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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September 29 Ultrasound.

I had an ultrasound at my regular ob's office today.  I am 7 weeks 4 days-due May 14.  There is only one baby and it has a heartbeat!  It is measuring 3 days small, but they don't adjust my date unless it is 6 days or more different.  The heartbeat is measuring 140 which they said was "good".  I did get a printout (first one) so Richard can see that when he gets home tomorrow. 

However, there is a subchorionic hematoma.  I had the same thing with Lillian and it is what caused the doctor to say he was worried if she would make it or not and caused me to be on eternal bedrest.  They did say this one was small.  Which is good, but also expected this early.  It could get bigger (or not), it might re-absorb (or not), it might make me bleed (or not) and I might have it the whole pregnancy (or not).  There's nothing they can do for it.  So we are just on watch mode, once again.  I have an US tomorrow at the specialist and then another US with the ob in two weeks. 

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I am never making an I Spy quilt again.  Ever.  Seriously.  There is no one on Earth, or yet to come to Earth, that I love enough to do this again.  I am almost done. I think. Although everything has been a huge mess so far so who knows.

I'm still feeling positively horrible, with no energy whatsoever and starving but with everything but skittles having a horrible aftertaste.  So I'm assuming that's all good.  But we won't know for sure again until Wednesday.  I have an US on Wednesday and Thursday this week.  We'd really like confirmation (finally) if this is one or two babies.  And also a printout of the US.

We had Lil's Christmas pictures taken.  Twice because she was a punk the first time.  We were going to wait (obviously) but ended up getting a great coupon and got 9 sheets of photos for $18 total when they're normally $18 a sheet.  She looks like she's four.  And her dress is safety pinned in the back because its her Christmas dress and still too big.  Grow baby girl, you've got approx 90 days.

I would like nothing but cheesesticks, baked potatoes with cheese and butter, cold chocolate cake and skittles for the next year.  And no, its not because I'm pregnant.  Its just my inner fat girl speaking her wishes.

There is a white star balloon floating on the ceiling in the dining room.  It is one of the balloons a friend got for the day R came home from deployment.  Yes, its still floating.  Amazingly.

And I'd like to report that the new couch and pillows are a GINORMOUS improvement over that blue suede love seat thingy as far as lounging goes.

I think that's all as far as my brain dump goes.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Monday, 9/21 Update

Saw the dr. yesterday.  Feeling lazy so you get bullets:

-hcg from last Tuesday was 19,000
-back to nurse doing US rather than dr.
-saw sac
-saw heartbeat
-not big enough to measure heartrate
-one measurement said 6w5d, one measurement said 6w0d, i was actually 6w2d
-did another hormone level blood check
-said as of Tuesday's results he doesn't want to change any med levels
-will call if he wants to after today
-said will measure heart rate at next appt
-next appt is next Thursday
-put me on restriction, no exercise other than walking, no lifting more than 10lbs, sitting/laying 15 hours of every 24
-I see my regular ob tomorrow
-talking to her/him (whichever I see) about seeing them exclusively from now on
-if so, the specialist would finally refund the $250 in overpayment they've collected from me and are holding hostage

All seems well, but still, trying not to get hopeful or excited until we get farther a long.  A heartbeat is a good sign, but we're not out of the woods yet.

Friday, September 17, 2010


I am making (amongst other things) an I Spy Quilt for Lillian for Christmas.  And by "I am making" I mean I would like to hire someone to sew for me.  And iron.  And bind.  Definintly bind.  And quilt, I suck at that.  But I've picked out the fabric and designed the layout for you....   Any takers?

On that note, I would also like to hire a cook.  And a maid.  R does really good at the dishes and will fold the laundry if he trips over the basket enough.  He's a good chauffeur during those 4 hours that he's home each day that we're awake, but unfortunately my errands don't often coincide with that.  So therefore, I'd like to go ahead and hire a chauffeur also. 

I am thinking its a really good thing that every joint in my body hurts as well as several peticularly placed muscles and I have no desire to do anything but eat everything in sight, but sheesh, I'd like someone to take care of the rest of our lives for me. 


PS-Must take Food Stamps or Good Will as sole payment

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday, 9/14 update

UGH.  This uncertainty is killing me!  He put in for a pregnancy pack of bloodwork on Friday but that doesn't include HCG.  So, I know Tuesdays numbers and Thursdays, but I don't have any from Friday. 

