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Monday, March 22, 2010

Pregnancy Update Monday 3-22

This is mostly for my records, of names and details, but there's enough info in here that the Moms would want to know that I posted it here too.

Been on the phone all morning with tricare related people.  Referral went through to Portsmouth Naval Hospital and no one I have talked to so far will reverse that. 

I spoke with the Health Benefits Advisor at the Chesapeake Tricare Clinic, Melinda King, but she said she didn't have the power to change a referral.  She instructed me to call the OB Nurse Supervisor at Portsmouth Naval Hospital.  I also asked her who I should direct a complaint about the clinic to and she referred me to HN1 Jenne. 

I called the Naval Hospital and finally got through to the Nurse Supervisor, Commander ___ (sp?).  She stated that she could not reverse a referral.  That the Portsmouth accepted me and I would be forced to go there, unless I switched to Standard.  I asked about an exception due to my medical history and my doctors recommendation and she said, "many years ago we did grant exceptions, but with the economy the way it is now...well, we lose money each time we refer someone out to a civilian practicioner."  I said, "Well I'm disapointed to hear that your money is more important to you than my health." She said, "no, no. That's not what I said."  She stated again that my health history didn't matter, my referring doctor's recommendation didn't matter, that there was no way she would change the referral, if I want to see a civilian ob, I must go Standard.

 I called HM1 Jenne to file a complaint about the Clinic telling me I was not pregnant.  I went through the whole thing with her, also mentioning the referral issue.  She said she would look into my complaint but  doesn't have the power to do anything about the referral herself, but she mentioned that she would speak with one person who might be able to reverse it.  The person she mentioned was HBA Melinda King.  She told me she would let me know by tomorrow at the latest, as I have to go Standard tomorrow if a referral doesn't work out, in order to get my bloodwork done at Dr. Kemp's on Wednesday.

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