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Thursday, May 31, 2007

This is how the new uniform looks. :D I couldn't stop smiling after Stacey sewed the patch on for me last night. Its a nice relief knowing that I made it and can reenlist after these next 2 years is over with. Assuming I ever graduate from this class that I'm in. Still haven't had any word and its about 5 weeks now that we've been on hold. I don't really mind so much because of the time off, but its driving others nuts in my class who have family elsewhere and had plans after graduation which is getting pushed back over a month. Anyone want to sign up for the job of seamstress? Or seamster?

This is a picture Stacey took while outside of the building I was frocked in. The ceremony wasn't anything real spectacular because its a training command and not very many people were promoted that are here. 5 were promoted to E5, and 2 were promoted to E6. Very small numbers. Navy wide there weren't very many people who made advancement. Our rate is locked up :/

This is the top portion of the certificate I have. Not sure why she zoomed in to the top part, but here it is lol. I zoomed in so you could (kind of) read the sentence under number 1 that says you are hereby authorized to assume the title and wear the uniform of a Second Class Petty Officer immediately.

Pictures Stacey found and showed to me. These birds are pretty cool and this one has some long feathers on it. This bird was in a greenhouse/nursery Mom, Dad and I visited while I was home in MI, it was just chillin in the back room, walking in circles.

And another shot of it. Its highest feathers were definitely taller than me, by a lot. Mom and I were standing about 10 feet from it and it was just prancing around.

I'm sorry but those are some ugly dogs lol I had a friend who had a few of those dogs n they were really dumb n made us laugh. But they're kind of so ugly their cute in my opinion and they're really sweet. They're Kyle & Kristen's "foster boxers".

The long awaited TV is finally here! Always wanted a big screen and we were finally able to get one. Had the money set aside for it quite some time now and went out and got one. Its a 46" Sharp Aquos LCD 1080p Kept going back n forth on the lcd and plasmas then finally decided on this for now. I don't have to sit on the coffee table playing my games anymore, I can sit on the couch and see everything just fine :D Or he could just put his glasses on, but no.....we had to get a giant TV.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Quickly...as its past bedtime already.

We celebrated R's promotion with Coldstone Creamery ice cream yesterday....possibly the best idea ever.

Today we just took it slow and relaxed.

We also bought a 46" LCD flat panel TV, a camcorder, new uniform items for R and another Playstation 3 wireless controller. We have had wedding money saved for the TV, waiting to buy it after we moved. Then, we signed up for the NEX credit card to get 10% off the TV and because we got 10% off for the whole day, we decided to buy the other stuff now as well.

Thats all for now, we're tired and still have stuff to do before bed.

R will be making an update in a day or so, nothing spectacular, just cuz he hasn't in a while.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

We got the most fabulous news today...


He finally made it this time. Navy wide there were less than 80 people who made this rank this time, so he really did good. Congratulations Honey!!!!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Three day weekend

We haven't posted for awhile, and actually our last post was a lie. We wern't really thinking of going to Busch Gardens because I was ..... GOING HOME. I flew home early, early Saturday morning and surprised my dad for his 50th birthday (Monday). It was great, he was really surprised. Ky and Kris were home this weekend also, so that was fun. I flew back here late, late Tuesday night and worked the rest of the week. So, you haven't had any new posts because I've been so tired every night I just come home and crash. And work is crazy too so that probably doesn't help.

Richard is still "on hold" for class so he gets home about 10 every day...Rough. He had today AND Monday off for the holiday... also rough. But he did have duty today so he had to work from 3-7:30.

Tomorrow I have a dr. appt at 7:45 am. Now that is rough. But oh well, better than during the week and missing work. Then we are headed to the Pungo Strawberry Festival. Should be fun, its a big thing around here.

On Monday, we talked about going to the parade in Portsmouth, its the oldest in the nation, celebrating its 130th year or something crazy like that. Who knows.

We're also running lots of errands this weekend...hallmark, the commissary, the bank, etc.

