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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Secret deodorant

I just saw a commercial that Secret deodorant is having a "bling" promotion. They are going to hide fake "bling" diamonds in various deodorants and if you find one, you turn it in for a real diamond. All I can say is...can you imagine your underarm finding a diamond. Ouch!

Monday, October 27, 2008

New stuff!

We got a new stroller today, is the Peg Perego Venezia and I LOVE IT!!!

It comes with a "boot" for cold days.

And makes into a bassinett for tiny babies.

We also got Lillian's Halloween costume for next year, yes - next year. It was picked because a. it was cheap and b. it is a Brill family thing. That's all you're getting until next October. Wait in suspense...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thank you to Mom and Dad Shipp who got us a gift card to Red Lobster and Uncle Dan and Aunt Paula and Grandma and Grandpa Abrams who sent us money for our anniversary. It came when it was greatly needed and is GREATLY appreciated.

We're hoping to get up to Richmond this weekend and see Richard's brother Kenny. We are going to look at a new stroller too, but it depends on the features the new one has compared to what we think we can get for our old one. (We have to sell the old carseat because it expires in July 2008 so we're thinking of selling the stroller too so it goes as a matching set.)

Richard got me flowers yesterday for no reason. Its a gorgeous mix of purple, pink and white flowers.

I still have to upload pictures from last weekend, I'll work on that tonight hopefully. But first I have to sort out our checkbook. Navy Federal changed around the way their website works and it screwed my books all up.

Going out of Business Sale

Linens-N-Things is going out of business and everything on their website is 30% off. This doesn't seem to great to me, but if you need anything from there, watch over the coming weeks for that percentage to go up.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

misc rumblings

There were three new comments waiting to be moderated when I signed in today so here I am to write my new post. Thanks Dad, Cyndi and Julie, although the first two of you were rather unorignal.

This week has been crazy insane. I think that is going to be our theme for awhile. We had our Bible Study group over on Saturday for pizza, cider, desserts and pumpkin carving. We had about 25 people including 10-12 little munchkins. We had so much fun, just spread out plastic tablecloths on the floor and dug right in. We had a hard time keeping the knives and carving tools from the kiddos but we figured it out and nominated "knife keepers". I did a star theme and Richard did a mummy head. We carved the top of Lillian's off and dug it out but haven't carved it yet. We also kept all the seeds from everyone's pumpkins and baked them. R is in punkin seed heaven.

I was bumed though because we were all excited about taking our pop-a-tot to the pumpkin patch and letting Lillian sit in it and watch everyone while we roamed the fields for the perfect pumpkin. However, it was a rainy messy day and we wern't sure if it would work because we didn't want our pop-a-tot to get all wet and dirty. But we took it anyways and thought we would try it, however, when we got there we found out that it wasn't really a pumpkin "patch" but more of a petting farm and pumpkin "pallet" lot. There wasn't any place to really use the pop a tot. And then, when everyone was back here carving pumpkins would have been a great time to use it BUT it was still in the car and I forgot about it until right now. We are going to have Kylie and Warren over tomorrow morning though and Lindsey is really interested in seeing it, not so much for Warren, but for her new baby, coming very soon.

We don't really have anything planned for this next weekend. I'm wondering what great adventures we can plan that don't cost much money. I'm thinking about maybe seeing what there is to do in Richmond, its only two hours away, if we can find some great stuff to do, the gas money would be worth it.

We went to the Farmer's Market today and R got a steak and some seasoning and I got some apple butter and a candle. We ate at a small BBQ restaurant that was really cheap but only had OK food. I got home to find two magazines in the mailbox (from yesterday) and am so excited to sit down and read those tonight. I love magazines. I will post pictures of the pumpkin "patch", carving and party pictures, but it won't be tonight, I'm being lazy today. But I figured if I didn't post soon, you all would start complaining.

