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Sunday, October 19, 2008

misc rumblings

There were three new comments waiting to be moderated when I signed in today so here I am to write my new post. Thanks Dad, Cyndi and Julie, although the first two of you were rather unorignal.

This week has been crazy insane. I think that is going to be our theme for awhile. We had our Bible Study group over on Saturday for pizza, cider, desserts and pumpkin carving. We had about 25 people including 10-12 little munchkins. We had so much fun, just spread out plastic tablecloths on the floor and dug right in. We had a hard time keeping the knives and carving tools from the kiddos but we figured it out and nominated "knife keepers". I did a star theme and Richard did a mummy head. We carved the top of Lillian's off and dug it out but haven't carved it yet. We also kept all the seeds from everyone's pumpkins and baked them. R is in punkin seed heaven.

I was bumed though because we were all excited about taking our pop-a-tot to the pumpkin patch and letting Lillian sit in it and watch everyone while we roamed the fields for the perfect pumpkin. However, it was a rainy messy day and we wern't sure if it would work because we didn't want our pop-a-tot to get all wet and dirty. But we took it anyways and thought we would try it, however, when we got there we found out that it wasn't really a pumpkin "patch" but more of a petting farm and pumpkin "pallet" lot. There wasn't any place to really use the pop a tot. And then, when everyone was back here carving pumpkins would have been a great time to use it BUT it was still in the car and I forgot about it until right now. We are going to have Kylie and Warren over tomorrow morning though and Lindsey is really interested in seeing it, not so much for Warren, but for her new baby, coming very soon.

We don't really have anything planned for this next weekend. I'm wondering what great adventures we can plan that don't cost much money. I'm thinking about maybe seeing what there is to do in Richmond, its only two hours away, if we can find some great stuff to do, the gas money would be worth it.

We went to the Farmer's Market today and R got a steak and some seasoning and I got some apple butter and a candle. We ate at a small BBQ restaurant that was really cheap but only had OK food. I got home to find two magazines in the mailbox (from yesterday) and am so excited to sit down and read those tonight. I love magazines. I will post pictures of the pumpkin "patch", carving and party pictures, but it won't be tonight, I'm being lazy today. But I figured if I didn't post soon, you all would start complaining.

Lillian is almost ready to cut two more teeth, on the top this time. They are right there, making bumps and you can see them but they are not through the skin yet. Any day now. She's chewing on everything, we got her a new teether that is shaped like a strawberry and vibrates when you chew on it. She loves it. She also had her first sucker today, which was dad's idea and mostly ended up as a drool bath for him. Fun to watch though. She also had BBQ sandwich and baked beans today for the first time. Loved everything of course. My little piggy.

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