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Monday, October 6, 2008


I was selected to be a Product Tester/Reviewer about a month ago and was told I would be sent a Pop-A-Tot as soon as they were done with manufacturing.

I received my Pop-A-Tot via UPS sometime this last week (I don't know which day because I wasn't home at all-more about that later). I opened it on Saturday morning. It looked just like I had expected it to, from the website. It came out of the package easily and popped right together. I had a little difficulty getting the latches together, but Richard snapped them right together, first try. There was a set of Sassy brand links included to attach toys to the Pop-A-Tot's loops. Upon closer inspection, while sitting next to it, watching Lillian play in it, I discovered that there were many thread ends that had not gotten cut off and one small piece of extra fabric that was still attached. I cut off the extra threads and we'll see if anything frays from this point on.

Lillian was already cranky that morning (from her schedule being off all week and me being gone all week) but I plopped her in it anyways. She did great for about five minutes, playing with the links and chewing on them, but soon she stared fussing to get out. She tried climbing out and didn't make any progress. An excellent thing. Her feet do not touch the ground, an excellent thing, because she has a lot of room to grow. But I wonder if she is in the seat for awhile, if her legs might go tingly.

Overall, I am very impressed with the Pop-A-Tot. I am excited to use it more and especially outside and at parks, play dates and the beach, weather dependent.

Please, please, please leave comments with any comments you have about the product as you see so far or any questions you may have.


Lara said...

So after almost 3.5 months of using the PopATot, how do you like it now?

Tiff said...

I'm debating about purchasing this for our summer camping trip to Bear Lake this year. My son will be almost 8.5 months. Do you still like it? What are the biggest pros and cons?

tkeetch at gmail.com

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