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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!!  We celebrated Christmas Eve with Richard's parents here.  Richard had duty so he was gone all day and will come home this morning (Christmas day) at 8am.  At this rate, I'll still be up...we're up waiting for a furnace repair man (1am and counting).  At about 11 we noticed the furnace wasn't working.  Did I mention it was a duty day?  Gotta love these d-day adventures.  And I thought I would escape the fate this time because I had company here.

This morning we went to Waffle House for breakfast and then went to Sam's and Wal-Mart and they filled our freezer and pantry!!!  Then we made a....um....lovely....gingerbread house, got dinner and watched Santa Clause and Miracle on 34th Street. 

Merry Christmas to all!!

I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.  Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; He is Christ the Lord.  Luke 2:10

Sunday, December 12, 2010

We are horridly sick over here.  Richard has been okay so far, but all day today he had duty, so we'll see tomorrow night when he gets home if he's still feeling okay.  Lillian has had a fever of 102-103 with alternating Tylenol and Motrin for three days now.  She saw the pedi Saturday morning and has an Upper Respiratory Infection and an Ear Infection.  She is on Ammoxicilian and cough syrup.  I am sure I also have the URI as I feel horrible also for two-three days now, today has been the worse day, so hopefully it will get better from here.  I of course, can't take anything.  I did start a fever today, so now we're both at 102. 

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A shameless plea

Okay, if someone wants to be my best friend for life, I really, really, REALLY REALLY want this Twin sized Duvet Cover from Pottery Barn for the baby.  I had seen it for Lil and Grandma Shipp got me the crib sheet that I asked for.  When she moved into her big bed, I WANTED the Duvet Cover but Pottery Barn didn't carry that line anymore, I stalked it on ebay and Dad Brill helped me get it over the phone one night while I was out. 

We are going to have the girls in the same room as soon as possible, and I already have the crib sheet that matches Lil's bedding, but I looked today and Pottery Barn IS CURRENTLY CARRYING the set again!!!  They have the matching Twin Duvet Cover!!! Which is great, because I first looked at ebay and they don't. 

Anywho, its stupid expensive, and I understand that (hence why its not on its way to me right this second), but with Lil we just got that Duvet cover and added our own blankets, pillows and sheets (from walmart/target :-) to help make the whole ensemble more affordable. 

Pretty please??!?!

We already have the name picked out so I can't offer to name her after you, but you'll be my best friend for life...and maybe be in a blog post later...........THANKS GRANDMA SHIPP for the Crib sheet that I still LOVE so much, and THANKS DAD BRILL for helping me stalk and purchase the Twin Duvet. 

See, isn't it still gorgeous?

PS-And would someone tell R to decide already if he wants another one after this or not, so I know if we should just go ahead and get two more instead of one? :-D 


(I have also added it to baby's wishlist here, for easy ordering, or incase 12 people want to rush and order one today :-D, you can see that one has already been ordered.)

Friday, December 3, 2010

We got an official (although secret) schedule for Richard for the next two years.  In the next year he will be gone 236 days/overnights, in addition to regular working hours on the times he is here.  This does not include any deployment time, that will come after this. 

As of right now, he is scheduled to miss:
His birthday
The birth of the baby- Yeah, AWESOME right?
Our anniversary
Lil's birthday
My birthday
His birthday
Baby's first birthday....possibly
Our next anniversary
Possibly Christmas


I'm now taking reservations for guests/child help/insanity prventers.  Seriously..... Lets say, I need at least one visitor a month from April 2011 to December 2012. 


Monday, November 29, 2010

15 week 4 day Ultrasound

Just a little wave to say hello world.

Head on left side, facing you, with left hand touching his head.

Arms crossed on chest, lower legs next to each other.

Baby GIRL weighs a whopping 4 ounces now.

Friday, November 26, 2010


We are beyond thrilled that Lillian is going to have a sister!  We have been busily going through our tubs and totes of stuff we had saved from Lil.  Thankfully, we have more than enough of most things and I am even able to share a few trash bags full of stuff with friends and family!!

We have come up with just a short list of about 5-6 clothing items we need to purchase as well as some things that are just better new...a couple new blankets, bibs, pacifiers, etc.

Several people have asked about a registry.  We have decided not to "register" this time, as there really isn't a lot we need.  However, there are a couple things we've noticed we need as well as some things that it would just be nice to have "new" for a new baby.  So, in lieu of registering, we are just making a "wishlist" at Amazon.

Amazon's wishlist is "universal"; this means that you will be able to go there, and see anything from Amazon that we want as well as anything from any other site.  And you will be able to mark on there that you have purchased it, so others do not.  The wishlist is located here: http://amzn.com/w/33G6CTJUIAEK0 .    

Richard had duty today so Lil and I spent the day here, going through the stuff for the new baby.  We've hung up super tiny dresses and sweaters, sorted and put away microscopic headbands, socks, hats and shoes.  We've filled her dresser with onesies, pj's, pants and shirts.  All the baby toys, bottles, towels, etc are all set.  Lillian was so excited to go through the stuff and was trying to be a big helper.  She is ready for the baby TOMORROW.  As am I...if she was fully cooked.

Until then, we are going to have a full house at Christmas.  Richard's parents are coming Christmas Eve and his sister, her boys and his brother are all coming a couple days later.  We wanted to get all the baby stuff sorted and put away since the guest room is also the baby's room and I didn't think they'd want to sleep on top of tubs.  Thankfully, we were able to clean out closets a couple weeks ago and came up with a totally empty dresser and changing table so we had lots of room to put the stuff away tonight.

Tomorrow, when Richard gets home, we are going to put up our Christmas decorations.  And he has even said we can put up the hanging glass globes from our wedding.  I am so excited!  They haven't been out of the box since our wedding, for fear of breakage and not a good place to put them. 

I am in need of the tiny dress hangers that also hang the diaper cover.  I had a bunch with Lil, just from buying stuff but they apparently all got trashed.
I have miraculously found the illusive white purse.  She is in love with it.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We found out on Wednesday that Lillian is going to have a little sister!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


I updated Lillian's wishlist with some things she's said she wants and some things we've noticed she needs.

And I actually sat down with Richard and made him update his list.  

Monday, November 8, 2010

Saw the Dr. today.  Am 13w3d. 

Said I can stop taking Prometrium.  WHOHOOOOOO!  So sick of that 3x a day.

Said will do c-section 1.5 weeks early, if I get that far, will probably schedule that in late Feb/early March. 

Said they are not removing "modified bedrest" restrictions, because of my history with Lil and baby loss.  Said they want to keep it how it is, not to cause any problems, and to be safe rather than sorry.  (Don't know that I agree with this.)

Will see them again in 3 weeks, no us at that appt.

Tried to find HB via doppler.  Couldn't.  Did a quick (and by quick, I mean about 30 seconds) US himself, to see that baby was there, moving and had a HB.  It was, it was and it did.

I asked about my horrible, neverending, daily headaches.  I've already made sure I'm hydrated and drinking one caffeine drink a day.  Tylenol and Tylenol Sinus do nothing.  They suggested to use the vaporizer at night and saline spray for a week.  He also is going to make me an appt with a neurologist. 

I asked about an us and he said the next one will be "at or after 20 weeks".  I said that was my problem because I turn 20 weeks on Christmas Day and they are not open from Christmas Eve until the day after New Years Day.  I am leaving the day before New Year's Eve to go to Michigan for three weeks.  Therefore, I wouldn't be able to have an US until 24 weeks/end of January.  My last US was at 9weeks and I'm just not willing to wait that long, with the history with Lil and the miscarriage, I just need that for peace of mind, and I really would like to find out the gender before then.  They said I can do an "optional" US there, but would have to pay out of pocket. 

They charge between $200-500 for them.  I talked to the billing lady and she said she is understanding of my situation and she will try to help out, but if the doc codes it medically un-necessary, as he has right now, then tricare will not cover it and I will have to pay.  She said it will be the $200 rather than the $500 since the full/big US would still be at 20weeks.  But that I would have to pay $200 up front and IF tricare covers it, then they would reimburse me.  They can and have scheduled me for one in early Dec.

