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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday, 9/14 update

UGH.  This uncertainty is killing me!  He put in for a pregnancy pack of bloodwork on Friday but that doesn't include HCG.  So, I know Tuesdays numbers and Thursdays, but I don't have any from Friday. 

He saw the sac right away, and I couldn't tell if he was looking to see WHAT he saw or IF he saw anything.  Thankfully, Richard was there with me and he was looking too and pretty soon, he (Richard) asked "is that the heartbeat?"  Doc said yeah.  But then he was trying to get a good enough pic that he could measure it and he couldn't get it again.  So he said at the end that he wasn't going to call it a heartbeat for sure yet because he couldn't get it again.  But that is okay for age-wise.  He did measure the sac and it is bigger than Friday, so that's good.  I asked if they did dating from the ultrasound this early and he said no, they do dating from the fetal pole, which isn't viewable yet. 

They did more bloodwork-I made sure they included HCG this time and I go back next Monday for another US.  I hate feeling so "in limbo".  I was really hoping to have a good outlook on it, either way, after todays but I think not having a HCG from Friday and/or not being able to define the heartbeat make me still feel on edge. 

All in all, I'm taking the fact that the sac is growing, I'm still having pregnancy symptoms and no bleeding or cramping as good signs, and trying to just take it easy and not worry....much.

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