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Monday, October 6, 2008

Whitney Caroline Designs

I have spent the last week working with Whitney. Whitney is a fabulous Southern girl from our Sunday School class. She owns her own business, Whitney Caroline Designs, and just celebrated her first anniversary in September. Her husband is currently deployed but is due home in less than 20 days!!

She had her first show of this season this last weekend.

I helped her most nights during the week at her house. She had set up a mock booth in her dining room and we played around with how she wanted the goods displayed. Then we gathered the "refills" from her storage upstairs and priced and packed everything. Friday morning Richard and I dropped Lillian off at Kally's and headed over to Whitney's at 8 and we loaded up all the boxes and booth setup into Richard's truck and Whitney's jeep and headed to Town Center. We carried everything up (to the third floor-but with the help of an elevator) and started setting up the booth. R helped and took pictures and then got us lunch from Chick-Fil-A but then had to go to Work.

Whitney and I kept setting up (for four hours) and then went back to her house to freshen up and change and come back to sell. Her booth looked fabulous. Not exactly as we had planned though, after some of the Prissy Plates fell off the shelf and almost killed Whitney, we decided we better move them down a little. We had them up high at her house but with the floor being different the grid wall was wobbly, thus making it a safety hazard. She didn't want to start off her second year with a law suit, imagine that.

We both wore all black and green and pink (her colors) aprons that Kally and I made specifically for her to hold cash in rather than a cash box. The aprons turned out gorgeously- everyone commented on them and it really made us stand out.

The show actually had very low levels of foot traffic, as we heard from other vendors, but Whitney had good sales. Mostly because her stuff is GORGEOUS and less expensive than some of the other vendors there. She has a HUGE amount of stock and we kept pulling out "refills" as soon as something sold. Her booth was stocked up and people just kept buying. She had adorable muffin mixes that were packaged ready for gift giving, and even came with a red or green spatula. We made some pumpkin muffins and apple muffins Thursday night to have as "samples" and guess what? We sold out of the muffin mixes on Friday night, before we ran out of samples even. We're planning on making some of the sugar cookie mixes for her next show.

She has so much more inventory than is on her website even. But here are some of my favorites from the website...

Three Piece Cosmetic Set. This unfolds to hang over a door and then has two detachable make-up bags that are HUGE. And its in a ton of colors. She also has duffle bags and garment bags that go with each color.

Isn't this little spider dress ADORABLE?!?!?!?
This is one of the Prissy Plates. It is a collection of white ceramic that is compatible with several ribbons (bow is pre-tied for those of us who are bow illiterate) and the ribbons are interchangeable. I want one of these so badly but I would just sit there and put a new ribbon in it every day.
She does photo cards, Christmas cards, stationary and invitations. This is one of my favorites I think, although there are so many to choose from. She can do anything. If you have something you're looking for, just email her and she will blow your mind with her fabulosity.

I am so excited about this. She is going to start offering Scout Bags and Totes by Bungalow. These are gorgeous and so useful. I can already think of a million places in my house I want to put these and every size bag I want in every color. The totes are spectacular and they have tall ones that can be used for trash, laundry or toys. Large, wide ones that can be used for storage, trunk boxes, or toy boxes. They have ones that can be used as coolers and "troughs" for drinks at a party. They have smaller ones that I think would be perfect on a bookshelf for hiding clutter and making the shelf look spiffy.

My favorite bag is the "Four Boys Bag". It is HUMONGOUS! Probably named because you could fit four boys INSIDE this bag. I love it! My favorite pattern is the pink one shown below. They also offer that pattern in black with pink trim (Richard's favorite). If you are like me and MUST have one of these, email Whitney at Whitney@WhitneyCarolineDesigns.com.

She is also going to start selling stamps and accessories from Three Designing Women. I am IN LOVE with these and can't wait to get my hands on one of everything.

ALL IN ALL, I had a spectacular week but I am completely exhausted and slept almost all day today, along with doing 5 loads of laundry and opening lots and lots of mail.

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Mom Brill said...

Wow! Everything is absolutely phenomenal! I'm VERY impressed. How exciting to be so involved with a woman who is just as creative as you.

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