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Saturday, July 24, 2010

I spent nearly three weeks in MI and brought my 13 year old cousin Katie back to VA with me for almost a week.  She will be flying home on Tuesday and then, shortly after that, Richard will be home!!! 

It is about time!  Things are crazy around here, trying to re-open the house, unpack, clean, prepare for his arrival and deal with medical issues. 

I have been having problems with my wrist for 2 months or so now and finally saw a dr. in Michigan.  He said it is a Ganglion Cyst and to wear a wrap and a brace on it all the time and make a follow up appointment here.  He said the main fix is surgery, but that this has to be done first, insurance wise.  It is a huge pain to wear this all the time, and is literally a huge pain.  But on the good side, at least now my whole arm hurts, rather than just one part.  :-)

We also have to make some decisions about what/if we are going to do any more medically for me, in relation to the babies we have lost. I have been going through lots of diagnostic testing and we have a bit more to do once R arrives home.  But from there on out, we have some choices as to different things we could do or not do and we would appreciate prayer for that decision, and peace with the outcome.  

Lillian has been having some pain and some drainage in her ear and just tonight came down with another horrible diaper rash.  She is complaining that everything hurts, which she hasn't done before.  I spoke with the nurse today and we are going to try to get her into their special appointments tomorrow morning (Sat.) and if not, they will give us a referral so we can go to the Urgent Care Clinic.  Although, she woke up tonight, and cried for about an hour about how it hurt, so if that happens again, I'll take her into ER.

Please pray that we are able to find something that I can do, here at home, to supplement our income.  We don't need a ton extra, but some is necessary.  With my doctor appointments and child care costs, it is only feasible if it is something here at home.  I have been looking casually for awhile but am now starting to look harder, now that we are getting closer to being done with summer travel. 

We are also trying to sell our loveseat, chair and ottoman set to make room for a couch.  FINALLY! A full size couch, would be awesome.  Please pray the set sells, and quickly. 

Also, the homecoming is quickly approaching, and although I can't say much at all, please know that the details surrounding the homecoming are very poorly planned and that day itself will be a horrible nightmare until we get back home here.  Please be praying that everything goes smoothly, quickly and that we get at least a little relief from the constant over 100 degree temperatures we've been having. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Photo of the Ike taken July 11

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