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Friday, May 30, 2008

Double Stroller Woes

The double stroller came via UPS today. Box looked fine, no problems. However, after pulling out the stroller there is part of the metal frame that is dented, and because of that, paint is scraped, parts are rusted and the paint is cracking. There is another two spots where the paint is scraped.


I emailed the store we bought it from and they are supposedly checking into what they can do. I'd be really interested to see what they can do BEFORE MONDAY which is when I need it by. I told them this and that I was counting on them to come up with a reasonable solution by Monday so that the integrity of the stroller would not be at all compromised when I put two infants in it.

I guess that is the reason R always makes me talk to people/companies who screwed up. My vast vocabulary. I have to say, so far, with other things, its worked miracles.

EDIT: The company is sending out a new stroller as soon as they can (2-3 weeks because ours was the last one in stock) and said we can use ours in the meantime and keep it when the new one comes. However, when R put it all together, the posts that hold the front two wheels in are also broken. I emailed asking if they can replace that part. We were looking forward to being able to sell this one on craigslist and make a small profit. Either way, they've gotta figure something out for us to have a stroller sooner than 3 weeks from now.

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