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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2011 Wish Lists-Updated January 31

2011 Christmas Lists

Whole Family-
Regal Cinemas Gift Card

Gift cards for: itunes, Amazon
2 "Bento" Dinner Plates 9.5" square $5, 1 Rectangular platter $10 and 1 "Soup Bowl" 5.5" square $3 from cb2.com
Kitchen Aid Pouring Shield $12
Kitchen Aid FPPA Mixer Attachment Pack $118

itunes gift cards
Texas Roadhouse gift cards
Snacks for ship-Jerkey, Laffy Taffy, Powdered drink mix (indiv bottle size), Dunkin Donuts coffee, individual ketchup/bbq sauce packets, Easy Mac, Tide wash pellets, Monster drinks
He will need phone cards again, but we're not sure exactly what yet, MONEY FOR THIS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED BY HIS WIFE :-)

Money for her savings account
Size 4 Pampers Diapers
Savings bonds

16inch bicycle with training wheels and a helmet.  No characters please.  She has requested a basket and a doll seat.
Books, CDs and Movies that are on her Amazon wish list
itunes gift card
Savings bonds

Monday, November 28, 2011

Richard is still in the Navy.
Richard is still in the Navy.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Ellison's 6 month

Ellison had her six month appointment today, at 11am on 11-11-11 :-)

She weighs 15lbs 4oz(45%), is 26inches tall (60%) and her head is 42.2cm (50%).

Her torticollis is looking better.  Her GI issues are the same, some improvement but still there.  She is sleeping approx 3hrs at a time, and eating bottles of 4oz at a time with 2tbsp cereal in it.  She has just started solids.

She is wearing size 2 shoes and is varied in her clothes.  Some 6m pants and dresses and 6-9 or 9m clothes.

Yesterday, on her six month "birthday" she started getting up on all fours, rocking back and forth.  It won't be long and she'll be cruising.  She is just now, finally, consistently rolling over.

She is still sleeping in the pack and play in our room, its just not worth moving her to her room, when she's still waking up so much at night.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tiny Prints...Big Impressions

I stumbled upon a blog campaign that I was dying to take part in.  Tiny Prints has been around for awhile but this year their big push is for their gorgeous holiday cards.

Seriously, they are gorgeous.  And there are tons of them.  TONS. As in 435.  And that is just the holiday cards.

They have all kinds of unique cards...square ones, circle ones with ribbon for hanging like ornaments and even ones that flip.

AND, they are giving me 50 free cards just to tell you about them.  So go, check them out.  And then tell me which one you think we should get for our Christmas cards this year.

I think my favorite is this one....

Or maybe this one...

But then again, this one is great too...

What do you do with your Christmas cards as they arrive at your house? After the holidays?  We tend to tape them around an open doorway in our house.  (Not our walls, who cares :-)   Lillian usually takes control of them after we take them off the wall.  Pretty sure she's still playing "tickets" with some of last years.

Aren't they amazing?!?!  Go here and look at them.  And, if you have a blog and want some free cards too, go here and fill out the form, by November 11 and send me an email that you did.