I also have the option of going to get a 3D one done.  It will be $80 no matter what (no option of tricare covering it).  The earliest they can do is a couple weeks later than the OB can..

I don't know what to do.  Obviously, if we had $200, I would do that in a heartbeat, if I knew tricare would cover it, I would do that in a heartbeat.  I hate the thought of having to for sure pay $80 and also (even though its silly) even waiting a couple weeks is hard if I can know in early Dec.  I just want a full US, where we see the baby is okay, moving, has a good heartrate, legs/arms, etc.  Gender would be awesome.  I am NOT willing to wait until the end of Jan.  I just cannot/willnot go 13 weeks between USs with my history and wont' worry all the way through the holidays unnecessarily.  We are dirt broke though, so I want the cheapest option.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"Mommy, Jesus told Zacheaus and me that we need to go to chicken-a (chick-fil-a)". We did. What do you want to drink? "Large Diet Coke with no ice." Um, no. "But Jesus said Mommy."
 When a cashier rudely insists on having my phone number, I have the habit of changing the last digit. Well today, I looked like an idiot, when Lillian corrected me. Why did I think it was a good idea for her to know our phone number??
 "I bit my teeth with my tongue.  Kiss it."

Monday, November 1, 2010

What Lillian wants

I have Lillian's wish list up but wanted to mention two things that she has repeatedly said she wants:

The Beads from Target...http://www.target.com/B-Pop-Arty-Funky-Pop-Beads/dp/B002YIRKKY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&searchView=grid5&keywords=b%20pop%20beads&fromGsearch=true&sr=1-1&qid=1283369902&rh=&searchRank=target104545&id=B%20Pop-Arty%20Funky%20Pop%20Beads&node=1038576|1287991011&searchSize=30&searchPage=1&searchNodeID=1038576|1287991011&searchBinNameList=subjectbin%2Cprice%2Ctarget_com_primary_color-bin%2Ctarget_com_size-bin%2Ctarget_com_brand-bin&frombrowse=0


A baby.  I don't have a specific link or one in mind, although I do have some restrictions.  It must not speak, cry, poop, pee, move, eat, etc.  She has two little babies now, super cheap ones that are falling apart.  She does not want any doll, it must be a baby.  She has a blanket, a bed, a carseat and a stroller, so all she really needs is a nice baby.  She has said she wants the Bitty Twins from American Girl, but if you're willing to buy her those, just send me the $100 and I'll get her a doll and keep the extra :-)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Lillian's favorite sayings

It's not naptime yet.

Turn the bathroom light on please.

Clock-late. (Chocolate)

I miss you so much.

I love you so much.

I want to go to the boat.

Trick or Treat

I wanna cluddle. (cuddle)

Do you know the muffin man?

Is it birthday cake time?

Can we do the puzzle game? (no clue what game this is)

Come have fun with me.  (When she wants us to come play with her.)

Daddy's home! (anytime someone comes to the door)

I wanna take a shower (anytime we tell her its bath time)

I wanna take a bath (anytime we tell her its shower time)

I'm turl-irl-ing (twirling).

Favorite color: Blue
Favorite song: ABCs or The Muffin Man
Favorite food: Yogurt
Favorite show: Dora
Favorite clothes: NO socks, tutu, anything with polka dots
Favorite toy: Any stuffed puppy or doll

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Comparison: Lillian US 12 weeks

I went looking through Lillian's pregnancy stuff and found this amazing picture of her and the hematoma.  She really is quite the miracle child.

Obviously, you can see Lil.  That big white thing hanging down is the hematoma.  That whole area is supposed to be black, and room for her to move.  And this was 12 weeks, it got bigger from here.

Also, interesting thing I forgot about:
We found out we were pregnant with Lillian on Father's Day.
I first felt Lillian move on Labor Day.
We found out Lillian was a girl on September 11.
We fount out we were pregnant with this one on Labor Day.

9 week Ultrasound Pics

Friday, October 22, 2010

Baby names

Comments have been severely lacking lately.  Just need to make sure anyone is still reading....or I quit.

This is the first (and quite possibly only) time I'm going to talk about names on here, so make it good.

This is the (long version of the) name list we are considering.  Please pick your favorite two for each gender and reply/comment.

Zaila Rae/Mae



Tuesday, October 19, 2010


For those of you that get my posts in an email or reader rather than going to the blog, here are our current Wishlists, updated just recently.  I will keep them updated as much as possible, so anytime you click on the link, each list should be the most current.

Lillian's Wish List

Richard's Wish List

Stacey's Wish List

New Baby Wish List

Monday, October 18, 2010

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Okay, its time for some non-baby catch up:

-Our anniversary was Thursday.  It rained, Lil was sick and our chest freezer died.  But it was a great day. We decided not to do anything because we're low on funds, but I made R some dessert and wrote in our notebook (what we do instead of cards).  And he TOTALLY surprised me with a new ring.  Its FABULOUS!! Huge and sparkly and huge!

-We did get a free babysitting offer, which we are never going to turn down, so we are going to go walk the oceanfront tomorrow night and maybe get ice cream.

-We started our famous "handprint project" tonight and I'm having so much fun this year, now that Lil is able to really do most of it herself.  I can't wait to give them out.  This is actually the second Christmas present she has made almost totally on her own and she's loving every minute of it.  She's a crafter that's for sure. 

-We had a (new) SS class party today.  It was just in a backyard with a potluck subs/hotdogs meal and games for the kids.  Lil had the opportunity to try to eat a donut from a hanging rope without using her hands.  They also did ring toss, pin the nose on the pumpkin, dug through hay for prizes and played on the HUGE pirate ship house/fort/slide/thingy they had in their backyard.  She had a blast.

-I'm bummed that no one is coming here for Thanksgiving and we have no plans with anyone here in the area.  Actually, we have no plans whatsoever for the whole month of November.  R will be back in the yards meaning LONGGGGG hours and lots of duty so it seems like its going to be a long, slow month.

-Lillians new thing is that she wants us to "keep her safe".  And by us, I mean R.  That's super fun on duty nights.

-I'm seriously underwhelmed with the new TV shows on this fall.  And in my condition, TV is very important.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Need a job

I sent this (or a version of this) email out to several people on my email list.  We're SUPER tight financially right now, and need to add something to our income to make ends meet.  Just putting this out here too, in case anyone knows of anything.  I do mean anything at this point.

 I wanted to write and let you know that I'm looking for a job, long-term or temporary, that I can do from home.  I'm most interested in clerical/research work that I can do at anytime of the day.  I was hoping when I got a clear report from the ob, that he would clear me from bedrest, and I'd be able to look for a seasonal retail job, but he did not. 

I lost my babysitting job in May and Richard just got an unexpected paycut so we're REALLY tight right now and I'm just trying to find any way I can help.  I've looked into some national companies, but most have specific day/hour requirements (Monday from 12-2, etc) or require a Bachelor's (I only have an associates).

I'd really rather work for individuals or small businesses that just need some extra help.  I've of course, had several years of office experience as well as my Associates from Faith in Office Management.  Even if someone has a one time thing they need help with, I'd love to help.  At this point, I'd be more than willing to do random things like organizing paperwork, scanning documents/photos, or taking paper information and inputting it into the computer.  I'm pretty much open for anything at this point.

Anywho, I'm just trying to spread the word, because I would really rather work for a person/company directly, rather than some random internet company.  If you come across anyone that might need some extra help, please let me know.


October 12 Ultrasound

Dr. Kemp agrees that all looks good. Baby is measuring right on for due date, and heart rate was 172, which is good. Said the hematoma is ALL gone and we have a NORMAL, HEALTHY baby at this point. Something I've never had so far. Whee!!!!

Although, he doesn't need to see me for a month and doesn't even want to do an ultrasound then. I have gotten quite used to my regular ultrasounds and I'm already plotting, hoping to get one around week 15 at least. Trying not to stress though. Its just so odd for me to have a "normal" pregnancy.

Although he also didn't lift any of my restrictions. Boo. He did say I could quit my folic acid, but added Vitamin D, so I'm not down any pills per day. I have to keep doing the prometrium until 13 weeks.

