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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Stacey's doctor visit 4/22

Have had a cough for two weeks now.  Started as allergies, so I figured it was just from drainage, but since the allergies are long gone and the cough and throat are still here, something else was up. 

Also, for a couple days now I've felt a twinge in my right wrist when I've been grasping or twisting.  I figured I just slept on it wrong, but it persisted.  Well last night, in the night, it woke me up several times, in severe pain.  This morning, it was still really intense.  I couldn't grasp my fingers together to hold a pen or anything.  So, I went in. 

They did a strep test, a chest x-ray, bloodwork (Yeah, I'm gonna need a transfusion soon at this rate) and a wrist x-ray.  They said the cough is bronchitis and gave me a cough medicine and steroids.  For the wrist, he said there are no broken bones, which we didn't expect, since I didn't do any one thing to it.  So he said that for now he is going to call it tendinitis.  That is "inflammation of the tendons", there is no cause, and really no fix.  But steroids and anti-inflamatories can help along with meds for pain management.  He gave me all three. He also gave me a brace to wear.  He said the brace wouldn't help or hurt the tendinitis if it is that, but in case its not, he would like to keep the wrist immobile until we figure out what it is for sure.  If it is not better in 10 days, I have a referral to an orthopedic surgeon.  He said it could be something as simple as muscle spasms or a pinched nerve or something as serious as a tumor or MS.  So far, it feels much better tonight, but I"m not sure if that is the meds helping it or the pain meds masking it.

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