Lillian is almost ready to cut two more teeth, on the top this time. They are right there, making bumps and you can see them but they are not through the skin yet. Any day now. She's chewing on everything, we got her a new teether that is shaped like a strawberry and vibrates when you chew on it. She loves it. She also had her first sucker today, which was dad's idea and mostly ended up as a drool bath for him. Fun to watch though. She also had BBQ sandwich and baked beans today for the first time. Loved everything of course. My little piggy.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Comment Game

We're going to play a game. Every time I log on and there are no new comments to be moderated, I am not going to post. Every time I log on and there are comments, I will leave a new post. :-)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kids Klutter Katchers

I found these bags today and love them. They are definitely an add on to Lillian's Christmas list. And because they are a new company, just getting this product off the ground, they have a special right now that you can get 21 bags for 30 dollars. That's not much over $1 a bag. I can think of so many uses for these bags. Dirty clothes on trips. Keeping in the car for extra toys, diapers, plugs that must stay in there. Planning whole outfits (shirt, pants, bib, socks, shoes, bow) and putting them in for easy daddy access. Keeping little socks from getting lost in the dryer. I definitely need these for her. And I LOVE the original intention too.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Mid-Week update

We had bible study tonight instead of tomorrow because we had a big planning meeting. We just changed leaders for our group and are taking advantage of the change to make any other changes we want. I am so excited. I love our class, it has definintly been the best thing about being where we are right now, and THE reason we are not wanting to relocate with new orders. I love these couples, they are just like family.

Example, R and I wern't sure we were going to go out for our anniversary. We have been pretty busy lately and having to find a babysitter, pay for something to do (we're broke til the 15th) etc...

However...tonight at bible study, people knew our anniversary was coming up and offered to babysit, without me even having to ask. So Tim and Katey are going to watch Lillian tomorrow night (R gets off work early) so we can go to dinner. We were planning on going to IHop because we have a two for one coupon. However, Whitney asked why we were going to IHOP, did we really love it that much? Because it seemed like a lame place for an anniversary dinner. I told her it was because we had a coupon and she said she was buying us a gift card for dinner. We argued back and forth over email and facebook, she called me homie, and 15 emails later, she is buying us a surprise gift card tomorrow and we are eating at some place other than IHOP. It is amazing.

We have been looking for an "entertainment center" of sorts to help childproof our tv. The shelf we have now is open so Lillian is grabbing DVDs out of the playstation, and pushing buttons on the cable box. Also, if she stands up, she can put finger prints on the tv. So we are looking for a small cabinet, that is closed, preferably with glass to get the components inside and the tv up a little higher. We have a big, huge entertainment center in mind for once we have money and a living room big enough to hold such furniture. So for now we just want something super cheap in the meantime that can be used later in another way or sold on craigslist. I looked at Target and found this...


But, they are too expensive.

So, I looked on craigslist and found this dresser that I think will work good.

We'll probably paint it so that it doesn't clash with the good wood cabinet we have right next to the tv. But this is long enough that we can put the tv up on it (high, thankfully) and still have room next to it for the Tivo with a lamp on top of it (which will also allow us to get rid of the floor lamp that lil can pull over if she trys). And it will give us lots of extra storage. It will look a little odd to have a dresser in the living room, but I'm already over that. The only problem is, I contacted the seller and asked some questions and she answered, but now that I wrote her and told her I pulled cash out of our house fund and want to pick it up, she hasn't emailed me back. I'm so sad. I hope she does, I really think it would work good. And we scavaged the thrift stores around here and found nothing similar, all the dressers were too old and froo froo.

Lillian is now eating cheerios on her own, able to pick them up and get them to her mouth, AND let go. Its a huge help, to be able to have five minutes to myself while she mows down.

We were able to find a brand new babygate, still in the box and sealed, at Goodwill for only $15. They retail for $50-$100 now, unbelievably. It is one of the ones that can swing open as a door, rather than having to climb over (because you know my short self can't climb over anything without killing myself). We got it all installed last night after she went to bed. Although our apartment walls are made of paper and crap and nothing else, it seemed to stay up okay.

