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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ellie's GI

Today I took Ellison to the GI specialist.  She asked a million questions and we were there for-ev-er.  But, she seemed really knowledgeable and I was over all impressed.  She upped the dosage and constitution of the medicine she was on, said we will try this dosage for a month and if its not improved, we will switch to another medication.  There is a third medication we can give in addition to either of these two, but that is three times a day and cannot be done at either of the same times as the two times a day now, so we would all like to avoid that.  We were able to have the medicine compounded at the hospital pharmacy and THANKFULLY for any refills, they will deliver them to our house, free of charge!

She wanted to more than double the cereal that is going in her bottles, but said the formula she is on should be the best for her.  She said we need to drop from 6oz at a time, down to 4oz.  And it should take no less than 20 mins to feed her that 4oz, so if we have to stop after 2 oz for a break, or burp after every oz, do so.  Then, she has to be upright for 30 mins (the same as we were doing).  Let me say, the 4oz over 20 mins really peeved off Miss Ellie today.

She ordered an abdominal ultrasound and that will be done tomorrow (Friday) afternoon at one of their satellite locations.  (Ellison had an upper GI and stomach x-ray done at the hospital at birth and this GI has those records).

She said she wants to see her back in a month to check her growth rate (weight is okay now, but she wants to make sure rate of gain is okay).  Our main goal is to stop the choking, the thru the nose bit and the fussiness/not sleeping.  The spit up, while annoying, isn't a concern if she's gaining weight and there's no blood/green involved, so if we can get the other things better, that's all we need to do.

She noticed and mentioned the Torticollis before I did and said she was very concerned about that.  Hopefully we can get therapy started for that and get that under control ASAP.

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