Friday, October 1, 2010

There's a poll on the right side of the blog (if you're getting this in an email, you have to actually go to the blog website).  Go fill it out :-)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September 29 Ultrasound.

I had an ultrasound at my regular ob's office today.  I am 7 weeks 4 days-due May 14.  There is only one baby and it has a heartbeat!  It is measuring 3 days small, but they don't adjust my date unless it is 6 days or more different.  The heartbeat is measuring 140 which they said was "good".  I did get a printout (first one) so Richard can see that when he gets home tomorrow. 

However, there is a subchorionic hematoma.  I had the same thing with Lillian and it is what caused the doctor to say he was worried if she would make it or not and caused me to be on eternal bedrest.  They did say this one was small.  Which is good, but also expected this early.  It could get bigger (or not), it might re-absorb (or not), it might make me bleed (or not) and I might have it the whole pregnancy (or not).  There's nothing they can do for it.  So we are just on watch mode, once again.  I have an US tomorrow at the specialist and then another US with the ob in two weeks. 

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I am never making an I Spy quilt again.  Ever.  Seriously.  There is no one on Earth, or yet to come to Earth, that I love enough to do this again.  I am almost done. I think. Although everything has been a huge mess so far so who knows.

I'm still feeling positively horrible, with no energy whatsoever and starving but with everything but skittles having a horrible aftertaste.  So I'm assuming that's all good.  But we won't know for sure again until Wednesday.  I have an US on Wednesday and Thursday this week.  We'd really like confirmation (finally) if this is one or two babies.  And also a printout of the US.

We had Lil's Christmas pictures taken.  Twice because she was a punk the first time.  We were going to wait (obviously) but ended up getting a great coupon and got 9 sheets of photos for $18 total when they're normally $18 a sheet.  She looks like she's four.  And her dress is safety pinned in the back because its her Christmas dress and still too big.  Grow baby girl, you've got approx 90 days.

I would like nothing but cheesesticks, baked potatoes with cheese and butter, cold chocolate cake and skittles for the next year.  And no, its not because I'm pregnant.  Its just my inner fat girl speaking her wishes.

There is a white star balloon floating on the ceiling in the dining room.  It is one of the balloons a friend got for the day R came home from deployment.  Yes, its still floating.  Amazingly.

And I'd like to report that the new couch and pillows are a GINORMOUS improvement over that blue suede love seat thingy as far as lounging goes.

I think that's all as far as my brain dump goes.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Monday, 9/21 Update

Saw the dr. yesterday.  Feeling lazy so you get bullets:

-hcg from last Tuesday was 19,000
-back to nurse doing US rather than dr.
-saw sac
-saw heartbeat
-not big enough to measure heartrate
-one measurement said 6w5d, one measurement said 6w0d, i was actually 6w2d
-did another hormone level blood check
-said as of Tuesday's results he doesn't want to change any med levels
-will call if he wants to after today
-said will measure heart rate at next appt
-next appt is next Thursday
-put me on restriction, no exercise other than walking, no lifting more than 10lbs, sitting/laying 15 hours of every 24
-I see my regular ob tomorrow
-talking to her/him (whichever I see) about seeing them exclusively from now on
-if so, the specialist would finally refund the $250 in overpayment they've collected from me and are holding hostage

All seems well, but still, trying not to get hopeful or excited until we get farther a long.  A heartbeat is a good sign, but we're not out of the woods yet.

Friday, September 17, 2010


I am making (amongst other things) an I Spy Quilt for Lillian for Christmas.  And by "I am making" I mean I would like to hire someone to sew for me.  And iron.  And bind.  Definintly bind.  And quilt, I suck at that.  But I've picked out the fabric and designed the layout for you....   Any takers?

On that note, I would also like to hire a cook.  And a maid.  R does really good at the dishes and will fold the laundry if he trips over the basket enough.  He's a good chauffeur during those 4 hours that he's home each day that we're awake, but unfortunately my errands don't often coincide with that.  So therefore, I'd like to go ahead and hire a chauffeur also. 

I am thinking its a really good thing that every joint in my body hurts as well as several peticularly placed muscles and I have no desire to do anything but eat everything in sight, but sheesh, I'd like someone to take care of the rest of our lives for me. 


PS-Must take Food Stamps or Good Will as sole payment

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday, 9/14 update

UGH.  This uncertainty is killing me!  He put in for a pregnancy pack of bloodwork on Friday but that doesn't include HCG.  So, I know Tuesdays numbers and Thursdays, but I don't have any from Friday. 

He saw the sac right away, and I couldn't tell if he was looking to see WHAT he saw or IF he saw anything.  Thankfully, Richard was there with me and he was looking too and pretty soon, he (Richard) asked "is that the heartbeat?"  Doc said yeah.  But then he was trying to get a good enough pic that he could measure it and he couldn't get it again.  So he said at the end that he wasn't going to call it a heartbeat for sure yet because he couldn't get it again.  But that is okay for age-wise.  He did measure the sac and it is bigger than Friday, so that's good.  I asked if they did dating from the ultrasound this early and he said no, they do dating from the fetal pole, which isn't viewable yet. 

They did more bloodwork-I made sure they included HCG this time and I go back next Monday for another US.  I hate feeling so "in limbo".  I was really hoping to have a good outlook on it, either way, after todays but I think not having a HCG from Friday and/or not being able to define the heartbeat make me still feel on edge. 

All in all, I'm taking the fact that the sac is growing, I'm still having pregnancy symptoms and no bleeding or cramping as good signs, and trying to just take it easy and not worry....much.

Friday, September 10, 2010


The doctor did the ultrasound today, and he did not have the bloodwork results from yesterday yet.  He did not see anything in my uterus, did some other measurements and such and then went back again and said he thought he might see something.  He called in the girl who did my US yesterday and she said yes, that is different than yesterday, she does think that is the baby...in the uterus....where it is supposed to be.  Dr. still thinks it should be bigger for where my hormone levels should be.  He said based on my Tuesday numbers, todays numbers should be 3000 and if so, spot should be bigger.  But that for now, it looked okay, we would do bloodwork today to check those numbers and set me up next week for another US and more bloodwork.

I told him I wanted to know the numbers from yesterday and he said he did too and send the nurse looking.  Well, yesterdays numbers were 3000!  What he was thinking today's would be, so that is good.  Although high numbers and a small spot don't add up, but for right now, I'm banking on the high numbers.

I go in again on Tuesday for another ultrasound and more bloodwork.  I am assuming I will not hear about todays numbers until then.

Still nervous.  But more optimistic than yesterday.  Scrapping our Saturday plans for Busch Gardens in favor of laying around and keeping our chances as good as possible.  Keep praying for a miracle. 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Baby Update, please pray for a miracle

Despite the fact that my hcg levels looked good on Tuesday, they did not see anything on the ultrasound today. She said that if my number is doubling as it should I would be at 2000 or 2600 today.  She said it could be three things:

1. twins from the same embryo (VERY rare): this would account for the normal/high hcg but being too small to see yet.

2. That there is a tubal pregnancy

3. That there was a uterine pregnancy but the 1300 is actually a number going down.

They did do more bloodwork today and she made me an appointment for tomorrow morning at 940 to get those bloodwork results and do another ultrasound and more bloodwork.   Only when we have more things to compare it to will we know for sure.  She said she's "nervous". 

I had to take Lil with me today and will have to take her tomorrow too.  Richard was not able to go today and is not able to go tomorrow. 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Finally got thru the Nazi office to the good nurse this afternoon.  My hcg level (at the time of bloodwork yesterday) is 1300.  They are starting me on Prometrium Progesterone 3x a day and have me set up for an ultrasound tomorrow afternoon at 2:40.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'm pregnant.  Due May 14. 

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Earl brought us just some mild wind and very light rain-that's all.  Glad I didn't pack anything up or evacuate.

R was able to come home on Thursday, about 3pm but did have to go back in some on Friday (supposed to be a day off for the holiday weekend) but that was all.  On Wednesday of this week they move the ship to the yards.  We're not sure if they will pull out of the yards for hurricanes or not, but other than that, they will not pull out of the yards.  Right now their working hours for the yards are 7-4 and it will take him about an hour to an hour and a half to get there because of traffic.  We're still hoping they adjust the working hours a bit so the commute times are at peak tunnel traffic times.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Keep praying

They're still not sure if Earl is going to hit us or not, we are currently under a Hurricane Watch.  Still no word on when/if R is coming home this week.

