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Sunday, September 21, 2008

We took Lillian back to the doctor yesterday (4th time in a month) for the congestion, hoarse throat, tugging/digging/scratching at ears, teething, not sleeping, crankiness, fever, not eating bottle.

We, again, saw a different doctor (#4 in 4 appointments). This guy said, "well, that all accompanies teething, blah blah blah". I insisted that he do something other than tell us "come back if it gets worse" like they have for three times now. It has gotten worse each time and has now lasted for a month.

He said he thinks what it is is Hay Fever. He put her on 1/2 tsp Claritin and we're supposed to go back in 2-3 weeks for a follow up if its not better. I'm not sure I think it is that, but I hope the medicine helps. This is so old. I want my happy baby back.

She weighed in at 14 lbs 2 ounces and 27 inches long. He said right this minute, her weight is okay, but to weigh her every morning at home and if she loses ANYTHING to take her back in and we'll have to do special formula among other things.

She eats food like a champ, will eat anything, anytime you feed her. However, she has been eating less and less bottle. She is down to 15 ounces a day, when she should be at 28-30, so that is an issue.

We also got two free bottles of tylenol. With three refills. Score! But seriously, if you think a baby will need 8 bottles of tylenol (full size bottles) in the next three months (when the perscription is good til) don't you think something other than Hay Fever is going on?? Come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love free health care, but oh, what I wouldn't do for Good Dr. Stolz, the REAL pediatrician we saw right after birth til the Navy health care system sank their claws into Lillian.

PS-off topic, but kind of on topic...a rant...Her name is Lillian. Yes, Lilly and Lil are used as short nicknames but when I go to the nursery to pick her up and her nametag says Lily (only 1 L) and I ask them to change it to Lillian (use same name tags every week) and this happens for three weeks, it drives me CRAZY. When the doctors office calls to confirm her appointment and says "
I'm calling to confirm an appointment for Lilly" it makes me want to say "there is no Lilly here". You don't know her, you aren't friendly with her or me, please call her by her full name.

This is not intended towards family, just my rant towards the public who doesn't know her but decides they will change her given name.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Babysitter needed for March/April 2009

We are in need of a babysitter who is willing to travel with us in March or April of 2009. Disney (World and Land) is offering free admission to anyone on their birthday in 2009. We aim to take them up on that offer and finally celebrate a honeymoon. (Who thought we'd have to have a babysitter for our honeymoon?!?) We'd like to take Lil along but also be able to ride rides and such. Who wants to go?? Come on, you know you wanna.

We are contemplating DisneyLand (California) but DisneyWorld (Florida) would probably be more of a reality.

If you have a birthday in the first half of the year and want to babysit, we would consider going on your birthday. If your birthday is in the second half of the year, R might be on a ship in the Middle East and that would kind of defeat the whole honeymoon idea.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I have made some updates to all three Christmas Lists, click on the links above to see the newest list.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

R bought a motorcycle today. You'll have to ask him about that, its an interesting story to say the least. His email is TAHawk610@aol.com.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lillian's Stats

Lillian has lost 1 pound 1 oz since August 3rd and is now down to 14 lbs even.

At seven and a half months, she is 14 pounds even and is down to BELOW the 5%.

Ugh, not this again.

Here is her length chart.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Pink Orange Rock Star Backpack

Yes, in response to Cyndi's comment, we do NEED those items :-)

In fact, I'd love it if someone would go ahead and say they would purchase the backpack. I love it and want it for her but we've gotten other stuff for her recently and with hurricane prep we're not buying more stuff for her til closer to Christmas. And I don't want it to be gone.

Someone, anyone? An easy Christmas gift you'll know we'll love....


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Free Nicorette White Ice™ Mint 20-Piece Starter Pack
Free Bubblegum Surf Wax Sticker and Bar of Wax

Playtex Tampons Sample
Klean-To-Go Personal Protection Packets

Two Free Pairs No Nonsense Socks

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Free Betty Crocker Warm Delights with sign up for email list

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I spoke too soon yesterday, as of today, Lillian is crawling. Joy.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

As promised, pictures of our stash due to good deals.


Lillian broke her first tooth a week ago Thursday. Lillian broke her second tooth thru on Sunday.

