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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Richard update May 16th

I have 4 meetings/practices for the outbrief tonight. I actually give it at 1830 tonight and will be so glad when that’s over with. So much drama going on about this event and the people who are overall in charge of it isn’t that great of a leader. The other thing I’ve been working on with Coreys help is due all completed in less then a week so I have to hurry and finish that one off. After that hopefully I won’t get anymore assignments. 

Our schedule out here changed again, and might screw up the ports we were going to hit on the way home, but the end date hasn’t changed at all yet. Work is still work, pretty much my life at the moment. I’m starting to get wore out. Just kinda sitting here looking at what I need to do today. The days seem to be going by decently at least. It will be strange working less hours and actually having a life. Assuming I will be working less when I get back, but who knows. Never been ships company before.

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