In other news, I just found out that my only good friend left here, Lindsey M., is moving, in September.  And her kids, Warren and Eden, are Lil's favorite (and only) friends left.  It will be a HUGE adjustment for all of us.  They are currently on vacation, forced to stay away longer because of Earl and Lil has asked about them 6-8 times a day. 

I have been trying to join different groups at church, trying to talk to the other mom's at preschool and trying to do the (pathetic) library kids group for about 5 months now, but no new friends yet.  Please pray we find a stay at home mom (or many) that we can be good friends with.  Huge bonus points if R gets along with the guy. 

Friday, August 27, 2010

Please pray

Richard was supposed to leave on Monday to go underway (Navy speak for gone, on the boat) for four days.  He found out this morning that it might start Sunday now and it might go for up to two weeks.  This is because if a hurricane is near, they must take the ship out.  Apparently there are a couple active ones headed our way.  IF they are gone the full two weeks he will miss my second scheduled hand surgery date (it has already been rescheduled once because he is going to be gone this Monday).  If he is not here, I cannot have surgery because he has to be there with me.  Pray it all works out that he will not be gone for long and will return before Monday, September 13th.

Also, we are really tight financially right now.  I lost my job and R got a pay cut (not because of actions, just how it works out).  Total, we are now making 1/3 less in take home pay from January to now.  We are trying to make adjustments in many areas to cover for this.  I am also looking for a job that I can do from home for 20-40 hours a week or outside of the house two mornings a week (while Lil is at preschool).  Please pray I find something soon.

We are also trying to decide if we will be doing any travel at Christmas time this year.  We both want to, but it would be so much better time wise, financially, etc if we don't.  Pray that we figure that out, make the right decision, and are okay with it. 

And Shipp's:  Please move "Chicago" to Virginia Beach this year.  That is most heartbreaking of all to me to think about missing. 

Monday, August 2, 2010

Homecoming stuff

Video about the ship coming in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1z-cBBRk9P4

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

I spent nearly three weeks in MI and brought my 13 year old cousin Katie back to VA with me for almost a week.  She will be flying home on Tuesday and then, shortly after that, Richard will be home!!! 

It is about time!  Things are crazy around here, trying to re-open the house, unpack, clean, prepare for his arrival and deal with medical issues. 

I have been having problems with my wrist for 2 months or so now and finally saw a dr. in Michigan.  He said it is a Ganglion Cyst and to wear a wrap and a brace on it all the time and make a follow up appointment here.  He said the main fix is surgery, but that this has to be done first, insurance wise.  It is a huge pain to wear this all the time, and is literally a huge pain.  But on the good side, at least now my whole arm hurts, rather than just one part.  :-)

We also have to make some decisions about what/if we are going to do any more medically for me, in relation to the babies we have lost. I have been going through lots of diagnostic testing and we have a bit more to do once R arrives home.  But from there on out, we have some choices as to different things we could do or not do and we would appreciate prayer for that decision, and peace with the outcome.  

Lillian has been having some pain and some drainage in her ear and just tonight came down with another horrible diaper rash.  She is complaining that everything hurts, which she hasn't done before.  I spoke with the nurse today and we are going to try to get her into their special appointments tomorrow morning (Sat.) and if not, they will give us a referral so we can go to the Urgent Care Clinic.  Although, she woke up tonight, and cried for about an hour about how it hurt, so if that happens again, I'll take her into ER.

Please pray that we are able to find something that I can do, here at home, to supplement our income.  We don't need a ton extra, but some is necessary.  With my doctor appointments and child care costs, it is only feasible if it is something here at home.  I have been looking casually for awhile but am now starting to look harder, now that we are getting closer to being done with summer travel. 

We are also trying to sell our loveseat, chair and ottoman set to make room for a couch.  FINALLY! A full size couch, would be awesome.  Please pray the set sells, and quickly. 

Also, the homecoming is quickly approaching, and although I can't say much at all, please know that the details surrounding the homecoming are very poorly planned and that day itself will be a horrible nightmare until we get back home here.  Please be praying that everything goes smoothly, quickly and that we get at least a little relief from the constant over 100 degree temperatures we've been having. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Photo of the Ike taken July 11

Click on the picture to see the full size version.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Please pray.

Please pray right now.  Very hard.  Both of our computers have come down with a horrible virus.  My laptop didn't have much on it (because it did this three months ago and I lost everything) and I can still kind of use the internet and have emailed myself some of my documents.  Please pray that my checkbook and medical bill files have not been corrupted.  As well as the photos from February to now.

Richard's desktop will not even turn on, it is requesting the boot disk and will not even shut off without it.  I had to force a shutdown by holding in the power button. 

I have lost access to my packing list and am now completely lost. 

I had my biopsy this morning and am still in pain. 

This just seems like the last straw.  I'm pretty worked up about it all.  And not looking forward to having to tell R, try to figure out how to get both of these fixed and already worried about all the stuff we will lose on R's computer if we can't retrieve it.  All of our music and tons of photos are on there. 

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Richard Update June 26

For those of you who know what's going on with Iran and the movement of ships (if not, google it), will understand why I was so THRILLED to get this email this morning.

Well, had a first this cruise. I got to watch the other carrier pass by us. Got some pics of it, very cool site.

I replied, "It passed you?"  The reply: "Yes."

WHEEEEEEE!!!  This might actually be the for real return date!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Just got an email about the Disney Store website that has the three talking Toy Story dolls Lillian wants for $15 each!  $10 cheaper than the ones on sale at Target this week.  BUT the sale ends today (Thursday June 24, 2010).  I can get free shipping.  I'm going to order her two tee shirts that are $4.99 each.  Does anyone want to chip in to get her one (or more) of these dolls?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Toy Story 3

Ashley and I took Lillian to see her first movie at a theater.  It was Toy Story 3 and aside from a slight puking incident, she did awesome.  She LOVED it!

As a side note to that, she is DESPERATELY wanting the talking Buzz, Woody and Jessie dolls.  They are normally $35 and are on sale this week at Target for $25.  If anyone wants to get any one of these three for her, she would LOVE it.  I almost picked up all three today, but obviously that would be a buzz kill to my budget for this period. 

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Richard has said that we should stop sending mail.  This includes packages and letters.

Monday, June 14, 2010

I got the results back from the spinal tap today.  I did have some positive indicators for MS.  But the numbers have to be at a certain level to actually qualify as "MS Positive" and mine are not quite that high.  The dr. said that I "have MS, but don't HAVE MS."  Yeah, figure that one out.  I have an appointment with them for next week to see what he wants me to do from here. 

In the meantime, I have still been having pretty severe wrist pain and an occasional bump under the skin.  Not sure what that's all about.  Seems to be now that it happens really badly about once a week and lasts for two or three days. 

I am still seeing the specialist once, sometimes twice a week.  They have found some small imbalances that we are correcting with vitamins and medicine and I have a biopsy scheduled for the last week of June.  That should be the last diagnostic test I have to have. 

I'm sick of dr. appts. 

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Well Dr. Kelly called today, which TOTALLY freaked me out since it was Saturday, but she said that the diabetes test was NEGATIVE!!  And all the other tests she ran came back at normal levels!

Which are both great things. Except, we are again back at square 1.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Health Update

Lillian went to the dr. today.  We saw the lady I like best again. 

She said:
MRSA looks good
Left tube is still in, right one is almost out or out (Thank you! Now I will skip the ENT appt this month and make one for next month)
She is concerned about hte drinking excessively and the random vomiting most. 
She started her on Claritin once a night to help with the stuffyness.
She started her on Zyrtec twice a day for refulx to see if that stops the vomiting and helps her want to eat more.  (Reflux is what they tested her for when she was tiny and spitting up so much)
She sent her for bloodwork.  It included the A1C test for diabetes and a bunch of other tests and levels.  I'm hoping we know by Monday.

