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Monday, November 8, 2010

Saw the Dr. today.  Am 13w3d. 

Said I can stop taking Prometrium.  WHOHOOOOOO!  So sick of that 3x a day.

Said will do c-section 1.5 weeks early, if I get that far, will probably schedule that in late Feb/early March. 

Said they are not removing "modified bedrest" restrictions, because of my history with Lil and baby loss.  Said they want to keep it how it is, not to cause any problems, and to be safe rather than sorry.  (Don't know that I agree with this.)

Will see them again in 3 weeks, no us at that appt.

Tried to find HB via doppler.  Couldn't.  Did a quick (and by quick, I mean about 30 seconds) US himself, to see that baby was there, moving and had a HB.  It was, it was and it did.

I asked about my horrible, neverending, daily headaches.  I've already made sure I'm hydrated and drinking one caffeine drink a day.  Tylenol and Tylenol Sinus do nothing.  They suggested to use the vaporizer at night and saline spray for a week.  He also is going to make me an appt with a neurologist. 

I asked about an us and he said the next one will be "at or after 20 weeks".  I said that was my problem because I turn 20 weeks on Christmas Day and they are not open from Christmas Eve until the day after New Years Day.  I am leaving the day before New Year's Eve to go to Michigan for three weeks.  Therefore, I wouldn't be able to have an US until 24 weeks/end of January.  My last US was at 9weeks and I'm just not willing to wait that long, with the history with Lil and the miscarriage, I just need that for peace of mind, and I really would like to find out the gender before then.  They said I can do an "optional" US there, but would have to pay out of pocket. 

They charge between $200-500 for them.  I talked to the billing lady and she said she is understanding of my situation and she will try to help out, but if the doc codes it medically un-necessary, as he has right now, then tricare will not cover it and I will have to pay.  She said it will be the $200 rather than the $500 since the full/big US would still be at 20weeks.  But that I would have to pay $200 up front and IF tricare covers it, then they would reimburse me.  They can and have scheduled me for one in early Dec.

I also have the option of going to get a 3D one done.  It will be $80 no matter what (no option of tricare covering it).  The earliest they can do is a couple weeks later than the OB can..

I don't know what to do.  Obviously, if we had $200, I would do that in a heartbeat, if I knew tricare would cover it, I would do that in a heartbeat.  I hate the thought of having to for sure pay $80 and also (even though its silly) even waiting a couple weeks is hard if I can know in early Dec.  I just want a full US, where we see the baby is okay, moving, has a good heartrate, legs/arms, etc.  Gender would be awesome.  I am NOT willing to wait until the end of Jan.  I just cannot/willnot go 13 weeks between USs with my history and wont' worry all the way through the holidays unnecessarily.  We are dirt broke though, so I want the cheapest option.

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I hate doctors. :(

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