On August 1 they told us she was 26 inches long. Last Saturday they told us she was 25 inches long. Yesterday they told us she was 27 inches long. Gotta love the military clinics and their 5 minute appointment procedures. We plan to measure her tonight, so we know what she really is.

She weighs between 14.6 and 15.1 pounds. (Apparently they can't measure weight, just like they can't measure length.)

She is now rocking back and forth on all fours and will occasionally move one leg forward, not always the same leg, but won't move her arms at all. She will lay on her tummy and twirl around in circles or pull herself forward with her arms to get where she wants to go. She is also a fan of rolling all the way across the house.

We were sleeping in bed the other morning (with the door shut) while she was sleeping in front of the ottoman and TV. I woke up to her "knocking", hitting and kicking our bedroom door with a huge "I found you" smile on her face.

She loves to stand up and is now pulling herself up on whatever she can, from sitting to standing position.

She will walk, holding on to our fingers, without us holding her up or anything. We got her a Leap Frog shopping cart, and she will hold the short end (the non-push end of the cart) and if you push or pull the cart away from her she will walk with it.

She is now eating anything and everything in sight. Her favorite I would say is Vanilla Yogurt. She is eating lots of finger foods including Gerber Graduates Biter Biscuits, Puffs and Yogurt Bites. She also loves Cheerios, Mum-Mums, Mini Rice Cakes, Vanilla Wafers, chunks of veggies and fruit, bread, etc.

She will pick up and eat all the bigger things by herself but the cheerios and puffs she can pick up but then they get stuck in her fist and she hits herself in the face with her fist, trying to get them in her mouth. Its quite humorous actually.

She moved up to her "big girl" convertible carseat yesterday. She is still rear facing and will be until a year, but this carseat can go both ways and can hold her up to 100 pounds. We also had to order a second one for Richard's truck now that this one is more stationary and sometimes he takes the Pacifica to work to save on gas.

She is wearing size 2 diapers, size 2 or 3 shoes, shirts size 6 months, 6-9 months and 6-12 months, pants size 3 months, and dresses from 3 months to 9 months.

She is drinking 4-6 bottles a day with 6 ounces in them and is using size 3 nipples. She has started using a sippy cup and does really well with it. She still can't feed herself a bottle or a sippy cup if she's sitting up, but she does it all on her own if she's laying down. We are starting to teach her to use a regular cup and drink out of a straw (as both are better on teeth than bottles or sippy cups). She will hold a spoon and put it in her mouth, but is not feeding herself with one. She will stick her hands in any kind of food (liquid baby food) and put her hand in her mouth to feed herself.

She doesn't sleep swaddled up any more, and loves to hold her blanket right over her face. She sleeps in her crib all the time. She takes 2-3 naps for 1-2 hours each. She sleeps at night typically from 9-9:30 to 8-8:30. She will usually play happily in her crib for 10-15 minutes before crying to get up.

She LOVES to be out and about and if she's cranky she loves to go walk around the mall, stores or a musem or the park.

She is "talking" a lot more, making lots of "mmmmmmmmm" and "hhheeee" sounds. Every once in a while she will say "mamamamama" but hasn't said "mama" yet. Although R is convinced she has and I'm just not telling him.

She is now hanging on to our arms and neck while we hold her and snuggling her head into our necks. R can't wait until someone else is holding her and she reaches out for him. I can wait, I'd love for other people to hold her :-)

She will raise her arms as your picking her up but won't just reach out to be picked up if you're not right by her.

Her favorite toys right now are her blankets and burp rags as well as her musical learning tree house that sings songs and plays nursery rhymes and her leap frog learning table which does basically the same thing.

She loves peek a boo and cracks up. She will laugh so hard if you tickle just below her neck and her thighs. We are waving goodbye with her, but she doesn't do it on her own yet. She still doesn't fully respond to her name but she does respond to "NO" by looking like you just shot her and sticking out her lower lip (trembling) and dropping big fat crocodile tears while screaming. Yes, she's already a drama queen.

She has become super spoiled/needy lately with being home with me all the time so that if either one of us are home but not right next to her she screams. So we've purposely put her in our room or her room by herself and had her play for the last week and she is doing lots better already. The church nursery and Wednesday night bible studys (when she's with lots of other kids) help with this too.

I think thats it for the updates on her. Just wanted to get down a good documentation of everything she's doing, wearing and loving right now.

