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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pray for Lillian

Please pray for Lillian.  She has had a really rough past two days.  Its late and I haven't gotten much sleep, so I'm doing a bullet list.  She's been doing/having:

No fever
Sweating badly anytime she lays down
no cough
Saying her nose hurts everytime she wakes up
Taking Claritin once a day
Not eating almost any food
Threw up once each day, randomly
Overall, fussy and moments of lethargy
Drinking 12-16 cups of fluid a day
Sleeping long hours total, but waking up anywhere from every 15 mins to 1 hour
Wakes up crying with tears, moaning, saying "owie", curled up, then stretching out, back and forth

I've asked body part by part what hurts and she wont' say yes to anything.  But she's clearly in pain.  Tonight she's had Claritin, saline nose spray, tylenol, teething tables and gas med.  Really debating about taking her in tonight even.  But I'm trying to wait until the morning so she can see her regular doctor. 

Total today she has had: 1 cracker, 2 bites of a piece of cheese, 1 bite of roll, 1 piece of pasta, 1 scrambled egg and 15 cups of liquid.

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