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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thank you to Mom and Dad Shipp who got us a gift card to Red Lobster and Uncle Dan and Aunt Paula and Grandma and Grandpa Abrams who sent us money for our anniversary. It came when it was greatly needed and is GREATLY appreciated.

We're hoping to get up to Richmond this weekend and see Richard's brother Kenny. We are going to look at a new stroller too, but it depends on the features the new one has compared to what we think we can get for our old one. (We have to sell the old carseat because it expires in July 2008 so we're thinking of selling the stroller too so it goes as a matching set.)

Richard got me flowers yesterday for no reason. Its a gorgeous mix of purple, pink and white flowers.

I still have to upload pictures from last weekend, I'll work on that tonight hopefully. But first I have to sort out our checkbook. Navy Federal changed around the way their website works and it screwed my books all up.


dad said...

Good to talk with you tonight, and to hear Lillian. Enjoy your weekend in

Anonymous said...

This isn't specifically about this blog post, but about your photo site. I hadn't been on in a while (otherwise occupied!), but enjoyed them all tonight. I have to comment on what a great Dad Rich is. You can just see the job in his face when he looks at Lillian, and he is so willing to do so many things for and with her (and Kylie too!). You are all 3 very blessed with each other!
Mom S

Anonymous said...

I know you worked on it. I like the new photos in your "headline". Mom S

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