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Monday, June 25, 2007

Dr. appt

I had my first "real" dr. appt today. As for now, my due date is February 22, 2008. However, he thinks that might be moved a little earlier, which would be a huge blessing. I am feeling pretty awful at this point, very tired, sick, sore, etc. He said this was good though, he said that means that I am very much pregnant.

He has scheduled an ultrasound for July 17 and says he should be able to tell me how far along I really am and we should be able to hear the heartbeat. Whee!! I think we will all feel more comfortable after that. As a precaution, he did put me on bedrest other than work. Not that I am doing anything other than work anyways, by the time I get home, I crash and that's that.

Some people have requested monthly nekkid belly shots. Not gonna happen people...not in a million trillion years. Nope, nada, never. Just so you all know, and can quit asking.

Updates are probably going to be fewer these next few (hopefully very few) weeks, not only do I not have the energy to write, but I have nothing other than puke and sleep to talk about.

R is doing great. School is going good for him, back to everyday classes, he's set to graduate the middle of August. He is excited about this pregnancy, I think the shock got him last time and this time he was almost ready for it, even though it was still very much a surprise.

So that's our news....just pray, pray, pray that everything goes well from here on out.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Mom-here is the invitation to the wedding shower for a girl at work that you asked to see a picture of.

This is our strawberry patch. No berries yet, but lots of buds.
Today we went to the beach and figured we would have a great time in the water, since its been 100 and up for two weeks now. However, there were a billion and a half people there, about twelve of whom were in the water. We decided to try it for ourselves and then decided to enjoy laying on our towel on the sand for the rest of the day. Richard got fried all over, despite the use of sunblock, so tonight we bought aloe and 50 spf. I got fried in about 5 splotches in random places and look very diseased. We are both dismayed because I was the one who wanted to get sun in the first place.
Tomorrow we're going to head back to the church we've gone to a few times and try the sunday school class for a second time. We'll see what happens. Hopefully we will still like it and can stick with this place and stop looking. But I'm still wishing there was a smaller one we liked. This one has 6,000 members.
One night this week we took a walk and watched the baby geese who aren't so much babies anymore and got hissed at by their mommies. We went to the playground and swung on the swings and slid down the slide. It was more fun than I remembered from when I was a kid, but I got nautious on the swings. No fair!
I think that's it for now, R's moaning and groaning about needing more hands for the extensive aloe application process.........

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Coke Insanity

We just started collecting coke points. We thought since we drink a lot of coke products maybe we could get something good. Well we could...if they continued this program until we are retirement age. All of that to say, if you have coke products that have codes on them...don't throw them away, email the codes to me....someday we'll have enough to get a baseball hat.