Went to CHKD to get the bloodwork done because she said that would be the easiest for Lil.  WHOA BOY.  If that was easy, I'd hate to see what hard was.  It took me and three nurses to hold her while hte other one actually did it.  And when he did it, she screamed so loudly that a nurse and a doctor flew into the room.  Afterwards she was just screaming for her Blankie (which I forgot) and Daddy.  She wanted nothing to do with me, but was literally hyperventillating from crying so hard and was just clinging to me.  We had to sit in the waiting room for about 15 minutes before she could calm down enough for me to take her out to the car.  She bent her arm over the bandaid immediately and honestly didn't unbend that arm for about four hours.  I got her a donut (she's been asking for one for days, oddly enough) on the way home, pink frosting with "sparkles".  I had to bribe her with candy and still hold her arm to take the bandaid off.  It is a little bruised already, hoping its not too bad tomorrow. 

I also had a dr. appt today.  They are wondering if I have MS and wanted to do a test.  The test is a Spinal Tap.  That was AWESOMELY FUN to do.  Let's check another thing off the list of "Things you should never have to do alone".  Whee!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

RIchard Update June 2

Yay rough waters comin! A big storm is going to hit and crash into one of the countries over here it looks. Watch the news about it :D I’m hoping that we get to help for a humanitarian award. We’re having to tie thigns down because we’re rockin so much, its awesome

So, the storm is actually a cyclone, or back home it would be called a hurricane. 300 miles away from us heading towards us. 9 ft waves right now, will probably get up to 15 overnight and then the next day 18 to 20ft probably. We’re really rockin :D

Monday, May 31, 2010

Richard update May 31

 I really wish I had help out here to get things done. The 2nd on nights leaves things for me to do and Chief has no problem with that because he would rather me do it anyway cause I get things done and done right. Then the 1st class that’s in the shop now is a complete tool and everyone else sees it also. They basically told me I’m the LPO of the shop because I’m always doing whatever comes up and answering the questions n such. Hopefully he wont be in the shop much longer, we’ll see. 

And then then other 2nd that is on my shift who was moved from upstairs to learn CASS and help out is a nice guy but a retard literally. He was working on a circuit card today and he just wanted to order what the bench calls out which has already been ordered twice now. Told him t go through the schematics and TPI to see where the signals were comin from, where they are going, and what the signal is to actually troubleshoot the gear to fix it. He’s looking at me completely lost so I print out the schematics for him and hand them to him. He asks what they are n so I told him and explained to him to find the path its taking, the parts we already replaced and what else it might be. He just looks at me n says he doesn’t know how to read them. Like, hello, this is back to the basics, what you learn for you job. How have you been in for 13 years and not know what a freakin schematics diagram is and how to understand it?? 

I’m working with imbeciles up here and the ones lower rank then me I’m basically in charge of a kindercare. I have 2 good techs on days who know what is going on and do about 80% of the work around here. Phone keeps ringin and when I’m not in the shop people can’t seem to function. Its very annoying. Then when I have to deal with people from supply they wont listen or work with the guys who are lower rank because they have somthin stuck up their butt and then my guys get an attitude and are basically band from going anywhere to deal with people so that also leaves me runnin back n forth to get things fixed.

That’s why I don’t write very many emails or they are short and spaced out because when I am at the computer I have 4 dif piles of crap going on. It’s just getting retarded. I’ll be glad when cruise is done and things wont be like this. I’ll just be busy in another sense rather then the kindercare up here. It’s just amazing how on my other cruises there was more people per shift then days and nights combined. And now I have to run down to PC tog ive them an update on whats going on. Then when I get back I’ll probably have to give the same update to my 1st class who’se been in the back sleeping. Fun times. I’ll try and email some more when I get back. I love you

It’s fine. Just a lot of ironic situations. The 1st class tells me to delegate so I’m not so overwhelmed but most of the thigns I do I actually have to do. Some of it is because the people just don’t know and they do need to be trained yes, but I don’t have time out here to sit down with them and train them like I did in Norfolk. It was great there because having the time to train them I got to watch them do the work and help when needed and have them become better at their job. Out here tho it seems I got a lot of the leftovers. Part of the reason this shop has a bad rep

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pray for Lillian

Please pray for Lillian.  She has had a really rough past two days.  Its late and I haven't gotten much sleep, so I'm doing a bullet list.  She's been doing/having:

No fever
Sweating badly anytime she lays down
no cough
Saying her nose hurts everytime she wakes up
Taking Claritin once a day
Not eating almost any food
Threw up once each day, randomly
Overall, fussy and moments of lethargy
Drinking 12-16 cups of fluid a day
Sleeping long hours total, but waking up anywhere from every 15 mins to 1 hour
Wakes up crying with tears, moaning, saying "owie", curled up, then stretching out, back and forth

I've asked body part by part what hurts and she wont' say yes to anything.  But she's clearly in pain.  Tonight she's had Claritin, saline nose spray, tylenol, teething tables and gas med.  Really debating about taking her in tonight even.  But I'm trying to wait until the morning so she can see her regular doctor. 

Total today she has had: 1 cracker, 2 bites of a piece of cheese, 1 bite of roll, 1 piece of pasta, 1 scrambled egg and 15 cups of liquid.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

24 hour Diabetic test

They said the 24 test was negative also....BUT that it was a contaminated sample (Imagine THAT from a 2 year old).  They said we don't have to re-test immediately unless any symptoms worsen drastically, but if so, to take her right in.  If not, we do the test again in 2 weeks and hope for uncontaminated, negative results.

Monday, May 24, 2010


As some of you are aware, we were told on Friday that Lillian's pediatrician was fairly certain she had Type 1 Diabetes.  There are 8 typical symptoms and Lillian has 6 of them. They tried to do urine testing on Friday and Lillian was not cooperating.

We did testing this morning and the initial reports came back NEGATIVE!!!!  However, they do re-test in 24 hours, 2 weeks and 4 weeks.  And if those are negative, then we go back to the drawing board as to what is causing all of these other issues.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Richard Update May 20

The CPI event is finished for the most part. Yesterday I had to help them with finishing some things. They are tieing up all the unfinished ends to send off to CNAF to be reviewed. So we gave our brief here, but now they have to mail everything off to be reviewed by another board, so they have to get all the other stuff finished. But I shouldn’t have to do much for that at all. Now I’m trying to finish up the project for Warrant, and I have an audit in 2 or 3 weeks on the whoel shop so I’m having to go over the CSEC for all the programs to find out what needs to be fixed for that coming up.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Richard update May 17

Presentation went a lot better then I thought it would. Overall went pretty well, and I didn’t do to badly. Was very nervous n my debrief was that I started very confident n when they started asking questions once I answered them, which I did well on, they said I started talking a lil more quietly like I wasn’t as confident. So they said I need to work on that

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Richard update May 16th

I have 4 meetings/practices for the outbrief tonight. I actually give it at 1830 tonight and will be so glad when that’s over with. So much drama going on about this event and the people who are overall in charge of it isn’t that great of a leader. The other thing I’ve been working on with Coreys help is due all completed in less then a week so I have to hurry and finish that one off. After that hopefully I won’t get anymore assignments. 

Our schedule out here changed again, and might screw up the ports we were going to hit on the way home, but the end date hasn’t changed at all yet. Work is still work, pretty much my life at the moment. I’m starting to get wore out. Just kinda sitting here looking at what I need to do today. The days seem to be going by decently at least. It will be strange working less hours and actually having a life. Assuming I will be working less when I get back, but who knows. Never been ships company before.

Friday, May 7, 2010

This is the US Navy's "Official photo site" if you're interested.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Richard has asked for Beef Jerkey and Snackwell's Cookies (Vanilla Sandwich) the next time someone sends him a box.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I now have the approximate date of the next port and the approximate return date, as well as the approximate date he will be able to take leave.  If you want that information, let me know.  It cannot be published online due to OpSec rules.

