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Friday, September 17, 2010


I am making (amongst other things) an I Spy Quilt for Lillian for Christmas.  And by "I am making" I mean I would like to hire someone to sew for me.  And iron.  And bind.  Definintly bind.  And quilt, I suck at that.  But I've picked out the fabric and designed the layout for you....   Any takers?

On that note, I would also like to hire a cook.  And a maid.  R does really good at the dishes and will fold the laundry if he trips over the basket enough.  He's a good chauffeur during those 4 hours that he's home each day that we're awake, but unfortunately my errands don't often coincide with that.  So therefore, I'd like to go ahead and hire a chauffeur also. 

I am thinking its a really good thing that every joint in my body hurts as well as several peticularly placed muscles and I have no desire to do anything but eat everything in sight, but sheesh, I'd like someone to take care of the rest of our lives for me. 


PS-Must take Food Stamps or Good Will as sole payment

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