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Friday, June 4, 2010

Health Update

Lillian went to the dr. today.  We saw the lady I like best again. 

She said:
MRSA looks good
Left tube is still in, right one is almost out or out (Thank you! Now I will skip the ENT appt this month and make one for next month)
She is concerned about hte drinking excessively and the random vomiting most. 
She started her on Claritin once a night to help with the stuffyness.
She started her on Zyrtec twice a day for refulx to see if that stops the vomiting and helps her want to eat more.  (Reflux is what they tested her for when she was tiny and spitting up so much)
She sent her for bloodwork.  It included the A1C test for diabetes and a bunch of other tests and levels.  I'm hoping we know by Monday.

Went to CHKD to get the bloodwork done because she said that would be the easiest for Lil.  WHOA BOY.  If that was easy, I'd hate to see what hard was.  It took me and three nurses to hold her while hte other one actually did it.  And when he did it, she screamed so loudly that a nurse and a doctor flew into the room.  Afterwards she was just screaming for her Blankie (which I forgot) and Daddy.  She wanted nothing to do with me, but was literally hyperventillating from crying so hard and was just clinging to me.  We had to sit in the waiting room for about 15 minutes before she could calm down enough for me to take her out to the car.  She bent her arm over the bandaid immediately and honestly didn't unbend that arm for about four hours.  I got her a donut (she's been asking for one for days, oddly enough) on the way home, pink frosting with "sparkles".  I had to bribe her with candy and still hold her arm to take the bandaid off.  It is a little bruised already, hoping its not too bad tomorrow. 

I also had a dr. appt today.  They are wondering if I have MS and wanted to do a test.  The test is a Spinal Tap.  That was AWESOMELY FUN to do.  Let's check another thing off the list of "Things you should never have to do alone".  Whee!!!!!!!!!!

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