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Friday, March 12, 2010

How to send Richard a phone card

First, check with me to see if there is a specific one he needs.

Go to this website https://shop.aafes.com/scs/product.aspx.

You have two options of cards to get him:
1. The ship-to-shore $20 card (1st option in 2nd row)
2. The ATT 550 min Global Prepaid Card $22 ( middle card in 4th row)

Be careful when choosing which to order because the cards also come in multi-packs and prices go into the thousands. Make sure you're choosing the option for only one card, placed like I described above.

Pick whichever one you want and click "Purchase Now".

Enter shipping information as below:
First Name: AT2 Richard
Middle Initial: B
Last Name: Brill
Address 1: AIMD IM3
Address 2: USS Dwight D. Eisenhower CVN 69
State/AP/AE/AA: AE
Zip/APO/FPO: 095322830
Country: United States
Email: staceybrill@gmail.com
Phone: 810.423.0456

Click "view cart" or "continue shopping".

Double check your order and hit "Check Out".

Enter your billing information. Hit "Continue".

Enter your credit card information. Hit "continue".

Review your order and hit "purchase now".

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