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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Project Lists

Here is the project list I made last month, and my updates so far...

I have a bunch of projects/tasks that I want to get done before New Year's this year, so I thought I would list them here, to remind me, to keep track and for accountability.

1. Sort Lil's "artwork drawer" and pick save pieces and chuck rest.
2. Purge file cabinet
3. Scan contents of wallets and important documents again Thanks, Irene, for pushing me on that
4. Sell Bjorn on craigslist Listed for 3 time 
5. Sell Avent bottles on craigslist Removed from list, as she's actually using them now
6. Catch up on reading magazines
7. Decide on party themes for both girls 2012
8. Decide 2012 living plan huh...wonder what I meant by this?
9. Plan 2012 travel
10. Put more towards retirement Have the money, now need to set up direct deposits for additional amounts
11. Lose baby weight...from Lil was going good, til stinkin irene, and house chaos
12. Order Bible curriculum Done, and using it, and loving it.
13. Do homeschool program with Lil at least 3 days a week 5 days a week so far, excluding irene evac days
14. Continue photo a day for at least 1 year.
15. Print Ellison's newborn photos Done! And put in frames tonight!
16. Re-do frames in house
17. Do silhouettes of both girls (possibly on silhouette machine?)
18. Figure out handprint project for this year
19. MORE videos of the girls Video'd Lil saying her A Bible verse and an "interview" and ellie babbling, but not crossing it off, because I want to remember to do more.
20. Start MOPS Kind of...went to one, but it was a little "spirited" for my tastes, planning to try another one next week right before I get on the plane.
21. Plan a STINKIN AWESOME vacation for 2013 Nope, and looks like it will need to be 2014, but we did plan a fun vacation for this November, with the girls to Florida!
22. Open Ellie's bank acct Done, and with $250 even.

I think we did kinda awesome so far.

And some longer term ones (by December 2012)
1. Learn photoshop
2. Learn how to use my silhouette machine
3. Teach Lil to tie her shoes
4. Lillian: know all letter sounds, write all letters on command
5. Have all stacey's old pics scanned into computer
6. Decide on school plan for Lillian
7. Ellison-no plug
8. Ellison-in real bed (possibly)
9. Lil in one extra curricular

Ellie's GI

Today I took Ellison to the GI specialist.  She asked a million questions and we were there for-ev-er.  But, she seemed really knowledgeable and I was over all impressed.  She upped the dosage and constitution of the medicine she was on, said we will try this dosage for a month and if its not improved, we will switch to another medication.  There is a third medication we can give in addition to either of these two, but that is three times a day and cannot be done at either of the same times as the two times a day now, so we would all like to avoid that.  We were able to have the medicine compounded at the hospital pharmacy and THANKFULLY for any refills, they will deliver them to our house, free of charge!

She wanted to more than double the cereal that is going in her bottles, but said the formula she is on should be the best for her.  She said we need to drop from 6oz at a time, down to 4oz.  And it should take no less than 20 mins to feed her that 4oz, so if we have to stop after 2 oz for a break, or burp after every oz, do so.  Then, she has to be upright for 30 mins (the same as we were doing).  Let me say, the 4oz over 20 mins really peeved off Miss Ellie today.

She ordered an abdominal ultrasound and that will be done tomorrow (Friday) afternoon at one of their satellite locations.  (Ellison had an upper GI and stomach x-ray done at the hospital at birth and this GI has those records).

She said she wants to see her back in a month to check her growth rate (weight is okay now, but she wants to make sure rate of gain is okay).  Our main goal is to stop the choking, the thru the nose bit and the fussiness/not sleeping.  The spit up, while annoying, isn't a concern if she's gaining weight and there's no blood/green involved, so if we can get the other things better, that's all we need to do.

