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Friday, October 15, 2010

October 12 Ultrasound

Dr. Kemp agrees that all looks good. Baby is measuring right on for due date, and heart rate was 172, which is good. Said the hematoma is ALL gone and we have a NORMAL, HEALTHY baby at this point. Something I've never had so far. Whee!!!!

Although, he doesn't need to see me for a month and doesn't even want to do an ultrasound then. I have gotten quite used to my regular ultrasounds and I'm already plotting, hoping to get one around week 15 at least. Trying not to stress though. Its just so odd for me to have a "normal" pregnancy.

Although he also didn't lift any of my restrictions. Boo. He did say I could quit my folic acid, but added Vitamin D, so I'm not down any pills per day. I have to keep doing the prometrium until 13 weeks.

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