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Saturday, October 16, 2010


Okay, its time for some non-baby catch up:

-Our anniversary was Thursday.  It rained, Lil was sick and our chest freezer died.  But it was a great day. We decided not to do anything because we're low on funds, but I made R some dessert and wrote in our notebook (what we do instead of cards).  And he TOTALLY surprised me with a new ring.  Its FABULOUS!! Huge and sparkly and huge!

-We did get a free babysitting offer, which we are never going to turn down, so we are going to go walk the oceanfront tomorrow night and maybe get ice cream.

-We started our famous "handprint project" tonight and I'm having so much fun this year, now that Lil is able to really do most of it herself.  I can't wait to give them out.  This is actually the second Christmas present she has made almost totally on her own and she's loving every minute of it.  She's a crafter that's for sure. 

-We had a (new) SS class party today.  It was just in a backyard with a potluck subs/hotdogs meal and games for the kids.  Lil had the opportunity to try to eat a donut from a hanging rope without using her hands.  They also did ring toss, pin the nose on the pumpkin, dug through hay for prizes and played on the HUGE pirate ship house/fort/slide/thingy they had in their backyard.  She had a blast.

-I'm bummed that no one is coming here for Thanksgiving and we have no plans with anyone here in the area.  Actually, we have no plans whatsoever for the whole month of November.  R will be back in the yards meaning LONGGGGG hours and lots of duty so it seems like its going to be a long, slow month.

-Lillians new thing is that she wants us to "keep her safe".  And by us, I mean R.  That's super fun on duty nights.

-I'm seriously underwhelmed with the new TV shows on this fall.  And in my condition, TV is very important.

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