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Sunday, September 26, 2010

I am never making an I Spy quilt again.  Ever.  Seriously.  There is no one on Earth, or yet to come to Earth, that I love enough to do this again.  I am almost done. I think. Although everything has been a huge mess so far so who knows.

I'm still feeling positively horrible, with no energy whatsoever and starving but with everything but skittles having a horrible aftertaste.  So I'm assuming that's all good.  But we won't know for sure again until Wednesday.  I have an US on Wednesday and Thursday this week.  We'd really like confirmation (finally) if this is one or two babies.  And also a printout of the US.

We had Lil's Christmas pictures taken.  Twice because she was a punk the first time.  We were going to wait (obviously) but ended up getting a great coupon and got 9 sheets of photos for $18 total when they're normally $18 a sheet.  She looks like she's four.  And her dress is safety pinned in the back because its her Christmas dress and still too big.  Grow baby girl, you've got approx 90 days.

I would like nothing but cheesesticks, baked potatoes with cheese and butter, cold chocolate cake and skittles for the next year.  And no, its not because I'm pregnant.  Its just my inner fat girl speaking her wishes.

There is a white star balloon floating on the ceiling in the dining room.  It is one of the balloons a friend got for the day R came home from deployment.  Yes, its still floating.  Amazingly.

And I'd like to report that the new couch and pillows are a GINORMOUS improvement over that blue suede love seat thingy as far as lounging goes.

I think that's all as far as my brain dump goes.

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Kerstin said...

My mom loves making I Spy quilts. She sews all sorts of buttons and charms and trinkets on them to match things in the fabrics. I think she is nuts.

I am all for living on cheesesticks. And bagels. Pizza with extra cheese. Pumpkin pie. Apple crisp. And pretty much any kind of ice cream ever. sigh.

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