Photo of the Ship


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lillian Update May 2

Favorite Movies: Toy Story ("Buzz"), The Bee Movie ("Bumblebee")
Favorite Cereals: Apple Jacks, Trix
Favorite Song: Pop Goes the Weasel (although that's all she ever sings)
Favorite Foods: Yogurt, Bananas, Fruit Snacks, Cheese
Favorite Character: Dora, followed by the Princesses
Favorite Friend: Savannah "Manna"
Favorite thing to do: "Play" (Go to Y)
Favorite PJs: Pink Puppy ones or the Whales
She loves to stand on the learning tower and help me cook.  Trys to drag it over by herself, every time I'm in the kitchen.
Favorite Drink: Milk or Pink Lemonade "pink"
At night she says "No close it please" which means, Don't close the door please.
She says "I like it", "I did it" and "I'm okay" a lot.
She loves to color, she LOVES play doh and she's getting into doing games and puzzles.
She now eats all her meals at the "princess chair" at the table.
She has now gotten into my lipstick at least 4-5 times.
She gets up on her own in the morning and (usually) heads right to our bed and says "hi mommy".
I've been setting out a small bowl of cereal and a cup of juice in the middle of the living room floor and sometimes she eats that first.
She loves to wear her backpack
She no longer wants to ride in the stroller, she wants to push it.
She NEVER listens.
Whenever we pull into the parking lot she says "daddy's black truck" and whenever we walk out of the house to the van she says "daddy's truck, gampa clean up"
Anytime someone knocks on the door she says "My daddy?"
Anytime we come home to the house, she opens the door and says "Daddy home?"
When you ask her where Daddy is she says "boat"
She prays... "Dear Jesus, Amen", sometimes other words are used, but not usually.
She loves to ask for cookies and ice cream, but doesn't eat a whole lot of either.
She doesn't like the sun in her eyes and constantly asks for "sun up mommy" which means, "please put my sun shade up"
She is SLOWLY getting better at drinking with a straw and using a regular cup without spilling.
If she gets in our bed, when I'm already in it, she WILL NOT go to sleep. 
She sometimes asks to sleep in our bed, but its rare.
She is not fond of getting her hair washed, at all.
She DOES NOT like the shower.

Ike's Captain's Newsletter

30 April 2010

Dear Friends and Family of IKE,

We are officially in the Third Quarter! The “5 Star Team” of the Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group returned to the waters off Pakistan today to continue our support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM in Afghanistan after spending a few days in the Arabian Gulf to conduct exercises and to visit the port of Dubai, UAE. We are focused on maintaining the high levels of motivation and professionalism that led to our many successes so far this deployment.

The visit to Dubai was very productive and enjoyable. The four days in port allowed us to complete many maintenance actions that were difficult to perform underway. We were also able to load aboard lots of supplies and mail (thank you!). And, of course, we were able to enjoy the wonders of this modern Middle Eastern metropolitan city. We also hosted a reception onboard IKE that was sponsored by the Dubai Navy League where many of our Sailors had the chance to meet local supporters of the Navy.

You remain in our thoughts and prayers as we return to conducting daily flight operations. We appreciate the continuous love and support that you provide. We could not be successful without you!

Best wishes from IKE,

CAPT Dee L. Mewbourne, USN
Commanding Officer

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Richard update May 1st

Well tonight’s been a pretty good day. A little bit ago I had to break 2 guys up before they got in a fight but other then that its been good lol Some gear went out and only 2 came in, backlog is getting lower so gives me more time to work on my projects that I have. Just hope I get them finished in time. How is everything goin back home babygrl? I got a card in the mail today from Deb n Bob wishing me a happy birthday, was a nice surprise J Its like a completely dif world out here compared to being home. Seems all we live for out here is just to work n that’s it. In the mornings after I shower I stand on one of those little mini hand towels to try and let my feet air dry for a few minutes before putting my boots on. Even just that is funny, because at home I can take a shower n just stay barefoot for awhile n such. But only time my boots aren’t on is when I sleep and showering lol But anywho, I need to get off ehre and get thigns finished up for shift change.  

On the new first class in charge of the shop....
I don’t know what he thinks of me, its what we all think of him already. He mumbles when he talks really bad, doesn’t speak up at all, doesn’t looka t you when talking to you, he’s already meddled with gear we were working on and screwed it up royally, today we’re fixing what he screwed up. At least he realized today he was the one who broke it more and we had to order parts to fix it so hopefully he wont interfere with work now, but he’s always hovering right over you’re shoulder asking what you are doing and why constantly. I’ll be emailing and he’ll ask what are you doing. Well, lets see here, my email is open and I’m typing so I’d venture to guess I’m emailing. Like retarded things like that. He walks around just looking at stuff he can get into. He already was caught sleeping in the back office. He’s just not what a first Class or LPO should be, at all. I told Smith before he leaves he needs to email me everything file he has of whatever he has because I’m going to end up babysitting my LPO and running the shop probably. He’s already told me himself that when people come walking around to come check on him and get him. And today he asked me to remind him of an apt later today. It’s hard enough for me to remember thigns I have to do for myself let alone other people. So it’s going to be real ‘fun’. He hasn’t been to bad today so far, other then constantly asking why this and why that. I know he just got here and he’s learning like I was and am, but the way hes going about it I’m afraid is what he is going to be like the whole time he’s here. This is also the guy I’ve been told who has been known to take a tool out of a toolbox to stir his coffee, then lick the tool clean and stick it back in the toolbox…..

Friday, April 30, 2010

Me, the ugly truth

People keep asking how I'm doing. 

I'm horrible honestly. 

The deployment I could probably do, being sick I could do, losing another baby I might be able to do, but all three are just too much for me.  Coupled with Lillian being absolutely horrible in every way.

I'm counting the days until he gets home, all the while trying desperately not to count.  I'm trying to stay as busy as possible and not think about anything.  I have a membership to the zoo and the botanical garden and am going to get one to Busch Gardens.  But that's all just for Lil.  She loves it and when she's loving something she's not generally as horrible acting and I have a prayer of her sleeping at night. 

Having people here is wonderful.  But then they always leave.  So thankful for company, but it just makes me wish someone could move in and stay until he gets home.  Everyone is commenting on how bad Lil has gotten- mom and dad, the nursery workers, my friends, her friends, the YMCA staff....So, obviously its not just me imagining things and its not just that she does this only for me.  Not sure either of those are good things, but at least it doesn't make me crazy.

But we're not even at his halfway point yet and right now I have NOTHING planned for the month of July. Not a single thing. Three friends are moving at the end of June. I'm losing babysitters, friends for Lillian, activity partners, and people who understand what I'm going through.  It leaves me with two more friends who are "possibly moving" within the next three months, a girl I'm not super fond of and Lindsey, who is pregnant, due the same day I was.  Lindsey asked me the other day what I thought of the boy and girl names she was thinking of.  ?!?!?!  I don't care, and I certainly don't want to hear about it.  AT ALL.  And I certainly don't appreciate being asked about it.  And believe me, there are pregnant people and new babies EVERYWHERE.

I'm looking for a new Sunday School class at church as ours has dissolved and so far, I have had no luck.  Visiting Sunday School classes on your own is NO fun.  

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Richard update April 28

 I got tasked with another job today. The Warrant told chief he wants a project done in 2 weeks, and Chief tasked it to me to be in charge of it. Why I’m not sure yet, but he did. So I have to get a spreadsheet together of all the CASS benches out here in 4 different work centers including my own, gather all the information on those, what type they are, part numbers, serial numbers n so on, then also every setup we have to run gear on and what platform it runs either F18. E2-C2. SH-60 or HH-60, then the information on those setups, part numbers serial numbers type equipment code n such, then also I have to find out every single piece of gear the work centers can run. For all 4 work centers. Funs tuff, and have to have all of this done in 2 weeks. So that’ll keep me busy. It has so far today. Got together what I’m needing from the work centers and I’m tasking them with some of it and giving them a deadline 5 days from now so that gives me time to put it all together and hopefully beat the deadline givin to me. It’s also been a pretty busy day workwise out here also. Already feels like we never had a port visit because everything just jumped right back into hyper drive.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Stacey's doctor visit 4/22

Have had a cough for two weeks now.  Started as allergies, so I figured it was just from drainage, but since the allergies are long gone and the cough and throat are still here, something else was up. 

Also, for a couple days now I've felt a twinge in my right wrist when I've been grasping or twisting.  I figured I just slept on it wrong, but it persisted.  Well last night, in the night, it woke me up several times, in severe pain.  This morning, it was still really intense.  I couldn't grasp my fingers together to hold a pen or anything.  So, I went in. 

