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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hurricane Watch

Currently Virginia has been declared by Governor Kaine in "a state of emergency".

Tropical Storm Hanna is supposed to hit here Saturday with rain and heavy winds, possibly knocking out power.

Hurricane Ike is possibly going to hit us. It is currently a Category 4, possibly will get up to a 5, before dropping back down. If it does head our way, it will probably hit us as a Category 3 on Wednesday or Thursday. If it does hit as a Category 3, there will most likely be evacuations.

Tropical Storm Josephine is right behind Ike and may or may not head our way.

Richard is on duty this weekend, if we evacuate this weekend, he will NOT evacuate with us, he will be required to stay at work.

If we evacuate next week, he MAY or MAY NOT evacuate with us, work will tell him what he is to do.

If we evacuate, we will head to Deb and Bill's house in Durham, NC. We should be able to take back roads (to avoid the road closures, forcing everyone to evacuate north) and make it there. We will also have our friend Kally and her 5 month old baby and 7 year old daughter with us. Kally's husband is in Iraq.

We have two more women in our Sunday School class whose husbands are in Iraq and at least one more who's husband is leaving tomorrow on one of the ships. They are sending all the ships out of port to hopefully ride out the storms. They are flying most of the aircraft off all the bases around here, sending them to Ohio, Missouri and some other midwest states.

We purchased water and non-perishable foods today as well as lighters, batteries, etc. We stocked up on gas and should be set to go. We have all our important documents together and have a car charger for the cell phones.

If you need to get ahold of us, please call my cell phone 810-423-0456, as we will try to reserve R's for work calls and if the two of us get separated.

Please pray for us in this next week or two but especially for the many women who are without their husbands and are trying to take care of pets, children and houses alone.

Waiting to see what happens....

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