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Monday, September 8, 2008

More Good Deals

I forgot to add in my other post that Kohl's has all women's and children's shoes buy one, get one FREE this week. We saved $45 and got two pairs of shoes for me for fall for a total of $47. (This is super good because, thanks to Lil, my feet are now a different size than they have ever been so new shoes are mandatory and flip flops won't work all year long.)

Also, just a note to say I spent 14.70 at Kroger and saved 16.49. Yeah, that's more than half.

I spent $1.80 at Walgreen's and saved $2.30.

I spent $47 at Kohl's and saved $45.


Money Saving Monday

I have been super excited lately about reading blogs with my new reader, Google Reader. It brings all my favorite blogs right to my reader, each time they write a new post. Now I don't have to go look at 50 blogs a day and see if they have new posts, they automatically get delivered to me.

This has helped me save tons of time and be able to read even more blogs. My favorite blogs are by crazy stay at home moms who seemingly compete who can get the most free samples and best deals weekly. They find them, blog about them, and then I go do them!

This week we saved TONS! The paper this week had great ads and coupons for us. Our "overstock" cupboard is literally overflowing into every room in our house. I took photos of our extras and I'll post them in the next day or two. Between this and Angel Food Ministries, we should have our weekly groceries down to things like eggs and milk along with our super great sales from ads combined with coupons.

I'm going to try to start posting new samples, freebies, coupon codes and great deals here each week. You can find old posts about this by searching for the label "Freebies/Coupons/Deals".

I try not to include any samples that require you to sign up for other things or answer 50 question surveys in order to get the sample, but some might sneak in here and there if they are a sample I haven't personally requested. If you do have to do something out of the ordinary, I'll try to remember to mention it.

I would recommend making a second email address to use to sign up for all these freebies, that way your regular email doesn't get filled up with advertisements. I made RSBrill@yahoo.com and use it expressly for online surveys, coupons, contests, giveaways and samples. And once a week or so I go in and delete all the mail.


One Year Subscription to TV Guide (requires you to enter a friend's email-you can use rsbrill@yahoo.com)
Carefree Sample
Fisher Price Geo Trax DVD
Fisher Price Planet Heroes DVD
Free Custom Fruit Rollup (you must sign up for a newsletter from Box Tops for Education)
Free Full Size Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant
Pledge Multi Surface Wipes Sample and $1 coupon (you have to answer a 2 question survey first)
Duncan Hines Delectible Carrot Cake Free after Rebate
Night-time Renewal Kit from Tempur-Pedic!
14-day supply of Nature Made(R) Liquid Softgel Vitamins.
samples of Crystal Light, Purell, Blistex for joining REMEDYLife.
box of Touch of Gray for Men with this printable coupon!
sample pack of X2O energy drink for a quick survey!
30 minutes of tutoring for your child from Tutor.com!
Fiber One - Cereal, chewy bar, and coupons! A great sample!
Pantene Expressions - Got more free shampoo & conditioner to try! No coupon, but you can still request this sample by signing-in to the P&G website.
Head & Shoulders - Another free shampoo & conditioner sample. You can choose from smooth & silk or dry scalp.
Healthy Balance Juice - I got my $1 off 2 coupon and a 25 cent coupon with recipes for Old Orchard Healthy Balance Juice.
Hanes - You too can be getting several pairs of free underwear in the mail! Just enter Hanes Wedgie-Free Wednesday once a week and you can win this sweeps more than once!
Family Circle - You can still request 2 free issues from StartSampling. If you already have a subscription, they will simply add on 2 issues to it.
Kraft Food & Family - A great free magazine from Kraft and I was happy to see the Fall issue had 4 coupons in it.
American Baby - Yet another free magazine! Like a short version of Parents magazine.
Lactaid - Got a 4-packet sample to try for free.
Free Master Lock at Sears Hardware- In store
Free Guitar Strings
Home Depot - Free Do It Herself Workshops - register for a free in-store class and receive a 10% off coupon
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Walmart.com always has free samples. For me they always arrive exactly as they said, quickly and usually with pretty good coupons. This week their samples are:
Cottonelle Fresh Flushable Moist Wipes - Just add some pampering to your everyday bathroom routine.
Gain with Baking Soda - Get sparkling clean clothes with a scent you’ll love.
alli® Book – Read about real people who lost weight with alli®.
Benefiber Sticks – New single-serving size makes it simple and easy to travel.
Benefiber Fiber Supplement – Add the fiber you need to your cooking.
Cascade® Complete All-in-1 + Mr. Clean Magic Eraser – Get your dishes completely clean with the new Cascade® Complete All-in-1 formula.
Kotex Pads, Liners and Tampons – New and improved pads, liners and tampons for ultimate comfort and convenience.
Tampax® Pearl – Only Tampax® Pearl has the LeakGuard™ braid and core protection built in.
Ultra Downey TotalCare – Help keep that first-wear love alive.

