now that you can see the shoulder blade is in a different spot when looking at his back. It is typical now that he can't open a door with that arm, pick up Lillian and the other day he couldn't even pick up a can of soda.

I am doing good. But I have been having carpal tunnel problems again. I had it while pregnant and they said it would probably go away when I delivered. It did. For a year. Now its back with a vengeance, worse than it was when I was pregnant. However, its not to the point yet where I'm willing to tell any Dr. and risk getting another cortizone shot in my wrists.

I am in need of new tv shows to watch, I'm bored with everything I've been watching.

I made cake balls the other day, they were amazing!

Richard is re-enlisting on Friday. Lil and I are going. To collect the big bonus check. Oh wait... But we are going.

We switched from Blockbuster Online to Netflix. I'm very happy so far.

We're on house arrest for June, July and August by order of the US Navy. They say no leave so we're staying put for the whole summer. It seems soooo long. Especially when all of our friends are going to be gone for so much this summer. We're the only ones out of 6-8 families that are going to be here for the 4th of July weekend. Whee!

Richard's parents are stopping by the first week of July though. They will arrive Wednesday the first in the evening and leave Friday morning the 3rd. We're excited for that. But we're wishing they could stay longer. We're itching for visitors, especially since we're stuck here. The year seems so long with only getting to Michigan at Christmastime.

I think that's it. Not much exciting lately. Hence, no updates.

Friday, June 12, 2009