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Friday, November 26, 2010


We are beyond thrilled that Lillian is going to have a sister!  We have been busily going through our tubs and totes of stuff we had saved from Lil.  Thankfully, we have more than enough of most things and I am even able to share a few trash bags full of stuff with friends and family!!

We have come up with just a short list of about 5-6 clothing items we need to purchase as well as some things that are just better new...a couple new blankets, bibs, pacifiers, etc.

Several people have asked about a registry.  We have decided not to "register" this time, as there really isn't a lot we need.  However, there are a couple things we've noticed we need as well as some things that it would just be nice to have "new" for a new baby.  So, in lieu of registering, we are just making a "wishlist" at Amazon.

Amazon's wishlist is "universal"; this means that you will be able to go there, and see anything from Amazon that we want as well as anything from any other site.  And you will be able to mark on there that you have purchased it, so others do not.  The wishlist is located here: http://amzn.com/w/33G6CTJUIAEK0 .    

Richard had duty today so Lil and I spent the day here, going through the stuff for the new baby.  We've hung up super tiny dresses and sweaters, sorted and put away microscopic headbands, socks, hats and shoes.  We've filled her dresser with onesies, pj's, pants and shirts.  All the baby toys, bottles, towels, etc are all set.  Lillian was so excited to go through the stuff and was trying to be a big helper.  She is ready for the baby TOMORROW.  As am I...if she was fully cooked.

Until then, we are going to have a full house at Christmas.  Richard's parents are coming Christmas Eve and his sister, her boys and his brother are all coming a couple days later.  We wanted to get all the baby stuff sorted and put away since the guest room is also the baby's room and I didn't think they'd want to sleep on top of tubs.  Thankfully, we were able to clean out closets a couple weeks ago and came up with a totally empty dresser and changing table so we had lots of room to put the stuff away tonight.

Tomorrow, when Richard gets home, we are going to put up our Christmas decorations.  And he has even said we can put up the hanging glass globes from our wedding.  I am so excited!  They haven't been out of the box since our wedding, for fear of breakage and not a good place to put them. 

I am in need of the tiny dress hangers that also hang the diaper cover.  I had a bunch with Lil, just from buying stuff but they apparently all got trashed.

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