Today, I was in the bathroom, curling my hair for bible study and I hear a blood curdling scream. My first thought is that she leaned on it and it fell over. I go out there and look. Nope. She's standing up at the gate, hands on the clear plastic, balling her little eyes out. I call her name and ask what's wrong and she turns around and gives me the look of death. She then proceeds to bang her hands on the gate (pretty remarkable for one who isn't so adept at standing on her own yet). I pick her up and she stops crying and I set her down with lots of toys. I go back to curling my hair. When I come out I find her sitting at the gate, feet under it (it has to be up higher because of the molding) head and both hands resting on the plastic, peering through the gate, wistfully. She sat like that FOR FOURTY MINUTES until I picked her up to leave for bible study. It was freaking hilarious.

Whitney has two upcoming shows that I am able to help with (and one out of state that I can't, unfortunately) and I am so excited!

We have a pumpkin patch outing with our group on the 18th and then everyone is coming back here for cider and pizza while punkin carving. I'm contemplating making caramel apples, but not sure yet.

We also have three girls in our sunday school group ready to pop (with new babies). I am so excited to meet three new beautiful babies (two girls and a surprise!), especially without having to endure labor and surgery first.

Mom Shipp just bought a ticket to possibly come out in November, depending on how the surgery goes and if she has the hard kind or not. I hope she can come! We've been STARVED for visitors this year. I want anyone and everyone to come visit RIGHT NOW!!

We are having a halloween party, I have been planning Lil's costume forever and working on it, and its all completed now. HOWEVER, it never entered my mind that Richard and I would have to dress up. Well, we do, and I just found out. Thank goodness for craigslist. I found a set of brand new costumes for $25 total. And they're costumes we can save and wear in upcoming years if this fate is forced upon us again. I'm afraid, but sure that there will be pictures after the occurrence.

Two of my really good friends have birthdays the end of this month, Julie (from college) and Lindsey (from here, Kylie's mom). And Mom and Dad Brill so kindly shared their anniversary with us. Mom and Dad shipp are following only a month behind. Happy 30th!

We are spending thanksgiving with our "family" here, as most will either have brand new babies or duty that weekend. It won't be the same as real family, but super fun none-the-less. We are hoping for the first leave option for christmas which means we would actually be in Michigan for Christmas Day this year. Which would rock! Although we will have to rent a UHaul to transport Her Highness' gifts back and forth. Good thing R screwed up his Christmas present and is now getting nothing but coal.

These next few months are going to fly by. And remember, the majestical first birthday event will take place, Saturday, January 24th. All are welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please, please, join us.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Whitney Caroline Designs

I have spent the last week working with Whitney. Whitney is a fabulous Southern girl from our Sunday School class. She owns her own business, Whitney Caroline Designs, and just celebrated her first anniversary in September. Her husband is currently deployed but is due home in less than 20 days!!

She had her first show of this season this last weekend.

I helped her most nights during the week at her house. She had set up a mock booth in her dining room and we played around with how she wanted the goods displayed. Then we gathered the "refills" from her storage upstairs and priced and packed everything. Friday morning Richard and I dropped Lillian off at Kally's and headed over to Whitney's at 8 and we loaded up all the boxes and booth setup into Richard's truck and Whitney's jeep and headed to Town Center. We carried everything up (to the third floor-but with the help of an elevator) and started setting up the booth. R helped and took pictures and then got us lunch from Chick-Fil-A but then had to go to Work.

Whitney and I kept setting up (for four hours) and then went back to her house to freshen up and change and come back to sell. Her booth looked fabulous. Not exactly as we had planned though, after some of the Prissy Plates fell off the shelf and almost killed Whitney, we decided we better move them down a little. We had them up high at her house but with the floor being different the grid wall was wobbly, thus making it a safety hazard. She didn't want to start off her second year with a law suit, imagine that.

We both wore all black and green and pink (her colors) aprons that Kally and I made specifically for her to hold cash in rather than a cash box. The aprons turned out gorgeously- everyone commented on them and it really made us stand out.