They did a strep test, a chest x-ray, bloodwork (Yeah, I'm gonna need a transfusion soon at this rate) and a wrist x-ray.  They said the cough is bronchitis and gave me a cough medicine and steroids.  For the wrist, he said there are no broken bones, which we didn't expect, since I didn't do any one thing to it.  So he said that for now he is going to call it tendinitis.  That is "inflammation of the tendons", there is no cause, and really no fix.  But steroids and anti-inflamatories can help along with meds for pain management.  He gave me all three. He also gave me a brace to wear.  He said the brace wouldn't help or hurt the tendinitis if it is that, but in case its not, he would like to keep the wrist immobile until we figure out what it is for sure.  If it is not better in 10 days, I have a referral to an orthopedic surgeon.  He said it could be something as simple as muscle spasms or a pinched nerve or something as serious as a tumor or MS.  So far, it feels much better tonight, but I"m not sure if that is the meds helping it or the pain meds masking it.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Richard's account of a typical day

Well, my day start waking up at 5, showering, then heading in to the shop to go eat with friends around 5:30 who work nights, and back in the shop about 5:50. 6 I get my passdown from the night shift production sup on whats going on with specifics in the shop and then also get a passdown on whats going on with every piece of gear in the workcenter. Currently our backlog is just under 60, and I know whats going on with every single piece we have. After I get my passdown I check tools  to make sure nothing is lost or broken or needs to be replaced and sign all of those off. By this time I have 20-30 minutes tog et my coffee and do whatever else I want before everyone days and nights has to go up the ladderwell for quarters where we stand in formation and hear whats going on for the day if anything special is up or if someone screwed up we all get to hear about it. That only lasts for 15 minutes, 20 at max. We all come back to

the shop and days will get things set for what they will be working on and nights gives them a passdown if they didn’t already get it before shift starts and quarters. At 7:30 the whole ship cleans for an hour. After that nights stays around for like 20 minutes extra before leaving to do whatever before bed and days starts workin on whatever gear we have that they took a passdown or I told them they need to work on. Now is where the fun begins. There is a report printed out daily of the status of all of our gear, which includes any parts that are on order. I go through and scrub all of our items for status updates from supply on when n where our parts are coming from, find out why they might take so long and to expidite it or why they get cancelled or if there is any on board somewhere in another shop or even in supply because supply doesn’t update nalcomis properly which is the sytem we use to document n track everything. You can look up a part and it might say theres 0 on board but it will have a location and if you physically go there and have supply check sometimes they do

have one on board. So I get to do supplies job for them also. The average length of my BMT for the shop is 10 pages but sometimes hits 11 pages. If things don’t change much and its not a busy day for me I can get everything done with that in 30-40 minutes. Sometimes its takin me a few hours to do if I have other things I get interrupted with. Yesterday I wasn’t even able to get to it. So far every day I’ve had to deal with getting paperwork filled out for BCMs which is for items that w3e cant fix for one reason or another. Parts being burned up, not being able to get parts, parts not coming in for a year or more, parts being cancelled etc. I do a lot of research for alternates for things we can use if we’re unable to get exactly what we need. I work a lot with Chin who works in supply, and I work a lot with Chief Johnston, and Master Chief Dickinson who both work in PC. Last few days I’ve had to deal with tracking parts that supply

had that they didn’t even know about and I had to go through Supplies Chief and Master chief to be able to pull them out and they got in trouble for not doing their job correctly because I was doing the research they shouldve been to find these parts they should have given us a few weeks ago. There’s quite a few people who know me now because I get stuff done. Our Chief here which is always never around notices a big difference too from the other supervisor that was here before they moved him to another shop. He’s had some questions for me that Ive been able to answer for him right away and also told him thigns I’ve found that he hasn’t, so he doesn’t mess with me to much. Only thing he messes with me about is how the people in my shop are slobs which they are and are getting better, but I don’t know if they’ll get to where he wants them lol I clean up after them quite a bit too. We are severely undermanned in this shop. My

other 2 cruises 1 shift had more then both shifts have out here. So we’re like 30% manned compared to my other cruises. Makes things hard because people have their chow breaks and smoke breaks and gym time n things like that. You can cut it short on them, but you have to manage everything out to be fair. When we’re out here it is to do work so there’s not a lot of play time. Pretty much you work and sleep. I have my CDI stamp out here again so that’s good and lets me sign things off instead of waiting for the LPO to do it now. I’ve finished my quals up to 308 and won’t have to take anymore tests for it. Everything else is just getting the training and signatures then routing it. 301, 301, 303… to 308 you have a test for all of them which I’ve finished now. I have to get up to 313,

and then do my 3m quals 3m301, 302, and 303. Every Tuesday we have drill that goes from an hour and a half to 2 hours and everyone puts into play what they know about damage control if we were ever attacked. It’s a lot of fun I think. It’s like playing pretend back in elementary. A bit more sophisticated ho and a lot of people monitoring and making sure you are doing it right, because if it did happen a lot of lives are at steak and also the ship. I’ve been participating but at different locations tog et some training and sign offs. Last week I was finally assigned to a spot and just followed to learn and yesterday I was actually doing it for real. I had a lot of fun and only had one slight mess up which wasn’t a huge deal at all. I was told I did really well for my first time actually doing it. The qual level for that position is 312, so I’m doing a job I don’t even have my quals for yet lol Whats nice too is that you never really go down either. So from my spot I can go up but they wont really ask me to go to a spot at a lower qual rating. So I jumped ahead of a lot of people. Partly because most people hate

the spot I have. Im an investigator and go out to find whats wrong and report it in on what is going on so they can make the decision who to send in. The whole time I walk around looking for damage or casualties of any sort and try to respond first then go report it if its to much. I have a full setup I wear and it gets really hot, yesterday I actually used the oxygen tank I carry around with me. Every Wed we have training instead of cleaning but that lasts for 2 hours instead of one. Its mostly useless stuff and pointless but its required by the ship to do. Um, other things that I do through the day is just a constant monitor of Nalcomis to see whats goin on, if anything changes or comes in and also keep track of what my people are doing. I work in the largest work center, both in size and the amount of gear we run. We have over 60 setups that we can run gear on and each setup can either run 1 piece of gear or up to 6. Usually I eat after everyone else for lunch and get 20 minutes and for dinner if I do get time to eat I also have about 20 minutes for that too. Shift ends at 7, but I’m generally still getting things finished up by 7:30 or so. Nights runs the gear and generally get more RFIs, but we do more of the tedious stuff. At least I do anyway. My

guys focus on running the gear. The different places I deal with on the ship ranges from the very front, like 4 feet from the front, all the way back aft so I do a lot of walking and go up n down a lot of ladderwells. I try to get to bed about 9:30 so after work I sometime have an hour or hour n a half if things are going smoothly. But there’s meetings I have to attend sometimes for random stuff. I get along with most people out here but there are a few who I butt heads with. I’ve even done what I hated that people did to me. Saying I’m the more Senior ranking and if you don’t like it you can basically screw yourself lol I always try to avoid that and get things resolved calmly but sometimes people just wont listen or don’t care n you just have to remind them whether they like it or not they are in the military and they signed up for it and this is how things work. Quite a bit of the stuff I do is at a First Class level so the people I have to deal with and

the ranks I deal with above me sometimes they just shrug me off, but that’s slowly changing now that they see me more often and the people who have been supporting me. I need to study for this next test to try and make it. Youd be surprised the difference it makes with some people just having the extra chevron. Well, I’d write as little more about out here but in just writing this I’ve fallen a little behind on other stuff I have on my desk right now. Someone from supply called and is asking for us to do some research for him because hes not sure on how to get the answers. So glad I know how to do my job and his…. Love you much and will call again real soon. :) sorry about the typos, fingers are frozen and fingertips are numb hahah

Monday, April 19, 2010

Neat article about the Ike


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Saw Kathleen today. She did more bloodwork (26 vials total now in 11 days) and an ultrasound.  She said that since my levels were so low on Friday night, and since I passed the baby itself and my pain and blood levels were so high, she is not assuming I will need surgery.  But I have to keep having my bloodwork tested weekly until it goes down to zero.  If I have significantly increased pain or bleeding, or a fever of higher than 101 in the meantime, I'm supposed to go to ER.  Otherwise, I have to keep up all pregnancy restrictions until my level goes back down to zero, but I am fine to travel this weekend.  They did the autopsy and the baby was a girl, aged at 7 weeks 2 days.  They found nothing specifically wrong with her, but at that early age, they rarely do.  She also tested my blood for two specific causes of miscarriage on my part.  Said they rarely, if ever, come back positive, but it is the only two things they can actually test for so they are.  Those results will take 1-2 weeks.  When we get those results, she will give me a referral to a fertility/prenatal specialist who will then discuss options with me for when/if we try again and what to do when/if we get pregnant again.  She asked if I wanted happy pills and I told her I didn't know, I had never had happy pills but I was pretty sure that with a problematic two year old, a missing husband and a dead baby, the pills weren't going to make me happy. She told me to call her if I wanted them.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Richard does work on the aircraft that went down.  Work is crazy right now because of it.  A chief just moved from his office into their shop to oversee everything. 

