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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday's Update

Brandon and Lindsey kept Lillian for Monday night, all day tuesday, overnight and brought her back wed morning. Then at 10 on wed I took her to the other lindsey's, along with Kylie, and she kept them until 7pm bible study. I had both of them today but am feeling better. I had another dr. appt yesterday, because I was still in so much pain and doc said my cultures showed i had a "rare" form of strep. Imagine that. I told him i was sick of my lymph nodes being the size of golf balls and he said "honey, i'm not sure what golf ball you saw last but thats the size of a tennis ball." It really was. But today, they're back down, quite a bit. As Lindsey said when she came tonight, "I can see your ear lobes again." Brandon came over after work too and they ordered take out and we all ate here together. ANd I can eat again! HUGE improvement. Feel like a new woman. Dont' have a voice yet, and still a sore throat and tired, but much better.

The downside is, Lillian is really acting out after these few days away so that's extra taxing on me.

Also today on the bad side: My laptop crashed and died. Badly. Total Freak Out. Poop. I was able to start it in safe mode and get some information off, I think. But that was all, couldn't even get the System Mechanic to run. So a girlfriend who's husband is in IT picked it up on her way home from work. Please pray he can work a miracle. We do have the desktop here, but aside from not being set up the way I"m used to, it faces the corner, and has to, because of our desk, and that makes it super hard to keep an eye on the girls, or watch tv late at night. Super annoying.

On the good side, we got a Dyson. We needed a new vaccuum, ours smells like puke/poop/mold no matter what we do. We've been looking at the Dysons for awhile and decided to use the "house" portion of our tax refund on one. I LOVE IT.

Richard: Is not getting much sleep. His schedule is still off. He was going to see medical today about getting some pills for a couple days to see if he can get back on track. He also hurt his back somehow and that's been bothering him a bit.

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