Freeflys.com has an ongoing list of some free samples. You can also get a RSS feed when they get new samples to read easily in Google Reader.


Custom Fruit Rollups Coupon
You can go here and choose pictures and text to have printed on your customized fruit rollups. The price is $30 for 30 roll ups and my shipping was $7. The coupon code MYFRU10 will get you $10 off your order total.

Tons of printable Babies R Us coupons valid until 9/14 and if you shop online you can enter code 923913 for $5 off of $25.

Babycenter.com Free Shipping on $25 or more: Coupon Code SHOPPING

DSW.com Free Shipping on $25 or more: Coupon Code RSHPDSW

Gap.com Get 20% off Baby Gap purchases of $75 or more through September 21: Coupon Code BBDHNJL9C6JB

Every Monday there is a new code to get a free rental from Redbox DVD vending machines. The code is only good on Monday and the DVD has to be back by Tuesday at 9pm but you can't beat a free movie rental. Also, the code works once for each credit or debit card, so if you have more than one, you can rent more than one movie for free. Deal Seeking Mom lists the codes each Monday.

If you shop at Kroger, you can load coupons onto your Kroger card and get coupon credit by simply presenting your Kroger card at checkout. There are two sites that do this, (shortcuts.com and P&G eSaver) and they each have different coupons. The bonus is that these online coupons are typically the same as coupons in the Sunday paper, but if you load the coupon onto your card AND cut out the coupon and take it in to the store, you get the coupon credit TWICE!!


Target.com has Free Shipping when you purchase $50 or more in Baby Gear

Earth's Best Baby Food is BOGO at Publix this week. Wish we had a Publix here, thats a stockopportunity!!

Toys R Us stores have ALL DVDs and BluRay's for buy 2 get the 3rd free until Saturday. We stocked up on some for Christmas and Lil's Birthday.

Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic and Piper Lime have combined shipping fees of only $7 whether you shop from one store or all four. If you add something from Piper Lime to your order of any thing from any of the other three stores to your order, shipping is FREE. (if you're looking for something from Piper Lime to add to your order, Lillian is drooling over these in size 4.)

We've started using Angel Food Ministries for the bulk of our groceries. You can read a review about the program here.

Walmart.com always has a good selection of items available for 97 cent shipping.

If you have a Food Lion in your area, if you buy six gallons of milk from August to December this year and save the register "ticket" that prints with your receipt, you can turn in the tickets for a free gallon of milk. Not bad for us since milk here is $5.99 a gallon.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Richard's Wishlist

Dominion Game $30

The Last Airbender on Blu-Ray

Ninja in Blu Ray $16

Apple iPod Touch 64G $399

Subscription to Maximum PC Magazine $15

Cyber Cube Silver $22

Cotton Candy Maker $50 

Bean Bag Chair 37in, Cotton Taupe $125

Beef Jerkey, Green Monster Energy Drinks, Blue Powerade

Gift Cards to:
Regal Cinema

Sam's Club
Texas Roadhouse

Red Lobster
Burger King

Stacey's Wishlist

I have an Amazon Wishlist at: http://amzn.com/w/2XH50PYGPQVG8 which lists everything I want in detail, with links.  Just the general stuff is left listed here.

Tickets to Cirque du Soleil

Van detailing
All my music CDs uploaded onto my ipod for me

Storksak Emily Pewter Nylon
Seatbelt bag Lola Ruffle Tote Espresso
Seatbelt Bag Large Tote Sangria or Espresso

A surprise weekend away

A surprise night out, with babysitting planned

Gift Cards:
Regal Movie Theaters
Old Navy
TJ Maxx
Skinny Dip
Texas Roadhouse
Chick Fil A
Pizza Hut

Lillian's Wishlist

This is Lillian's general want/need list...however I have a more specific list of items at Amazon.  It is located at: http://amzn.com/w/1SKN1MX9620P1

Hoodie sweatshirts, that are all one piece, not zip up, size 4T or 5T

"Track pants" or "warm up pants" or "running pants", any color, size 4T

Any shoes size 10 or higher.