So, not much new, which makes it hard to have an exciting blog, but we will try to update it more often, even if its not horribly exciting.

Friday, May 18, 2007

This week has just been kind of normal. Work for me, computer games for Richard. On Tuesday night I got highlights and my nails done. On Wednesday we had a girl from my work and her husband over for dinner and to watch the last episode of Gilmore Girls...ever. Very traumatizing. Although the writing this last year has been so bad, I don't think they had a choice but to end it.

If it ever stops raining here, we are thinking we'll go back to Busch Gardens this weekend, since it was so much fun last weekend. I can't wait to go back. I'm so glad we got season tickets.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Busch Gardens and more

The Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel (HRBT) on our first time through.

Ships at Norfolk (Naaw-fuuk) Naval Station as viewed from the HRBT

Crazy coasters at Busch Gardens.
My magnificent husband.

A neat building we saw from the interstate.

Kiddie "Dragon Land" viewed from the air ride.

The new ride...The Griffon. Three rows of ten seats across. This view shows how only the middle three or four are on the track, three on each side hang off the side of the track.

Another view of the three seats hanging off the side of the Griffon.

The Griffon. Hanging in wait above the 205 ft 90 degree straight down drop. It just hangs there for 5 full seconds.
The Griffon goes into water, you don't get wet but it provides this impressive display.

Richard got his Journeyman card.

Our new computer that Richard built. Its black with clear sides and lots of blue lights.

The 90 degree straight down drop.

My new plant up close.
Our photo signature mat up on the wall.

Richard's Journeyman certificate and letter and holder.

The babies that just arrived outside our house.
A sign we saw at the beach, which we found out means no swearing in public.
A close up of the shirt R got at Busch Gardens.

Our new houseplant :-)

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Things have been crazy at work. On Tuesday morning I went into find that overnight a water main had broken and there was water everywhere, focused mostly at my "cube". They told me to take what I could do at home and go. It was great. In my PJ's, sittin on the couch, watchin TV and talkin to Richard while I'm working. I could definintly do that day after day. Unfortunately we had to go in on Wednesday and stay. Neither yesterday or today did we have printers. Most people are either without a phone or a computer. Computers are up on top of trashcans and there are professional grade fans everywhere, trying to blow the place dry. Its not working. And it stinks to high heaven.

But other than that, work seems to be going generally a little better. Doesn't seem manageable yet, but getting closer.

Richard has been buying parts to build a new desktop computer. And as soon as he steps away from it for a minute, I'll take a picture and put it up here on the website. Its pretty cool, it lights up with a blue light. Cool now, probably gets old fast. But he likes it so that's okay.

We are trying to go to Busch Gardens "Europe" in Williamsburg, VA on Saturday. Its only about an hour away and we just bought season tickets. Its supposed to have great rides and great gardens. However, it is supposed to thunderstorm on Saturday so we will have to wait and see what it looks like when we wake up Saturday. Hopefully we can go, I'm really excited.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

An Update from Rich

Yesterday we went to see Spiderman 3 and it turned out really well. There was quite a bit more drama in this one as the others but the action was great so it balanced out. There was this one small part that was a bit strange but just a small one, so all in all it was a good movie. The theater wasn't in that great of shape so we'll be looking for a different one next time we decide to go out for a movie.

We went to another church again today and it ended up just like the rest. Very odd. We thought we'd try a diferent one again but I think we'll end up going back to one we liked.

An update about school is that I've been on hold for a week now and not sure how much longer. Somehow things got mixed up with the instructors and they are teaching what they are qualified to teach, but they weren't sent there to teach for that specific class so they were told they can't teach until things get figured out. So they aren't doing anything wrong, but they aren't doing things right either technically. So they put out from Pensacola the main training command that all schooling is to be on hold until further notice, so all last week we didn't do anything and hopefully this week they'll have something figured out. I kind of hope they don't 'cause I enjoy all this time of for relaxing not having to do anything.
"What's a Secretary but someone who does the work of three people while some other schlub gets the credit." -10 Items or Less