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Monday, December 29, 2008

When I do it I do it good

I went in to the doctor today with what I knew was a very high temp and a horrible earache. After sending the first temperature machine into eternal "ERROR" mode, I learned my temp was 106.4. The staff went into freak out mode after that. I got an IV inserted into each arm (after only one failed attempt on each arm) right in the waiting room. They were laughing at our parade as I rode in a wheelchair, followed by two IV poles and pushing the stroller back to the examination room.

After an hour, they had my temp down to 99 but said to do absolutely NOTHING tonight because I was at risk of a seizure after having my temp drop so much so fast. The doc that saw me (who might have been old enough to graduate college) said that if he'd been seeing me at a hospital he would have admitted me for three days. I told him it was good he wasn't because I had far too much to do in that amount of time.

After looking at my facial orifaces he determined that I have an extreme outer and inner ear infection in both ears, my right worse than my left. And I have a sinus infection. He told me to take 1500 mg of tylenol every four hours for four days, round the clock, no matter what. And gave me an antibiotic to fight the infection. He also gave me a nasal spray which he said works miracles and I was to use it twice a day for three days. And three days only. And I had to sign a sworn statement that I would not take it more than three days or sell it on the black market. Obviously powerful stuff.

After all of this, and getting reemed at for driving myself and bringing my baby (funny, I didn't get his offer to babysit before I left the house), he said that if I did NOTHING tonight and got good sleep, I should feel much better tomorrow and good as new by the end of the week. Needless to say, I'm doing nothing tonight.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

We're home from Michigan, safe and warm (its 75 here today). Lillian is spoiled. R is healthy again. And I am sicker than a dog, with two ear infections. We are mostly all unpacked, although still trying to rearrange things to fit all the new acquisitions into our already cramped space.

If you would please pray...
-That I would get better ASAP, I'm at the point now where it hurts to move anything and everything is throbbing, even when I'm not moving
-That Lillian gets back into the swing of things
-That a three bedroom apartment opens up right away and is in a great location within our complex. (And that we move on a great weekend for friends to help)
-That I pull together everything for Lillian's birthday party, its coming up so quickly.
-That elves will put away my christmas decorations, because I HATE doing that.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Everything update

Lillian...is doing better, still not sleeping at night (due to coughing) unless I hold her upright on the couch. She is still acting fine during the day and eating like a man. She currently weighs a whopping 14.6 pounds (yes, that's lower than her 9 month appt-no they still aren't worried-yes I am hugely envious). She almost initiated her first 911 call after getting stuck in her crib during "nap" this morning. A photo is on the picture site.

Stacey...does not have cancer currently, but does have "cancer causing cells" and has to be rechecked every three months for a year and every six months forever. Also a colposcopy and biopsy again in a year and then again every other year forever. Joy.

Richard...still is not sick, and hopefully won't get that way. Was WRONG about when he is up for relocation orders, it is not July 09, it is January 10. Better for not having to move so soon. Better because right now for his job there is nothing open other than California or overseas and better because right now there is NO bonus for reupping, not even a dollar.

The Pacifica...needs a new oil pan. It seems to be the dealership's fault although we are in the process of seeing if they will admit to that. It needs new wiper blades which we will get tomorrow.

The truck...is overheating. It has coolant in it but the Low Coolant light is on. We had an oil change and coolant flush done yesterday. We are replacing the thermostat tomorrow. If that doesn't fix it then we will replace the ___ (something big and expensive that I don't remember the name of).

The apartment...still has cockroaches, fat neighbors upstairs and creepy man next door, all to my dismay. We are currently #10 on the list for a three bedroom apartment.

Michigan...We are leaving for (driving) Friday night/Saturday morning and will be there at least in time for church on Sunday. Kerstin, i would love to see you, but you should see the crazy back and forth schedule we are going to try to rock. I will do my best, but email/call me if I don't get in touch with you and remind me.

Monday, December 8, 2008


It turns out that even though she is acting just fine, Lillian has a sinus infection, two ear infections and bronchitis. So we're busy trying to keep her still (yeah right), pouring Pedialite down her throat, holding her while she sleeps (so she's upright and can sleep rather than have coughing fits), and trying to pack, all hoping that she's better by Friday when we plan to try to leave for Michigan. Probably not much posting between here and New Years.

Merry, Happy, Christmas, New Year's, etc, to everyone.

PS-Remember, Lillian's big bash is coming up January 24, for whoever can make the trip, we'd love to have you.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Other rainbow goodness

Taste the Rainbow

In my not-able-to-move-well sickness, I've spent lots of time being bored on the internet. And today I stumbled upon this. I. LOVE. THIS.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

We're sick. Me and Lillian. Who wants to come out here and take care of us while R's at work? I'd like to put in my order for cheese fries, cheese bread and a vanilla milkshake from mcdonalds. And a laundry person -we're going through snot and puke filled blankets and clothes like crazy. The washer can't do it fast enough.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas/Wish Lists

I have updated all three wishlists. Richard does have all of his shopping done for me though, so if you're going to get something off my list, please check with him first to make sure he hasn't gotten it.

I deleted the things on Lillian's list that have already been purchased. If you need any of that information for some reason, just let me know. I just tried to make the list easier to read. The items we want most on her list are in Orange font.