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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Richard update April 28

 I got tasked with another job today. The Warrant told chief he wants a project done in 2 weeks, and Chief tasked it to me to be in charge of it. Why I’m not sure yet, but he did. So I have to get a spreadsheet together of all the CASS benches out here in 4 different work centers including my own, gather all the information on those, what type they are, part numbers, serial numbers n so on, then also every setup we have to run gear on and what platform it runs either F18. E2-C2. SH-60 or HH-60, then the information on those setups, part numbers serial numbers type equipment code n such, then also I have to find out every single piece of gear the work centers can run. For all 4 work centers. Funs tuff, and have to have all of this done in 2 weeks. So that’ll keep me busy. It has so far today. Got together what I’m needing from the work centers and I’m tasking them with some of it and giving them a deadline 5 days from now so that gives me time to put it all together and hopefully beat the deadline givin to me. It’s also been a pretty busy day workwise out here also. Already feels like we never had a port visit because everything just jumped right back into hyper drive.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE the new top picture. That's the one on my computer background.

Love the countdown. I'm praying it will go by quickly.

Sounds like others on the boat have learned Rich can get things done. That's got to be good for his career. It will keep him busy too, so the time will go faster for him too!

Love you,

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