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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Richard got home from work early tonight and was home by six pm!!!!!!! We ran a couple errands, all had dinner together, and fed Lilly peas. She actually did great with them and ate a whole jar. Up next is prunes. We'll see how those go. She got a bath, we read Peter Rabbit and she's in bed at 10:17 pm!! Hopefully she will still sleep til 8 but I doubt it.

Tomorrow R is taking his truck in to get a once over to check everything out and to have them replace the antenna that the guy who replaced his windshield broke off. Thankfully the windshield people are paying for the antenna.

We got Lillian a new toy at Target tonight, its a giggle & jiggle cow. Its pretty hilarious. It's a round plastic ball, that looks like a cow with red pants on and his feet, hands, ears, tail and nose stick out from the ball. When you push its nose, it "giggles and jiggles". We were cracking up at it. She is not quite as thrilled, but it did garner a couple smiles, jiggling on her belly.

As a side note, Cyndi and I have been having facebook communication like crazy. Today was culminated with a funny comment from a family member who will remain un-named.

On the other hand, she ABSOLUTELY LOVES the theme song from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I am constantly trying to think of new things to sing to her as we seem to do the same ones over and over and today I came up with Fresh Prince (who knows from where). She smiled over and over and pouted her lip when I stopped until I started again. I would say her second favorite is "the song that doesn't end" but that can get a little repetitive if you know what I mean.

Richard's Father's Day present came in the mail today. Thankfully, it was while he was at work. I wrapped it up and put it on the table. He is going to be so excited!!!!!!!!!!! he saw it and wanted to open it of course, but nope, gotta wait.

We got Lillian two new pairs of shoes: black patent mary janes for Bri and Steph's wedding (and other things) and white sandles that match Daddy's brown ones for everyday. Now that she's standing so much more, she seems to be standing better if she has shoes on. She's growing so fast.


Anonymous said...

o.k. - the way the singing paragraph segues from the paragraph about you and I on Facebook - it sounds like I like the Fresh Prince of Belaire song and I don't even know it! Sing it to me would ya??

Anonymous said...

So this is the first time in my entire life that I've ever left a comment on someone's blog... You should feel exceedingly honored. Anyhoo, I just wanted to say that I LOVE reading your blog. I check it all the time & often laugh out loud (which is semi-problematic b/c I usually read it at work). Thanks for letting me at least pretend to live in your exciting life...Ju

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