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Saturday, May 31, 2008


"Prunes, Prunes, the magical fruit, the more you eat the more you poop!" This is what we sang all night while looking at that adorable, brown covered face. And everytime the word "poop" was uttered Lillian smiled and once she made a sound when she smiled. We keep waiting for a giggle, but not yet, soon hopefully.

She got a hold of the spoon (when we were done eating and I handed it to her) and she was so intent on feeding herself that I didn't have the heart to tell her the business end of the spoon was the other end.

Hi mom, aren't I cute?

She's not to sure about this new form of bath.

But it ends up okay.

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Friday, May 30, 2008

Bottle Making Machine

Every other day we do the following:

I gather all the bottles and put them in the sink.
I take the tops of each bottle.
I take the nipples out of each top.
I put soapy water in the sink for them to soak in.
Richard (usually) washes the bottles.
Then he (or I) puts them on the racks to dry.

When they are dry...
I put all 24 of the bottles back in the sink.
I fill each bottle with either 4 or 6 oz of warm water.
I put one scoop of formula in each bottle.
I put another scoop of formula in each bottle.
I put a third scoop of formula in the 6oz bottles.
I put a nipple in each top.
I put a top on each bottle.
I shake each bottle, setting it on a towel after its shaken.
When all the shaking is done, I check each bottle for chunks.
I shake all chunky bottles again.
I take a second towel and dry each bottle.
I put all bottles in the fridge.

I do this every other day. Three or four times a week.

All of this to say: I would gladly pay for a paint shaker machine if it had a bottle sized adapter. Or even pay an energetic 5 year old. Too bad all my friends kids are 2 or under.
Has anyone but me noticed in this new picture of Lillian how much she looks like the baby in the ticker at the top of the page?!? A little freaky- all she needs is a little dress.

Double Stroller Woes

The double stroller came via UPS today. Box looked fine, no problems. However, after pulling out the stroller there is part of the metal frame that is dented, and because of that, paint is scraped, parts are rusted and the paint is cracking. There is another two spots where the paint is scraped.


I emailed the store we bought it from and they are supposedly checking into what they can do. I'd be really interested to see what they can do BEFORE MONDAY which is when I need it by. I told them this and that I was counting on them to come up with a reasonable solution by Monday so that the integrity of the stroller would not be at all compromised when I put two infants in it.

I guess that is the reason R always makes me talk to people/companies who screwed up. My vast vocabulary. I have to say, so far, with other things, its worked miracles.

EDIT: The company is sending out a new stroller as soon as they can (2-3 weeks because ours was the last one in stock) and said we can use ours in the meantime and keep it when the new one comes. However, when R put it all together, the posts that hold the front two wheels in are also broken. I emailed asking if they can replace that part. We were looking forward to being able to sell this one on craigslist and make a small profit. Either way, they've gotta figure something out for us to have a stroller sooner than 3 weeks from now.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Richard got home from work early tonight and was home by six pm!!!!!!! We ran a couple errands, all had dinner together, and fed Lilly peas. She actually did great with them and ate a whole jar. Up next is prunes. We'll see how those go. She got a bath, we read Peter Rabbit and she's in bed at 10:17 pm!! Hopefully she will still sleep til 8 but I doubt it.

Tomorrow R is taking his truck in to get a once over to check everything out and to have them replace the antenna that the guy who replaced his windshield broke off. Thankfully the windshield people are paying for the antenna.

We got Lillian a new toy at Target tonight, its a giggle & jiggle cow. Its pretty hilarious. It's a round plastic ball, that looks like a cow with red pants on and his feet, hands, ears, tail and nose stick out from the ball. When you push its nose, it "giggles and jiggles". We were cracking up at it. She is not quite as thrilled, but it did garner a couple smiles, jiggling on her belly.

As a side note, Cyndi and I have been having facebook communication like crazy. Today was culminated with a funny comment from a family member who will remain un-named.

On the other hand, she ABSOLUTELY LOVES the theme song from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I am constantly trying to think of new things to sing to her as we seem to do the same ones over and over and today I came up with Fresh Prince (who knows from where). She smiled over and over and pouted her lip when I stopped until I started again. I would say her second favorite is "the song that doesn't end" but that can get a little repetitive if you know what I mean.

Richard's Father's Day present came in the mail today. Thankfully, it was while he was at work. I wrapped it up and put it on the table. He is going to be so excited!!!!!!!!!!! he saw it and wanted to open it of course, but nope, gotta wait.

We got Lillian two new pairs of shoes: black patent mary janes for Bri and Steph's wedding (and other things) and white sandles that match Daddy's brown ones for everyday. Now that she's standing so much more, she seems to be standing better if she has shoes on. She's growing so fast.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

4 month update

She had her four month appointment today and got more shots of course.

She is now a whopping 10 pounds and 9 ounces, but is still at the zero percentile mark.

She is 23.5 inches tall and her head is 39.5 cm around.

The doc was pleased with her growth and all of her milestones. Said he expects her to be on the chart, at least in the 5th percentile by her 6 month appointment.

She is standing excellently now, on her own even, if she is against a wall or in front of a toy. She is growing up so fast. She likes everything we've fed her so far except for green vegetables.

We just put 300 new pictures on the web site. If you need the address, send me an email or leave a comment here.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Checking to see what kind of an audience we have. Not sure how long we'll keep this up. Comment below please.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Lillian got her ears pierced on Wednesday and has done great with them. No pain since then at all as far as we can tell. She doesn't even really mind when we clean them. They look adorable.

Richard has gotten a little break from work as he got to come home before ten three days this week. The week of the 19th he is taking some classes, so he will be on a day check schedule so we know we'll have time together that week.

Richard planned lots of special events for Mother's Day and Lilly was great all day, it was perfect!

Richard's mom is coming down next weekend to visit us (his dad's Mother's Day present for her). We can't wait to see her.

Lillian started sleeping in her crib this week and is doing great. We bought her a mobile and she loves laying in the crib and staring up at the moving animals.

Monday, May 5, 2008

My mother has been NON STOP nagging me to do another post.

The thing is, NOTHING spectacular is going on around here. Richard has been working approximately 70 hours a week, which leaves him home 1-2 hours a day while we are awake. It's been great..........

Little Lillian has been extremely clingy the last few weeks so that's been a fun addition to already feeling like a single parent.

Lilly and I were almost involved in a deadly car accident, but narrowly missed it, thankfully. You might have heard that a week ago we had ten tornados in our area, several touching down and doing major damage. Lillian spent several hours in her carseat under a crib mattress in the bathtub, but we got no damage. The base where Richard works had some cosmetic damage in a couple spots, but that's as close as they came to personally affecting us, thankfully.

Lillian is now eating cereal and food. She has so far tried bananas and sweet potatoes and loves them both. On to carrots and squash next. Then the green veggies. I am home making her baby food but its super easy and I love it. She is holding her head more steady every day. We got her a jumperoo and she generally loves to be in it. We think she is starting to teeth because of this clinginess, and the fact that she is starting to drool and chew on her hands constantly.

That's it. There's your update Mom.