Lil wants "stripey" tights or pants

$50 for tickets for Circus or Disney on Ice
$55 for zoo membership

$100 for Aquarium membership

Gift Cards:
Picture People

New Pictures

There are new pictures on the picasa site in the following albums:

Lillian August 2008
Lillian September 2008
Lillian & Kylie

Apparently I haven't uploaded the camera for awhile...oops.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hurricane Watch

Currently Virginia has been declared by Governor Kaine in "a state of emergency".

Tropical Storm Hanna is supposed to hit here Saturday with rain and heavy winds, possibly knocking out power.

Hurricane Ike is possibly going to hit us. It is currently a Category 4, possibly will get up to a 5, before dropping back down. If it does head our way, it will probably hit us as a Category 3 on Wednesday or Thursday. If it does hit as a Category 3, there will most likely be evacuations.

Tropical Storm Josephine is right behind Ike and may or may not head our way.

Richard is on duty this weekend, if we evacuate this weekend, he will NOT evacuate with us, he will be required to stay at work.

If we evacuate next week, he MAY or MAY NOT evacuate with us, work will tell him what he is to do.

If we evacuate, we will head to Deb and Bill's house in Durham, NC. We should be able to take back roads (to avoid the road closures, forcing everyone to evacuate north) and make it there. We will also have our friend Kally and her 5 month old baby and 7 year old daughter with us. Kally's husband is in Iraq.

We have two more women in our Sunday School class whose husbands are in Iraq and at least one more who's husband is leaving tomorrow on one of the ships. They are sending all the ships out of port to hopefully ride out the storms. They are flying most of the aircraft off all the bases around here, sending them to Ohio, Missouri and some other midwest states.

We purchased water and non-perishable foods today as well as lighters, batteries, etc. We stocked up on gas and should be set to go. We have all our important documents together and have a car charger for the cell phones.

If you need to get ahold of us, please call my cell phone 810-423-0456, as we will try to reserve R's for work calls and if the two of us get separated.

Please pray for us in this next week or two but especially for the many women who are without their husbands and are trying to take care of pets, children and houses alone.

Waiting to see what happens....

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Week in Review

Things I love:
1. The person who suggested filling plugs (pacifiers) with water and freezing them.
2. The frozen water filled plugs. Lillian will not chew on any teethers or wet washcloths or anything, but she LOVES the frozen plugs. We now store or arsenal in the freezer.
3. Our new water bottles. They are the On The Go bottles from Nalgene. Not only is it a Nalgene bottle, which I love, but it is slim enough to fit in most cupholders, including that of the stroller. But it also has a flip top nozzle lid. It is completely spill proof, yet you don't have to screw off the lid and be mammoth mouth to drink out of it.

4. That our daughter will eat anything. Including chicken, ribs and roll from Busch Gardens yesterday.
5. That R bought me flowers on Saturday "for no reason" and he took Jack's birthday present to the post office all by himself. PS-I think the roses were because I got up 5 MILLION TIMES in the night with Lillian over the last week and he didn't at all. But if he wants to call it "for no reason" thats fine with me. I'm just enjoying them.
6. TiVo
7. The Smart Shopping Cart by Leapfrog. Lillian loves it. And walks pushing it. INSANE. It was supposed to be a Christmas present but I'm pretty sure we're going to have to leave it out as she's learning to walk already.

