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Monday, May 31, 2010

Richard update May 31

 I really wish I had help out here to get things done. The 2nd on nights leaves things for me to do and Chief has no problem with that because he would rather me do it anyway cause I get things done and done right. Then the 1st class that’s in the shop now is a complete tool and everyone else sees it also. They basically told me I’m the LPO of the shop because I’m always doing whatever comes up and answering the questions n such. Hopefully he wont be in the shop much longer, we’ll see. 

And then then other 2nd that is on my shift who was moved from upstairs to learn CASS and help out is a nice guy but a retard literally. He was working on a circuit card today and he just wanted to order what the bench calls out which has already been ordered twice now. Told him t go through the schematics and TPI to see where the signals were comin from, where they are going, and what the signal is to actually troubleshoot the gear to fix it. He’s looking at me completely lost so I print out the schematics for him and hand them to him. He asks what they are n so I told him and explained to him to find the path its taking, the parts we already replaced and what else it might be. He just looks at me n says he doesn’t know how to read them. Like, hello, this is back to the basics, what you learn for you job. How have you been in for 13 years and not know what a freakin schematics diagram is and how to understand it?? 

I’m working with imbeciles up here and the ones lower rank then me I’m basically in charge of a kindercare. I have 2 good techs on days who know what is going on and do about 80% of the work around here. Phone keeps ringin and when I’m not in the shop people can’t seem to function. Its very annoying. Then when I have to deal with people from supply they wont listen or work with the guys who are lower rank because they have somthin stuck up their butt and then my guys get an attitude and are basically band from going anywhere to deal with people so that also leaves me runnin back n forth to get things fixed.

That’s why I don’t write very many emails or they are short and spaced out because when I am at the computer I have 4 dif piles of crap going on. It’s just getting retarded. I’ll be glad when cruise is done and things wont be like this. I’ll just be busy in another sense rather then the kindercare up here. It’s just amazing how on my other cruises there was more people per shift then days and nights combined. And now I have to run down to PC tog ive them an update on whats going on. Then when I get back I’ll probably have to give the same update to my 1st class who’se been in the back sleeping. Fun times. I’ll try and email some more when I get back. I love you

It’s fine. Just a lot of ironic situations. The 1st class tells me to delegate so I’m not so overwhelmed but most of the thigns I do I actually have to do. Some of it is because the people just don’t know and they do need to be trained yes, but I don’t have time out here to sit down with them and train them like I did in Norfolk. It was great there because having the time to train them I got to watch them do the work and help when needed and have them become better at their job. Out here tho it seems I got a lot of the leftovers. Part of the reason this shop has a bad rep

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