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Sunday, September 21, 2008

We took Lillian back to the doctor yesterday (4th time in a month) for the congestion, hoarse throat, tugging/digging/scratching at ears, teething, not sleeping, crankiness, fever, not eating bottle.

We, again, saw a different doctor (#4 in 4 appointments). This guy said, "well, that all accompanies teething, blah blah blah". I insisted that he do something other than tell us "come back if it gets worse" like they have for three times now. It has gotten worse each time and has now lasted for a month.

He said he thinks what it is is Hay Fever. He put her on 1/2 tsp Claritin and we're supposed to go back in 2-3 weeks for a follow up if its not better. I'm not sure I think it is that, but I hope the medicine helps. This is so old. I want my happy baby back.

She weighed in at 14 lbs 2 ounces and 27 inches long. He said right this minute, her weight is okay, but to weigh her every morning at home and if she loses ANYTHING to take her back in and we'll have to do special formula among other things.

She eats food like a champ, will eat anything, anytime you feed her. However, she has been eating less and less bottle. She is down to 15 ounces a day, when she should be at 28-30, so that is an issue.

We also got two free bottles of tylenol. With three refills. Score! But seriously, if you think a baby will need 8 bottles of tylenol (full size bottles) in the next three months (when the perscription is good til) don't you think something other than Hay Fever is going on?? Come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love free health care, but oh, what I wouldn't do for Good Dr. Stolz, the REAL pediatrician we saw right after birth til the Navy health care system sank their claws into Lillian.

PS-off topic, but kind of on topic...a rant...Her name is Lillian. Yes, Lilly and Lil are used as short nicknames but when I go to the nursery to pick her up and her nametag says Lily (only 1 L) and I ask them to change it to Lillian (use same name tags every week) and this happens for three weeks, it drives me CRAZY. When the doctors office calls to confirm her appointment and says "
I'm calling to confirm an appointment for Lilly" it makes me want to say "there is no Lilly here". You don't know her, you aren't friendly with her or me, please call her by her full name.

This is not intended towards family, just my rant towards the public who doesn't know her but decides they will change her given name.


Heidi said...

My daughter Lillian was born on Sept 20th 2007. I am going through the same thing with her name (but with husband and family as well!!!) Am I being over the top wanting her to be called Lillian the name I picked and not Lily that everyone seems to want to call her? I feel like if you want to call her a nickname then fine, pick one, but Lily is an entirely different name. My friends kids are Dora and Irving- she always calls Lillian 'Lily'. Should I call her kids Dory and Irvin?

Rich, Stacey and Lillian said...

I chose a name that specifically had a shorter and a longer version but it was so SHE could have options when she is older. I personally like Lillian better than Lilly and would prefer she be called that now. When she is older and has a preference, we will go by that. It buggs me though, when people who don't even really know her do shorten it to Lilly right after I say "Her name is Lillian"

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