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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lillian Update May 2

Favorite Movies: Toy Story ("Buzz"), The Bee Movie ("Bumblebee")
Favorite Cereals: Apple Jacks, Trix
Favorite Song: Pop Goes the Weasel (although that's all she ever sings)
Favorite Foods: Yogurt, Bananas, Fruit Snacks, Cheese
Favorite Character: Dora, followed by the Princesses
Favorite Friend: Savannah "Manna"
Favorite thing to do: "Play" (Go to Y)
Favorite PJs: Pink Puppy ones or the Whales
She loves to stand on the learning tower and help me cook.  Trys to drag it over by herself, every time I'm in the kitchen.
Favorite Drink: Milk or Pink Lemonade "pink"
At night she says "No close it please" which means, Don't close the door please.
She says "I like it", "I did it" and "I'm okay" a lot.
She loves to color, she LOVES play doh and she's getting into doing games and puzzles.
She now eats all her meals at the "princess chair" at the table.
She has now gotten into my lipstick at least 4-5 times.
She gets up on her own in the morning and (usually) heads right to our bed and says "hi mommy".
I've been setting out a small bowl of cereal and a cup of juice in the middle of the living room floor and sometimes she eats that first.
She loves to wear her backpack
She no longer wants to ride in the stroller, she wants to push it.
She NEVER listens.
Whenever we pull into the parking lot she says "daddy's black truck" and whenever we walk out of the house to the van she says "daddy's truck, gampa clean up"
Anytime someone knocks on the door she says "My daddy?"
Anytime we come home to the house, she opens the door and says "Daddy home?"
When you ask her where Daddy is she says "boat"
She prays... "Dear Jesus, Amen", sometimes other words are used, but not usually.
She loves to ask for cookies and ice cream, but doesn't eat a whole lot of either.
She doesn't like the sun in her eyes and constantly asks for "sun up mommy" which means, "please put my sun shade up"
She is SLOWLY getting better at drinking with a straw and using a regular cup without spilling.
If she gets in our bed, when I'm already in it, she WILL NOT go to sleep. 
She sometimes asks to sleep in our bed, but its rare.
She is not fond of getting her hair washed, at all.
She DOES NOT like the shower.

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