8. My new reusable shopping/gift bags from Toys R Us. They are bigger than any others I've seen and they have many super cute designs, with just a small Toys R Us. This is so you don't feel like a retard walking into Kroger with a Target bag and vice versa. I have been using them for everything and will be using them to give gifts in as, at $1.49, they are no more than a regular, disposable gift bag. (Unfortunately Google could not show me a picture of the bags, I will try to take one with the next batch of uploaded Picasa pictures-but trust me, they are super cute!)
9. Lillian is not crawling yet. YAY!!! But she's really close unfortunately. We just bought some "crawler covers" aka leg warmers to help protect her sad little knees which are all rug burned up.
10. Lillian's Halloween costume. I won't say more now so I'll leave you in suspense.
12. The bright idea to use a pipe cleaner to clean out reusable straws. Excellent for sippy cups with straws.
13. The backyardigans. Could you get any cuter than Tyrone, Pablo and Uniqua? I don't think so. Although their theme song could use some work.
14. That the View is back in live production and Oprah is soon to follow.
15. My Pacifia. Everytime I use it or use another vehicle or see someone else struggling to get something in or out of a vehicle, I remember how much I LOVE MY PACIFICA and its automatic lift gate.
16. My new keychain. I love that its skinny enough to not be bulky in the diaper bag or R's pocket. However its big enough to find in the diaper bag without getting lost. Its also perfet to just slide the keychain in my pocket, letting the keys hang out but not fall out. It fits on my wrist! (Mine is like the picture but the ribbon is pink and orange polka dot...surprise!)
17. Busch Gardens. I swear each time I go, I love it more. Even with two babies, a 7 year old and a hot day.
18. My diaper bag. I went through a couple before I found "the one". It just works for us. I'm convince finding a diaper bag is like finding a spouse, there's one -and only one- for everyone. You might find a few duds before the real deal but then you will be so in love you can't see straight.
19. That the newest Mozilla Firefox will automatically (if you tell it to) save all of your tabs when your browser gets closed (by your husband) and open them up when you open Mozilla the next time.
20. That I have now purchased, written in, addressed, sealed and calendared all of my cards for the rest of the year (except for Christmas).
21. That I get to make digital Christmas Cards and Invites for Lillian's Birthday party (which will be Saturday, January 24th, 2009. Mark your calendars now and make plans to attend. I promise it will be a spectacular event).
22. Homemade Mozzarella Sticks. Thanks Megan!

Things I hate:
1. That our carseat has an expiration date of next July. That means we will need a new one for our next (if we have a next one) kid. Glad we got this one on craigslist since we used it for a whole 7 months.
2. That Lillian was 26 inches last month and is 25 inches now. Come on people, you are in the Navy, do you think you can measure a baby. Especially one who lays completely still while you do so. Is she or isn't she too long for her current carseat?
3. Baby washcloths. What a waste of material. I just bought at two 12 packs of white washcloths at Target, on sale from $2.49 to $1.69. I keep two boxes on my dryer, one inside the other. In the large box is all the clean white washcloths. In the smaller box, are all the wet/dirty washcloths, ready to be dumped into the washer. BEST THOUGHT EVER. And yes, we go through 24 washcloths in about three days, insane.
4. That to get a new cell phone (a smart one, with a keyboard and a calendar) I must: purchase the phone: $99, add an additional three years to our already obscenely long contract with Sprint, choose a new monthly plan. Which of course does not come in anything similar to what we have now (500 minutes shared between three people), but only much larger (1500 minutes), much more expensive plans. And that is all without any texting or web browsing. I LOVE SPRINT!!!!!
5. The fact that apparently Virginia doesn't get cold enough to require stores to sell hats for babies. Or maybe they're not just "cool" right now. I think they're adorable though, the more outrageous the better, and aim to find some, somewhere.

6. Barney, Dora (although she does try to teach Spanish), Little Einsteins, Elmo, Bratz, Blues Clues and all other over-used kid's cartoons. Even more, all the new cartoons that are so STUPID. We're all about the Bernstein Bears, Gerbert, Dennis the Menace, Inspector Gadget, Bobby's World, Looney Tunes, Garfield and Friends, Doug, Carmen Sandiago, Flintstones, Tom and Jerry, Road Runner, and Heathcliff.
7. That Army Wives hasn't been on for two weeks now.
8. The "service soon" light. If you can prompt the light to come on, you would think you can prompt the light to be more specific.
9. New Facebook, Vista, Office 2007. Nuff said.
10. That if I want to guarrantee R will be here for my next birth, I must get pregnant in/before October or not for three and a half years. YUCK!!!!!! (And NOT HAPPENING in/before October so y'all can just stop asking and petitioning unless you'd like to volunteer your womb.)

Things I need:
1. Ideas for great toys for 1 year olds for Lil's Christmas List
2. Same thing for DVD's (other than Veggie Tales and Baby Einstein)
3. Pink and Orange foods. Leave your comment with all you can think of.
4. Birthday party ideas for entertaining 2-3 year olds.
5. Visitors this fall. Come on people, come visit us.