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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Richard update May 1st

Well tonight’s been a pretty good day. A little bit ago I had to break 2 guys up before they got in a fight but other then that its been good lol Some gear went out and only 2 came in, backlog is getting lower so gives me more time to work on my projects that I have. Just hope I get them finished in time. How is everything goin back home babygrl? I got a card in the mail today from Deb n Bob wishing me a happy birthday, was a nice surprise J Its like a completely dif world out here compared to being home. Seems all we live for out here is just to work n that’s it. In the mornings after I shower I stand on one of those little mini hand towels to try and let my feet air dry for a few minutes before putting my boots on. Even just that is funny, because at home I can take a shower n just stay barefoot for awhile n such. But only time my boots aren’t on is when I sleep and showering lol But anywho, I need to get off ehre and get thigns finished up for shift change.  

On the new first class in charge of the shop....
I don’t know what he thinks of me, its what we all think of him already. He mumbles when he talks really bad, doesn’t speak up at all, doesn’t looka t you when talking to you, he’s already meddled with gear we were working on and screwed it up royally, today we’re fixing what he screwed up. At least he realized today he was the one who broke it more and we had to order parts to fix it so hopefully he wont interfere with work now, but he’s always hovering right over you’re shoulder asking what you are doing and why constantly. I’ll be emailing and he’ll ask what are you doing. Well, lets see here, my email is open and I’m typing so I’d venture to guess I’m emailing. Like retarded things like that. He walks around just looking at stuff he can get into. He already was caught sleeping in the back office. He’s just not what a first Class or LPO should be, at all. I told Smith before he leaves he needs to email me everything file he has of whatever he has because I’m going to end up babysitting my LPO and running the shop probably. He’s already told me himself that when people come walking around to come check on him and get him. And today he asked me to remind him of an apt later today. It’s hard enough for me to remember thigns I have to do for myself let alone other people. So it’s going to be real ‘fun’. He hasn’t been to bad today so far, other then constantly asking why this and why that. I know he just got here and he’s learning like I was and am, but the way hes going about it I’m afraid is what he is going to be like the whole time he’s here. This is also the guy I’ve been told who has been known to take a tool out of a toolbox to stir his coffee, then lick the tool clean and stick it back in the toolbox…..

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