He saw the sac right away, and I couldn't tell if he was looking to see WHAT he saw or IF he saw anything.  Thankfully, Richard was there with me and he was looking too and pretty soon, he (Richard) asked "is that the heartbeat?"  Doc said yeah.  But then he was trying to get a good enough pic that he could measure it and he couldn't get it again.  So he said at the end that he wasn't going to call it a heartbeat for sure yet because he couldn't get it again.  But that is okay for age-wise.  He did measure the sac and it is bigger than Friday, so that's good.  I asked if they did dating from the ultrasound this early and he said no, they do dating from the fetal pole, which isn't viewable yet. 

They did more bloodwork-I made sure they included HCG this time and I go back next Monday for another US.  I hate feeling so "in limbo".  I was really hoping to have a good outlook on it, either way, after todays but I think not having a HCG from Friday and/or not being able to define the heartbeat make me still feel on edge. 

All in all, I'm taking the fact that the sac is growing, I'm still having pregnancy symptoms and no bleeding or cramping as good signs, and trying to just take it easy and not worry....much.

Friday, September 10, 2010


The doctor did the ultrasound today, and he did not have the bloodwork results from yesterday yet.  He did not see anything in my uterus, did some other measurements and such and then went back again and said he thought he might see something.  He called in the girl who did my US yesterday and she said yes, that is different than yesterday, she does think that is the baby...in the uterus....where it is supposed to be.  Dr. still thinks it should be bigger for where my hormone levels should be.  He said based on my Tuesday numbers, todays numbers should be 3000 and if so, spot should be bigger.  But that for now, it looked okay, we would do bloodwork today to check those numbers and set me up next week for another US and more bloodwork.

I told him I wanted to know the numbers from yesterday and he said he did too and send the nurse looking.  Well, yesterdays numbers were 3000!  What he was thinking today's would be, so that is good.  Although high numbers and a small spot don't add up, but for right now, I'm banking on the high numbers.

I go in again on Tuesday for another ultrasound and more bloodwork.  I am assuming I will not hear about todays numbers until then.

Still nervous.  But more optimistic than yesterday.  Scrapping our Saturday plans for Busch Gardens in favor of laying around and keeping our chances as good as possible.  Keep praying for a miracle. 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Baby Update, please pray for a miracle

Despite the fact that my hcg levels looked good on Tuesday, they did not see anything on the ultrasound today. She said that if my number is doubling as it should I would be at 2000 or 2600 today.  She said it could be three things:

1. twins from the same embryo (VERY rare): this would account for the normal/high hcg but being too small to see yet.

2. That there is a tubal pregnancy

3. That there was a uterine pregnancy but the 1300 is actually a number going down.

They did do more bloodwork today and she made me an appointment for tomorrow morning at 940 to get those bloodwork results and do another ultrasound and more bloodwork.   Only when we have more things to compare it to will we know for sure.  She said she's "nervous". 

I had to take Lil with me today and will have to take her tomorrow too.  Richard was not able to go today and is not able to go tomorrow. 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Finally got thru the Nazi office to the good nurse this afternoon.  My hcg level (at the time of bloodwork yesterday) is 1300.  They are starting me on Prometrium Progesterone 3x a day and have me set up for an ultrasound tomorrow afternoon at 2:40.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'm pregnant.  Due May 14. 

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Earl brought us just some mild wind and very light rain-that's all.  Glad I didn't pack anything up or evacuate.

R was able to come home on Thursday, about 3pm but did have to go back in some on Friday (supposed to be a day off for the holiday weekend) but that was all.  On Wednesday of this week they move the ship to the yards.  We're not sure if they will pull out of the yards for hurricanes or not, but other than that, they will not pull out of the yards.  Right now their working hours for the yards are 7-4 and it will take him about an hour to an hour and a half to get there because of traffic.  We're still hoping they adjust the working hours a bit so the commute times are at peak tunnel traffic times.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Keep praying

They're still not sure if Earl is going to hit us or not, we are currently under a Hurricane Watch.  Still no word on when/if R is coming home this week.

In other news, I just found out that my only good friend left here, Lindsey M., is moving, in September.  And her kids, Warren and Eden, are Lil's favorite (and only) friends left.  It will be a HUGE adjustment for all of us.  They are currently on vacation, forced to stay away longer because of Earl and Lil has asked about them 6-8 times a day. 

I have been trying to join different groups at church, trying to talk to the other mom's at preschool and trying to do the (pathetic) library kids group for about 5 months now, but no new friends yet.  Please pray we find a stay at home mom (or many) that we can be good friends with.  Huge bonus points if R gets along with the guy.