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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Keep praying

They're still not sure if Earl is going to hit us or not, we are currently under a Hurricane Watch.  Still no word on when/if R is coming home this week.

In other news, I just found out that my only good friend left here, Lindsey M., is moving, in September.  And her kids, Warren and Eden, are Lil's favorite (and only) friends left.  It will be a HUGE adjustment for all of us.  They are currently on vacation, forced to stay away longer because of Earl and Lil has asked about them 6-8 times a day. 

I have been trying to join different groups at church, trying to talk to the other mom's at preschool and trying to do the (pathetic) library kids group for about 5 months now, but no new friends yet.  Please pray we find a stay at home mom (or many) that we can be good friends with.  Huge bonus points if R gets along with the guy. 

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