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Friday, October 10, 2008

Mid-Week update

We had bible study tonight instead of tomorrow because we had a big planning meeting. We just changed leaders for our group and are taking advantage of the change to make any other changes we want. I am so excited. I love our class, it has definintly been the best thing about being where we are right now, and THE reason we are not wanting to relocate with new orders. I love these couples, they are just like family.

Example, R and I wern't sure we were going to go out for our anniversary. We have been pretty busy lately and having to find a babysitter, pay for something to do (we're broke til the 15th) etc...

However...tonight at bible study, people knew our anniversary was coming up and offered to babysit, without me even having to ask. So Tim and Katey are going to watch Lillian tomorrow night (R gets off work early) so we can go to dinner. We were planning on going to IHop because we have a two for one coupon. However, Whitney asked why we were going to IHOP, did we really love it that much? Because it seemed like a lame place for an anniversary dinner. I told her it was because we had a coupon and she said she was buying us a gift card for dinner. We argued back and forth over email and facebook, she called me homie, and 15 emails later, she is buying us a surprise gift card tomorrow and we are eating at some place other than IHOP. It is amazing.

We have been looking for an "entertainment center" of sorts to help childproof our tv. The shelf we have now is open so Lillian is grabbing DVDs out of the playstation, and pushing buttons on the cable box. Also, if she stands up, she can put finger prints on the tv. So we are looking for a small cabinet, that is closed, preferably with glass to get the components inside and the tv up a little higher. We have a big, huge entertainment center in mind for once we have money and a living room big enough to hold such furniture. So for now we just want something super cheap in the meantime that can be used later in another way or sold on craigslist. I looked at Target and found this...


But, they are too expensive.

So, I looked on craigslist and found this dresser that I think will work good.

We'll probably paint it so that it doesn't clash with the good wood cabinet we have right next to the tv. But this is long enough that we can put the tv up on it (high, thankfully) and still have room next to it for the Tivo with a lamp on top of it (which will also allow us to get rid of the floor lamp that lil can pull over if she trys). And it will give us lots of extra storage. It will look a little odd to have a dresser in the living room, but I'm already over that. The only problem is, I contacted the seller and asked some questions and she answered, but now that I wrote her and told her I pulled cash out of our house fund and want to pick it up, she hasn't emailed me back. I'm so sad. I hope she does, I really think it would work good. And we scavaged the thrift stores around here and found nothing similar, all the dressers were too old and froo froo.

Lillian is now eating cheerios on her own, able to pick them up and get them to her mouth, AND let go. Its a huge help, to be able to have five minutes to myself while she mows down.

We were able to find a brand new babygate, still in the box and sealed, at Goodwill for only $15. They retail for $50-$100 now, unbelievably. It is one of the ones that can swing open as a door, rather than having to climb over (because you know my short self can't climb over anything without killing myself). We got it all installed last night after she went to bed. Although our apartment walls are made of paper and crap and nothing else, it seemed to stay up okay.

Today, I was in the bathroom, curling my hair for bible study and I hear a blood curdling scream. My first thought is that she leaned on it and it fell over. I go out there and look. Nope. She's standing up at the gate, hands on the clear plastic, balling her little eyes out. I call her name and ask what's wrong and she turns around and gives me the look of death. She then proceeds to bang her hands on the gate (pretty remarkable for one who isn't so adept at standing on her own yet). I pick her up and she stops crying and I set her down with lots of toys. I go back to curling my hair. When I come out I find her sitting at the gate, feet under it (it has to be up higher because of the molding) head and both hands resting on the plastic, peering through the gate, wistfully. She sat like that FOR FOURTY MINUTES until I picked her up to leave for bible study. It was freaking hilarious.

Whitney has two upcoming shows that I am able to help with (and one out of state that I can't, unfortunately) and I am so excited!

We have a pumpkin patch outing with our group on the 18th and then everyone is coming back here for cider and pizza while punkin carving. I'm contemplating making caramel apples, but not sure yet.

We also have three girls in our sunday school group ready to pop (with new babies). I am so excited to meet three new beautiful babies (two girls and a surprise!), especially without having to endure labor and surgery first.

Mom Shipp just bought a ticket to possibly come out in November, depending on how the surgery goes and if she has the hard kind or not. I hope she can come! We've been STARVED for visitors this year. I want anyone and everyone to come visit RIGHT NOW!!

We are having a halloween party, I have been planning Lil's costume forever and working on it, and its all completed now. HOWEVER, it never entered my mind that Richard and I would have to dress up. Well, we do, and I just found out. Thank goodness for craigslist. I found a set of brand new costumes for $25 total. And they're costumes we can save and wear in upcoming years if this fate is forced upon us again. I'm afraid, but sure that there will be pictures after the occurrence.

Two of my really good friends have birthdays the end of this month, Julie (from college) and Lindsey (from here, Kylie's mom). And Mom and Dad Brill so kindly shared their anniversary with us. Mom and Dad shipp are following only a month behind. Happy 30th!

We are spending thanksgiving with our "family" here, as most will either have brand new babies or duty that weekend. It won't be the same as real family, but super fun none-the-less. We are hoping for the first leave option for christmas which means we would actually be in Michigan for Christmas Day this year. Which would rock! Although we will have to rent a UHaul to transport Her Highness' gifts back and forth. Good thing R screwed up his Christmas present and is now getting nothing but coal.

These next few months are going to fly by. And remember, the majestical first birthday event will take place, Saturday, January 24th. All are welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please, please, join us.

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