He is also very upset about the baby.

Pray he is able to get some down time and just relax and de-stress for a bit.

I had bloodwork drawn today and have an appointment on Wednesday for bloodwork, an ultrasound and an appt with Kathleen, this will determine if I need surgery or not. Not the ultrasound I was hoping for though.

I have plans to go to Hershey, PA with Teresa on Thursday. I will still do that as long as Kathleen okay's it and I do not have to have surgery. 

I am continuing to have severe pain and am pretty mentally messed up.  Just taking it minute by minute, glad for every email and short phone call from Richard.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Okay, he was finally able to call.  For three minutes.
I spent all last night at ER and I'm losing the baby.  I sent a Red Cross message to Richard, he apparently hasn't gotten it yet. 

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Baby Update

No ultrasound today. The tech left at lunch, sick.  They did urine and blood work as well as a regular exam.  The bloodwork (6 vials!) will be sent out and back early next week.  The exam showed her "what could be expected at this point".  She said she wasn't going to act like anything was wrong until we knew for sure that was the case, which we do not now.  She scheduled me for an ultrasound next Wed with a follow up appt with Dr. Kemp the following Thurs.  Gave me a huge bag full of samples and info.

Update on Richard

There was an airplane crash.  Four crew members were on board, three were recovered, one is missing.  All communication to and from the boat has been stopped, excluding Red Cross messages.  To the best of my knowledge, there is no way that R could have anything to do with this, he never flies in missions, he doesn't work on this type of plane, he isn't involved in any rescue operations, etc. 

Monday, March 22, 2010

Pregnancy Update Monday 3-22

This is mostly for my records, of names and details, but there's enough info in here that the Moms would want to know that I posted it here too.

Been on the phone all morning with tricare related people.  Referral went through to Portsmouth Naval Hospital and no one I have talked to so far will reverse that. 

I spoke with the Health Benefits Advisor at the Chesapeake Tricare Clinic, Melinda King, but she said she didn't have the power to change a referral.  She instructed me to call the OB Nurse Supervisor at Portsmouth Naval Hospital.  I also asked her who I should direct a complaint about the clinic to and she referred me to HN1 Jenne. 

I called the Naval Hospital and finally got through to the Nurse Supervisor, Commander ___ (sp?).  She stated that she could not reverse a referral.  That the Portsmouth accepted me and I would be forced to go there, unless I switched to Standard.  I asked about an exception due to my medical history and my doctors recommendation and she said, "many years ago we did grant exceptions, but with the economy the way it is now...well, we lose money each time we refer someone out to a civilian practicioner."  I said, "Well I'm disapointed to hear that your money is more important to you than my health." She said, "no, no. That's not what I said."  She stated again that my health history didn't matter, my referring doctor's recommendation didn't matter, that there was no way she would change the referral, if I want to see a civilian ob, I must go Standard.

 I called HM1 Jenne to file a complaint about the Clinic telling me I was not pregnant.  I went through the whole thing with her, also mentioning the referral issue.  She said she would look into my complaint but  doesn't have the power to do anything about the referral herself, but she mentioned that she would speak with one person who might be able to reverse it.  The person she mentioned was HBA Melinda King.  She told me she would let me know by tomorrow at the latest, as I have to go Standard tomorrow if a referral doesn't work out, in order to get my bloodwork done at Dr. Kemp's on Wednesday.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pregnancy Update Thursday 3-18

Dr. Kemp's office called back today and said my bloodwork came back and was positive and the HCG numbers were in the "normal to low" range but that really the ranges were so huge that specific number didn't matter much.  She said my # was 221.  I asked where that put me date wise, and she said, well it really doesn't do it, specifically, they can vary so much.

When I got home, I looked it up on the internet.  I am 5w3d today and for 5weeks it says that you can have a range from 18-7,084.  So, yup, I'm in that range.  I just have to go back next Wed and have it drawn again and make sure it has gone up. 

The tricare doc has put in my referral, recommending I see Dr. Kemp, but it hasn't gone through yet.  He had to send it to portsmouth so if they accept me there, instead of rejecting me (sending me to civilian) then I have to call this other lady and talk to her about it.  But the good news is that that lady is the one who finally let Lil out of Tricare and to see Dr. Stolz.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The trip to the dunes was awesome, had a bumpy windy ride out there and we had stops now n then to let the transmissions and engine cool off a bit. They were manual vehicles that they kept runnin in first and second gear. When we got out to the dunes the drivers let air out of the tires to do better in the sand. I t was a blast. We stopped also to watch the sunset over the dunes, hence the name of it ‘sunset safari’. After that we headed into this fort, village thing they have set up there that has a bar, a buffet place when they cook the food for you to get it, and also some shops where you can buy belly dancer outfits and also the robes n headpieces that the guys wear.

After awhile the belly dancer came out n it was very very cool. After her performance she grabbed some girls from the audience to have do some moves n then also some guys, was pretty funny n fun. After all of that then we rode back to the main road and back to the ship. The ride back was even more rough then the ride there which is funny n stupid because a ton of people just get drunk there because they can buy the alcohol n that’s about what 85% of the people out here do is get drunk. 2 of the 6 in my group got wasted n was annoying but thankfully the tour was at the end. The one person that threw up on the way back though was a guy who just couldn’t handle the food that was given to us. That part was ironic; I would’ve thought it was going to be one of the 2 drunkies. That was the first day; second day was pretty much just spent at the mall n was fun being out n about. Had to be back early because of duty on the third day. 

Duty wasn’t anything exciting; I had a watch from 3 till midnight. My watch was to ride with the bus driver who shuttled guys to dif places. There were only 2 places each day that the busses went and that changed up every day on where they were going, just to prevent the bad guys from tracking us, which is funny to me. But I went with them to make sure people behaved on the busses. There were 30 of us so we all rotated on who went on which bus. I ended up going on other people’s buses n never my own because of how screwy things got with the schedule n plan they had set up. The watch we are supposed to wear civilian clothes to blend in, but yet they give us, and beach patrol which are guys walking around certain areas to watch out for people misbehaving or being dumb or getting drunk, but w4e all had bright yellow shirts on, and all the same. So here we are wearing civies to blend in, with this bright yellow shirt saying target me. Yeah, brilliant. 

So the 4th day I wanted to do laundry and just relax but I needed to get one thing out in town so I did my laundry in the morning and then tried finding people to go out in town with for just like 2 hours to grab a quick thing from the mall for Lillian. Well, found a group and it was 1 person I didn’t like at all from my last c-school in Oceana before going to Norfolk, and then 1 guy I didn’t know at all who was a bit odd and the third guy I just recognize from seeing him around the ship but can’t even remember his name at all. And I don’t really care either. Desperate times calls for desperate measures. Well, the 2 hour trip turned out to be like a 6 hour trip and there went my last night to relax. So now I’ll be heading to sleep here shortly ready to work a normal shift again. At least I had a break from the work. I’ll email some more on what’s going on out on the ship with my job n collateral duties n such when I have more time and am rested up. Love you all n hope everything is going well back home.