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Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Lillian broke her first tooth a week ago Thursday. Lillian broke her second tooth thru on Sunday.

On August 1 they told us she was 26 inches long. Last Saturday they told us she was 25 inches long. Yesterday they told us she was 27 inches long. Gotta love the military clinics and their 5 minute appointment procedures. We plan to measure her tonight, so we know what she really is.

She weighs between 14.6 and 15.1 pounds. (Apparently they can't measure weight, just like they can't measure length.)

She is now rocking back and forth on all fours and will occasionally move one leg forward, not always the same leg, but won't move her arms at all. She will lay on her tummy and twirl around in circles or pull herself forward with her arms to get where she wants to go. She is also a fan of rolling all the way across the house.

We were sleeping in bed the other morning (with the door shut) while she was sleeping in front of the ottoman and TV. I woke up to her "knocking", hitting and kicking our bedroom door with a huge "I found you" smile on her face.

She loves to stand up and is now pulling herself up on whatever she can, from sitting to standing position.

She will walk, holding on to our fingers, without us holding her up or anything. We got her a Leap Frog shopping cart, and she will hold the short end (the non-push end of the cart) and if you push or pull the cart away from her she will walk with it.

She is now eating anything and everything in sight. Her favorite I would say is Vanilla Yogurt. She is eating lots of finger foods including Gerber Graduates Biter Biscuits, Puffs and Yogurt Bites. She also loves Cheerios, Mum-Mums, Mini Rice Cakes, Vanilla Wafers, chunks of veggies and fruit, bread, etc.

She will pick up and eat all the bigger things by herself but the cheerios and puffs she can pick up but then they get stuck in her fist and she hits herself in the face with her fist, trying to get them in her mouth. Its quite humorous actually.

She moved up to her "big girl" convertible carseat yesterday. She is still rear facing and will be until a year, but this carseat can go both ways and can hold her up to 100 pounds. We also had to order a second one for Richard's truck now that this one is more stationary and sometimes he takes the Pacifica to work to save on gas.

She is wearing size 2 diapers, size 2 or 3 shoes, shirts size 6 months, 6-9 months and 6-12 months, pants size 3 months, and dresses from 3 months to 9 months.

She is drinking 4-6 bottles a day with 6 ounces in them and is using size 3 nipples. She has started using a sippy cup and does really well with it. She still can't feed herself a bottle or a sippy cup if she's sitting up, but she does it all on her own if she's laying down. We are starting to teach her to use a regular cup and drink out of a straw (as both are better on teeth than bottles or sippy cups). She will hold a spoon and put it in her mouth, but is not feeding herself with one. She will stick her hands in any kind of food (liquid baby food) and put her hand in her mouth to feed herself.

She doesn't sleep swaddled up any more, and loves to hold her blanket right over her face. She sleeps in her crib all the time. She takes 2-3 naps for 1-2 hours each. She sleeps at night typically from 9-9:30 to 8-8:30. She will usually play happily in her crib for 10-15 minutes before crying to get up.

She LOVES to be out and about and if she's cranky she loves to go walk around the mall, stores or a musem or the park.

She is "talking" a lot more, making lots of "mmmmmmmmm" and "hhheeee" sounds. Every once in a while she will say "mamamamama" but hasn't said "mama" yet. Although R is convinced she has and I'm just not telling him.

She is now hanging on to our arms and neck while we hold her and snuggling her head into our necks. R can't wait until someone else is holding her and she reaches out for him. I can wait, I'd love for other people to hold her :-)

She will raise her arms as your picking her up but won't just reach out to be picked up if you're not right by her.

Her favorite toys right now are her blankets and burp rags as well as her musical learning tree house that sings songs and plays nursery rhymes and her leap frog learning table which does basically the same thing.

She loves peek a boo and cracks up. She will laugh so hard if you tickle just below her neck and her thighs. We are waving goodbye with her, but she doesn't do it on her own yet. She still doesn't fully respond to her name but she does respond to "NO" by looking like you just shot her and sticking out her lower lip (trembling) and dropping big fat crocodile tears while screaming. Yes, she's already a drama queen.

She has become super spoiled/needy lately with being home with me all the time so that if either one of us are home but not right next to her she screams. So we've purposely put her in our room or her room by herself and had her play for the last week and she is doing lots better already. The church nursery and Wednesday night bible studys (when she's with lots of other kids) help with this too.

I think thats it for the updates on her. Just wanted to get down a good documentation of everything she's doing, wearing and loving right now.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the great info. It helps to know what she's up to now. If only we could SEE and HEAR her doing all that! Mom S.

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