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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Richard's in port- Report of his tour

The tour was in a type of jeep vehicle but not rugged at all. There was a roll cage installed tho. We took a drive about 45 mins out there then deflated the tires a lil and went crazy in the sand dunes. Sand everywhere, like unreal amount of dunes in that area. Took a coupel stops to let the engine and transmission cool off because the whole time they are flying in first and second gear. They are all manuals, 6 passangers to a vehicle. 2 in back, 3 in the middle and 2 up front including driver. Took turns on who was sitting where, my fav spot is in the middle in the middle seat because you are dead center to watch everything coming. Its funny how they say sunset safari tour, we were hopin n sliding all over the place in the dunes. Certainly not for the motion sick person, which we happened to have one in there and was interesting half way through. Like it was a blast! Ellis is going to buy the tour the next time we pull back in here. Its worth far more the the $45 we had to pay for it. Then we stopped to actually watch the sun set on the dunes then headed to a lil fortress hut poalce where people could smoke hukas which are like giant peace pipes everyone can smoke out of at once, and there was a bar and buffet there. Half way through the meal belly dancers came out on the platform in the middle of us all. We ate at lil tables with pillows to sit on, was very cool, and the show was unreal. A lot of people were just in a daze lol After that then everyone started gathering back to the vehicles and had a trip back to the mqin road and back to the pier. The trip back was more rough then on the way there which I think is a mistake because people just got tanked there. Was annoying dealing with 2 of our 6 being drunk but not to bad odds, n then a sober one threw up because of the food lol But it was a rough ride in the dark only seeing parts of the hills from the headlights. I of course lovced it all lol

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