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Monday, May 5, 2008

My mother has been NON STOP nagging me to do another post.

The thing is, NOTHING spectacular is going on around here. Richard has been working approximately 70 hours a week, which leaves him home 1-2 hours a day while we are awake. It's been great..........

Little Lillian has been extremely clingy the last few weeks so that's been a fun addition to already feeling like a single parent.

Lilly and I were almost involved in a deadly car accident, but narrowly missed it, thankfully. You might have heard that a week ago we had ten tornados in our area, several touching down and doing major damage. Lillian spent several hours in her carseat under a crib mattress in the bathtub, but we got no damage. The base where Richard works had some cosmetic damage in a couple spots, but that's as close as they came to personally affecting us, thankfully.

Lillian is now eating cereal and food. She has so far tried bananas and sweet potatoes and loves them both. On to carrots and squash next. Then the green veggies. I am home making her baby food but its super easy and I love it. She is holding her head more steady every day. We got her a jumperoo and she generally loves to be in it. We think she is starting to teeth because of this clinginess, and the fact that she is starting to drool and chew on her hands constantly.

That's it. There's your update Mom.

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Kerstin said...

My mom asked about you guys the other day because she'd heard about the tornadoes, so I sent her the link to your picture website. She said Lillian's adorable! I especially love her silly hair. Those pictures are too cute and MUST come out at embarrassing occasions like first dates and graduations.

Thanks for making sure I stay updated, Mrs Shipp! ;)

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