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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tiny Prints...Big Impressions

I stumbled upon a blog campaign that I was dying to take part in.  Tiny Prints has been around for awhile but this year their big push is for their gorgeous holiday cards.

Seriously, they are gorgeous.  And there are tons of them.  TONS. As in 435.  And that is just the holiday cards.

They have all kinds of unique cards...square ones, circle ones with ribbon for hanging like ornaments and even ones that flip.

AND, they are giving me 50 free cards just to tell you about them.  So go, check them out.  And then tell me which one you think we should get for our Christmas cards this year.

I think my favorite is this one....

Or maybe this one...

But then again, this one is great too...

What do you do with your Christmas cards as they arrive at your house? After the holidays?  We tend to tape them around an open doorway in our house.  (Not our walls, who cares :-)   Lillian usually takes control of them after we take them off the wall.  Pretty sure she's still playing "tickets" with some of last years.

Aren't they amazing?!?!  Go here and look at them.  And, if you have a blog and want some free cards too, go here and fill out the form, by November 11 and send me an email that you did.

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Becky said...

They all are very cool. I think I like your first choice most - with 3 photos, but the ornament style one is great too.

You know we use our Christmas cards after Christmas to put in a basket, pick one a day, and pray for that person/family. After that, if the front is suitable, I cut it off and use it for a tag for next Christmas' packages.


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