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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Baby Update, please pray for a miracle

Despite the fact that my hcg levels looked good on Tuesday, they did not see anything on the ultrasound today. She said that if my number is doubling as it should I would be at 2000 or 2600 today.  She said it could be three things:

1. twins from the same embryo (VERY rare): this would account for the normal/high hcg but being too small to see yet.

2. That there is a tubal pregnancy

3. That there was a uterine pregnancy but the 1300 is actually a number going down.

They did do more bloodwork today and she made me an appointment for tomorrow morning at 940 to get those bloodwork results and do another ultrasound and more bloodwork.   Only when we have more things to compare it to will we know for sure.  She said she's "nervous". 

I had to take Lil with me today and will have to take her tomorrow too.  Richard was not able to go today and is not able to go tomorrow. 

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