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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Richard's Hernia

Richard had the follow up appointment with the surgeon on Thursday and he recommended we not do surgery at this point. He said the risk of doing surgery after the previous surgeries outweighs any benefit at this point but if it gets worse, or the pain is unmanageable, then he will perform surgery at a later date.

He is going to report to the Ike office on base on Feb 12 and will deploy that day or up to two weeks later, whenever they can get him a flight out.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010


As many of you are probably aware, we lost a pregnancy at 11 weeks last week. It was a molar pregnancy and I had to have it surgically removed. The pain was actually less than I thought it would be but it is certainly lasting a little longer than I anticipated. I'm in no way "down" but everything is still a little slower and more difficult for me. We also received a call from the doctor today that they removed twins. She said she highly suspected it last week but didn't want to say anything until she had a second in office and third external opinion given. Both confirmed her initial thoughts.

She said in cases where one twin is diagnosed as molar while the other twin is still alive, surgery can be done to remove the molar fetus but it is a c-section surgery where they remove both fetus' and the placenta from the sac and place the living fetus and placenta back into a man-made sac like object and back inside the mother. The rate of survival is between 5-10%.

At this point we are both thankful that I am feeling better, although slowly, and thankful that God made any tough decisions rather than us. Thank you for your prayers as I continue to heal and we prepare for Richard's deployment February 12.