The show actually had very low levels of foot traffic, as we heard from other vendors, but Whitney had good sales. Mostly because her stuff is GORGEOUS and less expensive than some of the other vendors there. She has a HUGE amount of stock and we kept pulling out "refills" as soon as something sold. Her booth was stocked up and people just kept buying. She had adorable muffin mixes that were packaged ready for gift giving, and even came with a red or green spatula. We made some pumpkin muffins and apple muffins Thursday night to have as "samples" and guess what? We sold out of the muffin mixes on Friday night, before we ran out of samples even. We're planning on making some of the sugar cookie mixes for her next show.

She has so much more inventory than is on her website even. But here are some of my favorites from the website...

Three Piece Cosmetic Set. This unfolds to hang over a door and then has two detachable make-up bags that are HUGE. And its in a ton of colors. She also has duffle bags and garment bags that go with each color.

Isn't this little spider dress ADORABLE?!?!?!?
This is one of the Prissy Plates. It is a collection of white ceramic that is compatible with several ribbons (bow is pre-tied for those of us who are bow illiterate) and the ribbons are interchangeable. I want one of these so badly but I would just sit there and put a new ribbon in it every day.
She does photo cards, Christmas cards, stationary and invitations. This is one of my favorites I think, although there are so many to choose from. She can do anything. If you have something you're looking for, just email her and she will blow your mind with her fabulosity.

I am so excited about this. She is going to start offering Scout Bags and Totes by Bungalow. These are gorgeous and so useful. I can already think of a million places in my house I want to put these and every size bag I want in every color. The totes are spectacular and they have tall ones that can be used for trash, laundry or toys. Large, wide ones that can be used for storage, trunk boxes, or toy boxes. They have ones that can be used as coolers and "troughs" for drinks at a party. They have smaller ones that I think would be perfect on a bookshelf for hiding clutter and making the shelf look spiffy.

My favorite bag is the "Four Boys Bag". It is HUMONGOUS! Probably named because you could fit four boys INSIDE this bag. I love it! My favorite pattern is the pink one shown below. They also offer that pattern in black with pink trim (Richard's favorite). If you are like me and MUST have one of these, email Whitney at Whitney@WhitneyCarolineDesigns.com.

She is also going to start selling stamps and accessories from Three Designing Women. I am IN LOVE with these and can't wait to get my hands on one of everything.

ALL IN ALL, I had a spectacular week but I am completely exhausted and slept almost all day today, along with doing 5 loads of laundry and opening lots and lots of mail.


I was selected to be a Product Tester/Reviewer about a month ago and was told I would be sent a Pop-A-Tot as soon as they were done with manufacturing.

I received my Pop-A-Tot via UPS sometime this last week (I don't know which day because I wasn't home at all-more about that later). I opened it on Saturday morning. It looked just like I had expected it to, from the website. It came out of the package easily and popped right together. I had a little difficulty getting the latches together, but Richard snapped them right together, first try. There was a set of Sassy brand links included to attach toys to the Pop-A-Tot's loops. Upon closer inspection, while sitting next to it, watching Lillian play in it, I discovered that there were many thread ends that had not gotten cut off and one small piece of extra fabric that was still attached. I cut off the extra threads and we'll see if anything frays from this point on.

Lillian was already cranky that morning (from her schedule being off all week and me being gone all week) but I plopped her in it anyways. She did great for about five minutes, playing with the links and chewing on them, but soon she stared fussing to get out. She tried climbing out and didn't make any progress. An excellent thing. Her feet do not touch the ground, an excellent thing, because she has a lot of room to grow. But I wonder if she is in the seat for awhile, if her legs might go tingly.

Overall, I am very impressed with the Pop-A-Tot. I am excited to use it more and especially outside and at parks, play dates and the beach, weather dependent.

Please, please, please leave comments with any comments you have about the product as you see so far or any questions you may have.

200th Post

This is our 200th post. Insane.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Things have been INSANE BUSY these last two weeks. Last week was bad crazy. This week is good crazy. Next week should be nice and peaceful (notice the SHOULD) and I don't have Kylie, so I should be able to just relax (yeah right) and do lots of projects for fun, not because I have to or that have a deadline.

I'll update next week or this weekend with all that's been going on and pictures and such. If I forget, email me and remind me.