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Friday, September 19, 2008

Babysitter needed for March/April 2009

We are in need of a babysitter who is willing to travel with us in March or April of 2009. Disney (World and Land) is offering free admission to anyone on their birthday in 2009. We aim to take them up on that offer and finally celebrate a honeymoon. (Who thought we'd have to have a babysitter for our honeymoon?!?) We'd like to take Lil along but also be able to ride rides and such. Who wants to go?? Come on, you know you wanna.

We are contemplating DisneyLand (California) but DisneyWorld (Florida) would probably be more of a reality.

If you have a birthday in the first half of the year and want to babysit, we would consider going on your birthday. If your birthday is in the second half of the year, R might be on a ship in the Middle East and that would kind of defeat the whole honeymoon idea.

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Kerstin said...

There is absolutely no way I could make that work, but HOLY CRAP it would be fun!

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