She noticed and mentioned the Torticollis before I did and said she was very concerned about that.  Hopefully we can get therapy started for that and get that under control ASAP.
Ellison was diagnosed with Torticollis last week.  Basically that means that her head is tilted one way and she only turns it the opposite way.  Her head can be turned the other way, but she can't do it herself.  And she can't hold it up straight.  Obviously, this is a problem.  The solution is physical therapy-two to three times a week for up to a year.  Thankfully, it looks like we will be able to have the therapy done here at our house, which would be a HUGE help, as Richard will be gone a lot over the next year.  There is a SLIM chance that she would still need surgery at the end of this, but we're hoping the intensive therapy fixes it.

Monday, September 5, 2011

2011 Wish Lists

Edited most recently on November 30 with all the information I (Stacey) currently have, taking off things that I know people are getting.  Obviously, if you are looking at my list, you will have to check with Richard.

If you are reading this in your email...this is just a begining list, I will be constantly adding and editing it.  Before you buy something, please go to the blog and check the most recent list.

I do still have Amazon lists for each of us. Staceys, Lillians and Ellisons.  Richard always buys everything he ever wants, so good luck with that.

2011 Christmas Lists

Whole Family-
Regal Cinemas Gift Card
4-6 new pillows, regular size
Fake Christmas Tree
Red and White or just/mostly white ornaments
Four Red and White Stockings, preferably personalized

Gift cards for: itunes, Amazon and Southwest Airlines
Mercy by Jodi Piccoult in Paperback
Remote, Lens Hood and UV filter for my camera, Canon Rebel xsi (links on my amazon list)
iphone dock/speaker for the house (any one will work, with the below dock xtender)
DockXtender basic cable to connect phone to dock $15
Christmas Light Bulb Cookie Cutter $5
Food Markers $16
2 "Bento" Dinner Plates 9.5" square $5, 1 Rectangular platter $10 and 1 "Soup Bowl" 5.5" square $3 from cb2.com
Scattegories Game
G-Spout $5
Kitchen Aid Pouring Shield $12
Kitchen Aid FPPA Mixer Attachment Pack $118

itunes gift cards
Texas Roadhouse gift cards
Snacks for ship-Jerkey, Laffy Taffy, Powdered drink mix (indiv bottle size), Dunkin Donuts coffee, individual ketchup/bbq sauce packets, Easy Mac, Tide wash pellets, Monster drinks
He will need phone cards again, but we're not sure exactly what yet
Nano Habitat Set $20 and some Nano bugs
xbox 360 Kinect Bundle $300 (don't all run get it at once now)
Gift Card to Cheesecake Factory
Chevy Camaro SS with supercharge package, convertible (not to include Matchbox or Hot Wheels)

Money for her savings account
Rody Horse-Any color $40
VTech Sit to Stand Learning Walker $32
Leapfrog My Pal Violet $21
Two 12 month long sleeve dresses
Two 12 month short sleeve shirts-any kind
Two 12 month short sleeve shirts that go with cream leggings
12m Long Sleeve onesie in plain light pink-NOT turtleneck
1 pr short sleeve pjs 12m
Size 3 pampers diapers
Huggies Wipes
Savings bonds

Tag Reader (NOT Tag Jr.) $30ish
Balance bike $45
Toy Vaccuum $40
Dress up clothes size 6...not accessories, but she has outgrown most of her outfits
Doctor case $25
Tangrams $11 and pattern cards $5
One 5T long sleeve dress
Books, CDs and Movies that are on her Amazon wish list
itunes gift card
Savings bonds
Shoes-size 11, any style except white dress shoes and tennis shoes
5T sweatshirt hoodie (no zipper)
5T button up sweater-dk. pink, white
5T swimsuit in Purple/White or Teal/White
2 pair short sleeve PJs 5T-Loose arms and legs
2 pair jean shorts 5T
1pr 5T shorts, with a dark pink pattern (stripes, plaid, polka dots, flowers...)
2 long sleeve 5T shirts-any color/style
1 long sleeve 5T shirt-tunic style to go with dark pink leggings

2012 Christmas Lists

Twin Size Duvet Insert
Twin Bed

Twin Size Duvet Insert
Twin Size Mattress Set
Twin Bed