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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Please pray.

Please pray right now.  Very hard.  Both of our computers have come down with a horrible virus.  My laptop didn't have much on it (because it did this three months ago and I lost everything) and I can still kind of use the internet and have emailed myself some of my documents.  Please pray that my checkbook and medical bill files have not been corrupted.  As well as the photos from February to now.

Richard's desktop will not even turn on, it is requesting the boot disk and will not even shut off without it.  I had to force a shutdown by holding in the power button. 

I have lost access to my packing list and am now completely lost. 

I had my biopsy this morning and am still in pain. 

This just seems like the last straw.  I'm pretty worked up about it all.  And not looking forward to having to tell R, try to figure out how to get both of these fixed and already worried about all the stuff we will lose on R's computer if we can't retrieve it.  All of our music and tons of photos are on there. 

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