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Thursday, December 9, 2010

A shameless plea

Okay, if someone wants to be my best friend for life, I really, really, REALLY REALLY want this Twin sized Duvet Cover from Pottery Barn for the baby.  I had seen it for Lil and Grandma Shipp got me the crib sheet that I asked for.  When she moved into her big bed, I WANTED the Duvet Cover but Pottery Barn didn't carry that line anymore, I stalked it on ebay and Dad Brill helped me get it over the phone one night while I was out. 

We are going to have the girls in the same room as soon as possible, and I already have the crib sheet that matches Lil's bedding, but I looked today and Pottery Barn IS CURRENTLY CARRYING the set again!!!  They have the matching Twin Duvet Cover!!! Which is great, because I first looked at ebay and they don't. 

Anywho, its stupid expensive, and I understand that (hence why its not on its way to me right this second), but with Lil we just got that Duvet cover and added our own blankets, pillows and sheets (from walmart/target :-) to help make the whole ensemble more affordable. 

Pretty please??!?!

We already have the name picked out so I can't offer to name her after you, but you'll be my best friend for life...and maybe be in a blog post later...........THANKS GRANDMA SHIPP for the Crib sheet that I still LOVE so much, and THANKS DAD BRILL for helping me stalk and purchase the Twin Duvet. 

See, isn't it still gorgeous?

PS-And would someone tell R to decide already if he wants another one after this or not, so I know if we should just go ahead and get two more instead of one? :-D 


(I have also added it to baby's wishlist here, for easy ordering, or incase 12 people want to rush and order one today :-D, you can see that one has already been ordered.)


Mom Brill said...

Go ahead and order it. I will give you a check when we come down for Christmas.

Mom Brill

Stacey said...


Thank you!!!!! I ordered it tonight and am giddy with excitement.

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